Sunday, February 04, 2007

Simple Abundance Sunday III

When I typed in the title for today it made me think of the other thing that's going on today with numbers behind its name. I haven't heard much about it recently but I think there's some mention of a football game going on today!! I think a few people will probably watch it and I'll pop in once in awhile to see some of the commercials because they're usually the best part for me!

This week "Simple Abundance" was all about discovery....learning to be an archaeologist of our own self.

I must admit that with all that's been going on this week I have not started my discovery journal. That's right. I didn't do my, actually I did but the cats ate it!! Yeah, it never worked with any of my teachers in the past but I thought I'd give it a try one more time.

I did buy a nice sized sketch journal that I plan to do all my discovering in but it's still up in the studio with lots and lots of blank white pages.

One of the things I dislike about "Simple Abundance" (and I think it may be the only thing) is the list of "Joyful Simplicities" at the end of each month. She gives you ideas of things to do during the month that will help get you on the road to simplicity....but they're at the end of the month! If she put them at the beginning then you would have all month to do them and could feel that you accomplished something by the end of the month. This way when I read through them I just think "oh that would have been nice to do" or "I wish I had done that" I am going to skip to the back of February and read the list and try to do some of those things this month.

I especially like the idea for creative excursions....kind of like a date with yourself! She recommends once a week doing something all by yourself that you enjoy doing such as a movie, browse a mean, like Darshana Books in Burbank??? (I'll take any chance I get to plug Molly's store!!)

....or you could visit an art supply store or explore a thrift shop. Gosh, why does she give such difficult homework assignments!! This one is right up my alley. This I can do. Basically she is saying find some time just for you. Do something you enjoy. And do it alone! Learn to enjoy your own company.

Being an only child I learned to do that at a very early age. I can always entertain myself. I have had friends who cannot stand to be alone for even five minutes! They don't know what to do if someone isn't right there to entertain them. I've never had that problem. Mostly I need to have "me" time each day or I get very cranky. HB knows when I go to the studio and close the door that it's my time, just for me.

Another part of this discovery is to learn what you really love. Now that's always a tough one for me. I think Lisa wrote about it earlier....I like this but I also like that. That's me. One of the reasons I haven't bought new living room furniture is because I like too many different styles....that and the fact that HB and I never agree on furniture! When I walk into a furniture store I like the very traditional things, but I also like some of the very modern things. I like soft muted colors but I also like bold bright colors. See my problem! If I can learn what I really love then this whole discovery thing will be a success. I don't think I've ever managed to discover this in all the times I've read this book!!

I like that the author recommends meditation as part of the process of getting to know yourself. And being open to change. I must admit that last one is a biggie for me. I like my routines and I don't like to change them. But I also don't like to be in a rut either. See, it's that same thing again! I like this but I also like that. Will I ever know what I really like?? Will I ever know who I really am?? And when I finally know me will I like me??!!


Just a reminder that you have until midnight tonight to enter my drawing....that's Pacific coast time....and if you haven't been here before, you can find the items up for the give-away on the previous posts.

This entire give-away has been so much fun. I've visited so many new blogs and discovered so many talented people. I am having such fun with all this, and then I learned the best part....I'm a winner!! I won a beautiful Valentine from Donna over at The Decorated House. Be sure to go visit her blog. She's a new blogger and has a lovely blog with some gorgeous photos. Thank you Donna!!

I'm sure some of you have noticed that I've been absent from Blogland the past couple of days. I haven't made it around to comment on your blogs. HB has been attending some classes so he's been gone and I've been using my time to....don't get excited....I haven't been in the, I've been cleaning my house! Much as I hate housework I can only take things so long and then I have to get busy and put things back in order. It must be that Virgo side of me. I've been coming up with lots of ideas for stuff to make and I think I'll be doing a give-away once a month. At least that's my plan at the moment. I'll tell you more as the month goes along.

I'll post the winners right here tomorrow.


  1. Sweetie, when you are done, could you please come and clean MY house? Just this once? Great idea to get to do something for yourself once a week. I need to try that. Next week I am. I am going to take a class at a different art center than where I fused glass. I can't wait!

  2. Wow, you got alot going on! Ok, Simple Abundance, I love that book. Funny about what you said at the end of the chapter are the suggestions! I didn't know you were an only child. I also can find things to do but NO one else in my family is like that, they want constant interaction. I have one sis, but we were always told to go along and do something...perhaps that is why we are creative and eclectic! On your furniture thing, I also like lots of stuff, but I kept a notebook for a year or so of magazine clippings until I saw a trend, common ground for what I liked. I finally did my family room and have not changed it for quite a few years, which is a long time for me. you know me, I can't even keep the same blog template! well, I think I just blogged on your blog, so off I go. Have a great week! :) Lia

  3. Simple Abundance is a book that I have read several certainly reminds one to look around and enjoy the little things in life.I have in the past suffered deep depression and this book has helped me get through it several times....particularly what you talk about getting out and doing something for yourself.We all need
    an outreached hand at some time in our lives.This book was that hand.

