Sunday, February 18, 2007

Simple Abundance Sunday #5

This week was especially trying for me. My routine was all messed up and I like my routines! We are still re-arranging the house. While everything was out we decided to take that opportunity to sort through things once again (!) and set things up for staging the house for selling. That means we are now sharing my computer....and that is a challenge! So if my posts aren't at their usual times for awhile you'll know why.

"Simple Abundance" was all about going within and exploring to find the real "you" or "me"...however you want to look at it. Sarah talked about going on safari. She quoted Alexandra David-Neel who wrote in 1923, "I craved to go beyond the garden gate, follow the road that passed it by, and set out for the unknown." Sarah advises us to look on our search for ourselves as a journey, a safari and there is my problem. I hate to travel! I would be perfectly happy staying inside the garden gate and letting others pass by on the road to the unknown. I'm not adventuresome! I like to keep both feet on the ground. You won't find me flying (I have in the past but don't like it) or going on a cruise. I like solid ground under my feet.

But the journey within is something I have done several times while reading this book, and I'm still not sure I know the real me. I think I knew the real me at the time I read the book the first time, and then again, and again but each time I re-read this book I learn more about myself that I hadn't discovered before. I keep changing and evolving and it's difficult to keep track of myself!

Buried Dreams was one of the topics this week and I know about this one. As a child I drew constantly....first horses and flowers and trees, then later it was paper dolls and designer clothes, and then it was houses and interiors. But when I went out into the world I quit drawing anything. I dabbled in a home study course for interior decorating when Molly was a baby but I didn't draw much even for that.

I don't know why I quit and I don't know why I began again but one day while HB was at work I just started drawing and when he came home I had several finished pieces to show him. He was surprised that I had done them because he had no idea I could draw. I went into a frenzy of drawing after that. I bought pencils and paper at the art store and began to draw things from magazines and from outside my window. The one thing that has always eluded me is the drawing that comes from inside my head. I can sit in front of something and draw it but if you ask me to make up something in my head and draw it, I will be stumped.

I need some kind of inspiration or some direction or something to look at in order to draw....with the exception of flowers. Those I can draw out of my head. They may not be recognizable varieties but they will be my idea of flowers. For whatever reasons, I buried my dream of being an artist for many years. And only since I've had this blog have I actually started to think of myself as an artist. I'm 63 years young and just realized what it is I want to be when I grow up!! My dreams were buried for all that time.

So now I'm off to find my gear and then I'll be exploring once again. Maybe not in that adventuresome way that others do but in my own way....and hopefully, along the way I will discover more new things about myself. Maybe there are more buried dreams that need to be uncovered. Who knows....maybe I'm just beginning to uncover the real me.


On the topic of my goals for this year, I have been keeping to them with the exception of this past week when things were so disrupted, and when I wasn't feeling all that great for the past few days.

I have some new art to show you, too but it will have to wait until my camera and printer are hooked up again....hopefully today.

I also received some goodies in the mail but will have to show you those later, too. So stay tuned....I'll have things to show you.


  1. Sure glad your feeling better. Looking forward to your new art, and yes you are an artist!
    Have a lovely sunday!!

  2. Drawing is a discipline that I seem to avoid...somehow I feel much happier and more free with paints...I guess I still think a drawing need to be "accurate" or realistic...
    One thing for sure, any time spent drawing is really time spent looking or seeing and helps us grow as artists!

  3. I think an important part of what you said is,we are always changing
    as the book said,or at least we should be, so it stands to reason we must constantly be seeking to discover the real inner person and so is this journey called life.If we are enjoying the journey, is that not enough?

  4. There are lots of good books about how to draw, but I find that the people who 'draw naturally' have a different brain than I do. My gift was always words and then I thought, why not do something visual. It is changing who I am. Can we ever really know who we are. I hope not. For I hope to change as I grow until the day I stop and die.

  5. Back into the disruption of the house huh? That foto is phenomenal. WOW

  6. I am so glad you are feeling better. I love your blog and I am so glad you found me.
    I have a problem...gail has come to my blog and has really brightened my day...but when I click on her name...there isn't a opening page...Help!
    Life is a story about yourself. And we can fill it with whatever we is the little choices we make that changes our story daily. Add to that the story line may change because of the people in our life. Hugs, mary
    Have a great day!

  7. What did I miss? You're moving?!? Where, when, huh?!?

    You ARE an artist, Janet - I'm so glad you decided to pick up that pencil and start drawing again!
    I used to fly, but I really don't like to anymore, and I get seasick, so no cruises for me either. I do like to drive though (as long as I'm the one driving, lol).
    Hope you're feeling better now Janet.

  8. Janet........I am happy your well again, nothing worse then feeling unwell.

    Your art is a wonderful way to express yourself I enjoy the way you can do that very much.

    enjoy your day my friend.

  9. I have never been able to's something I just don't even attempt, so I admire anyone that has that gift! One of your blessings!
    I'm like you though in that I want my feet on the ground. I'm such a homebody...but I like it that way. I'm happiest at home...
    I hope you keep discovering new things about yourself Janet!

  10. I think it's wonderful that you can see you are an artist. You certinly are an artist, and a very talented one at that :)

    I love the way you think and question life. And am so pleased I have ' met' you. I find you very inspirational.
    I hope I am half the woman you are in my early 60's!!


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