Saturday, February 24, 2007

Simple Abundance Sunday #6...and A Little Extra

Here we are again with me and Sarah. I must admit that this past week has not been one of my more productive ones regarding this book. I have been out of sequence with everything the past few days.

My routine has been upset by the recent changes to our house and it always takes me awhile to get back in stride. I have not exercised regularly for several days and I'm feeling it. My morning pages have been sporadic at best. I've made up my mind to concentrate on those things once again and get back on track. From now on I will be posting my stats for the previous day at the bottom of my posts.

Maybe that was part of the "digging" in the past that Sarah is having me do right now. I sometimes feel that the past should just be left there and not dug up! I don't have what I would call regrets because I have always thought I am the sum of all my past days and choices etc so why go back and rummage around in the things I cannot change. There are some choices I've made in the past that I certainly wouldn't make today but that is only because I did make them and now I know better. I like the quote by Maya Angelou, "If I'd known better I'd have done better." I sure have had a lot of those experiences!!

Sarah mentions trying to recall things from your past....your childhood home, seeing yourself at different ages as you grew up, and suggests looking at old photographs, your year book, reading old love letters, etc. You all know that I am surrounded by things from my past. I've written about and shown them here on my blog many times. I can clearly remember my childhood home and that of my best friend, Gail! We were just talking about this recently. I don't have any old love letters to read. I threw those out years ago!

I think I would rather look at my future right now than at my past. I can't change my past but I can change my future! That's not to say I won't continue with this book but I won't be doing anymore digging in the past right now. It just doesn't feel right for me at this time. I'm focusing on my future and making it as fantastic as possible.

Since tonight is Oscar Night I thought it would be fun to do something I saw over on Deb's blog. She picked out her dress, shoes, and jewelry that she will "wear" to the big event and also who her "date" would be. I decided to play along. I didn't have much time to shop so I have a couple of selections for my dress....either this one....

or this one....

and here are my shoes....

Now the rules are that the dress does not have to be something you could actually wear in real life so no matter what color or style or size it is it will look gorgeous on you! This is strictly virtual reality stuff. Since I didn't have much time to shop these were the best I could come up with.

My date was easy.....

So there you have it! I'll be out on the town tonight with the beautiful, charming Mr Depp....wait! That will be terrible to have my date be more beautiful than I am!! Oh, well, what the heck....I'll suffer through!


  1. oH I love the dress and the shoes - and the DATE! AH! I was going to ask him to take me! Lucky Janet - this is such a fun idea...I don't have a thing to wear though - and who would I go with, now that you've stolen Johnny? lol

  2. I love your dress, great choice. How do you walk in such high heels? but I'm sorry to disappoint you, but your date is going eith ME! LOL

  3. Ooooh, your Oscars choices are YUMMY! I think you should wear both dresses - the green sparkly one to the ceremony and the purple sexy one to the after-ceremony parties. Also great shoes and, of course, date. You can't go wrong with Johnny. :-)

  4. Great shoes, but like Martha, I'm wondering how you could walk around in them :)
    Maybe Mr Depp could sweep you up into his arms when your feet get tired???

  5. martha & susie - remember this is virtual reality!! I can walk in those shoes in my dreams! And I plan for Johnny to sweep me off my feet anyway!!!!

  6. I love the first dress! Great choice in dates!! Have fun and wave at the camera for me. ;-D

  7. Ok girls, you are all out of control, what happen to the comments on the Simple Abundance? I see what is more important here..
    cloths,shoes,& guys!!!! You party animals. ANYWAY, I agree, why dig up the past, you sure can not change it. Focus on what we can do to make now better. (found this book at the library and read this past weeks so I would know where you are coming from.)

  8. the dress and shoe choices are lovely BUT HELLO...the you do know there will be some cat fighting over this one. May I be the first to MEOW!
    Funny,I posted about my date tonight too!

    I must say i agree about looking to the future rather than digging in the past.

  9. Those shoes are killer! Those are wild lady,shoes, those are great shoes! I like, love, adore those shoes!

    I rather like to leave the past in the past, too.

  10. LAFFF, you are so silly!! I think your oscar coiture is exquisite and your date divine..hmm, if you have johnny, I guess I take a LOST boy..
    Maybe Sawyer, Jack, or Locke.. or all

    PEace, Kai.

  11. Wow,,Well you are going to be "HOT" looking tonight and out with Mr.Depp,,what a fun time you will have. You must take pics and post them,,lol. That was a fun post Janet!!

  12. Hey Janet , We may have to clone Mr. Depp , as he would be my choice also.Love the mermaid style dress and the shoes.
    I guess I could take Antonio Banderas - yep think I will.

  13. We must have shopped at the same store....not for the dress and shoes of course, but that beautiful Mr. Depp...I have him on hold...or is that lay-away.
    You are a so special Janet, this was fun. And I do love the shoes, and that backless dress would keep any guy interested. See ya at the after party. Mary (Idaho)

  14. Can I have the dress that you decide not to wear-But I am unsure about Johnny because I don't think I would enjoy the night from worrying about other women trying to steal him from me.

  15. For me, taking such trips into the past serves only to take time away from the present (and preparing for the future). Unless one is in therapy and needs to excavate the past to heal, I don't see the point. Not that one shouldn't enjoy old memories now and then!

    Now -- we want to see pictures of you and His Lusciousness out partying!!!!!


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