    BTW I am NOT leaving until the end of the week so DO STOP BY NATURE TRAIL for my photo of the day the time I return
    it will be spring photos. I have a few good ones downloaded ready to post.hugs

  4. I really am sorry I can't find my SA book and start many wonderful recommendations and thoughts and ideas. I like the idea of doing things alone...I do that a lot during the week. It affords you time to just be and there is no one to answer to or rush you or steer you off in another direction.
    As for the other stuff, well you know I can SO relate....the furniture thing especially....I'd need many, many rooms to accommodate this and then accommodate all the various tastes. We just need to accept our amalgam of interests and tastes as being "colorful people" who you can't quite pinpoint. keeps people guessing. lol!

  5. Hi Janet xo - I always, always skip to the back of each month. I love doing the joyful simplicities - I try to do each one and if I can't I make my own up, along similar lines.
    oh & I love, love, love my own company to the point of becoming a hermit :)
    I struggle with the knowing what I really like and asked the same question in my journal this week. knowing who I really am? oh gawd - I don't think that will ever happen for me - I change personalities too often xo
    love & hugs for this week xoxo

  6. I think I put my name in the hat, but just in case I didn't, count me in please!
    This sounds a lot like the Artist's Dates, that Julia Campbell recommended in Artist's Way - my favorite thing to do from that book.
    Molly's shop looks great! One of these days, I've got to take a trip over to see it. Wish LA area traffic weren't so unpredictible nowadays - it can either take an hour and 20 minutes - or four hours to get there. I don't know how people commute from here to there everyday, but I know some who do. Makes my head hurt thinking about it!

  7. I'm not going to watch the game, instead making some cards. Hubby
    cut a pile of cards for me, and found lots of useful craft stuff.

    However, I am not going to be as busy as you are, I am taking things in a slomo.

    Should I read the book?

  8. Janet, It's simple, if you just read the back of the week/chapter first. I love the idea of cleaning just one thing or going on a date with yourself. I often take time and just walk through a linen shop and marvel at the colors of towels, sheets or what ever. And the abundance. It is so filling somehow and it frees me to think of wonderful color palattes I may not have tried. I love to go to a place like Tagawa Garden shop and just walk through the different green houses and the pots and tools, looking my fill at bulbs, orchids, bonsai or whatever. Another thing I love to do is go to a park--Denver is full of them and so are the 'burbs'--and sit and draw or sketch for an hour. I get to pick anything in my line of sight and I can move around if I get tired. (Yeah, like you get tired of the mountains!) Then I love to go to the zoo and take pictures. Or I'll go to an Indian Pow Wow and take pictures. Or the Botanic Gardens and take pictures. Some ideas that aren't expensive and yet fun. For one of my pictures I beaded I've even drove out to an overlook on the Interstate system and took pictures. Then there is fall foliage. Oh, my, I'm sure you are bored. But, yes taking time for yourself and filling you artist to overflowing is good for us. And I love bookstores too. Coffee and a good book! Maybe some chocolate! Life doesn't get any better!

  9. Janet,
    I could also use a little help with the housecleaning. You make me feel a bit like a slacker!
    You always have so much going. I have all I can do to keep up with three generations who need me. Very little time for else...

  10. I "dissed" Simple Abundance and The Artist's Way a little bit in a comment at Wednesday's Child. But one of the things I really enjoyed doing was the artist dates (as well as morning pages.) It would be nice to go back to doing a weekly date with myself. I'm not feeding my creative self much these days, partly because the political climate is so distressing to me and I feel the need to be vigilant (but about what all, I don't know. It's pretty huge.)

    I feel like a bit of a lurker around all of these creative blogs, but I really am feeling the stirrings of inspiration in the making things department. I haven't been entirely barren; I do knit a lot and have been taking guitar lessons for some time, which I LOVE.

    Thanks for letting me come skulking around!

  11. Love this post Janet, and if you're ever in England and get the urge to clean house, you'll know where I am! ;) I love the sound of the Simple Abundance book, and those suggestions do sound a lot like Julia Cameron's Artist's dates, etc..
    I very much hope that you'll be joining in with 'Finding Water' still have another 12 days before kick-off! ;) Should be interesting...
    Congrats to whoever wins some of your beautiful work, and I love the one that you won!
    Have a great week! :)
    Suze xXx

  12. I think being the only girl in a family of four made me more able to entertain myself, which sometimes was interpretted at a loaner. Whatever the name, I prefer it over the other. I enjoy my own company!

  13. Hello Janet

    We must be in sync! I took the day off work today so I could catch up on housework and do art of course.

    I am enjoying reading your observations about Simple Abundance.

    You are obviously a thinker my dear(and that's a very good thing).


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