Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Some of This and a Little of That....

Yesterday several people had questions about the knitting loom I showed so I decided to tell you what I know about it....this should just take a second!!

I bought the set of looms maybe 8 - 10 years ago and the instructions that come with them are very basic to say the least! I messed around with them a little bit and shoved them in the closet. A couple of Christmas's back, HB gave me knitting lessons at Michael's for part of my gift that year....and I loved that. The lessons were great, I learned a lot (which I've probably forgot most of now!) AND I met a very talented, creative woman in the process. She not only taught knitting but she also does classes on the looms!

Her name is Kathy and she has a blog that you might want to visit. On the left-hand side she has several links to patterns and more information about creating with a loom. In fact, Kathy has just signed a deal to publish a Leisure Arts book of her own original loom patterns. Yay, Kathy!!

The looms are easy to use....if you can wrap yarn around a little post then you can do it! You don't need to know how to knit or crochet to be able to do it. And if you're really good, like Kathy, you can make mittens, hats, socks, and lots of other things with the looms.

Here is a picture of the looms I have minus the red one that is currently in use making my scarf....

The little booklets are about a dollar each and have some good basic information in them. And just in case you don't find enough info in them here is another website you might check out.

This is a scarf I made using the red loom....

This is so much fun to wear. I love the colors, and people always comment on this scarf every time I wear it. It's so much fun to say "I made it!" and then have them start asking questions about it.

So I hope you give the looms a try and I hope you stop by Kathy's blog....she doesn't post every day because she's so busy. Besides teaching knitting classes, she also teaches loom classes and beading classes. I told you she was creative!! If any of you have been reading my blog since early last year you may remember I asked you to vote in a beading contest....that was for Kathy.

Now on to some other news....I won the contest over at Judie's blog!! I can't believe it! I won the new gel pens and I can't wait to try them out. Thank you, Judie!!

I'm still a bit slow getting around to all the blogs. HB is still using my computer. I never realized how much I use it even with my art! It was just always there waiting for me and I'd pop downstairs, print something, and go back to the studio....well, that isn't happening right now! I have to plan ahead. Which reminds any of you use an HP all-in-one printer? I have one and every time I try to print on anything other than plain paper it prints about 1/3 - 1/2 a page and quits....tells me there's a paper jam even though the paper is coming through nice and flat and square! I set the thing for whatever kind of paper I'm using but it doesn't help. In fact, I think it makes it worse. Is there a secret I don't know about??


If anyone reading this is in the Burbank area, Molly is having Sara Eaglewoman, an Apache Medicine Woman, Medical Intuitive and "Urban Shaman" in the store for a circle of healing on March 2nd 7 - 10 PM. You can read about it here on Molly's website. If you visit her site be sure to look at the photos "Lakshmi Lakshmi!!!"....the symbol on the floor is made using very fine powders! She said it was an amazing evening. Ok, that's enough plugs for Molly!! Sorry, but you know how moms are when their kids do something wonderful....we have to brag a little bit!

Yesterday I did morning pages and the five rites.


  1. I have an HP 3 in 1 printer and have never had the problems you speak of. I don't know of anything to tell you as mine has worked like a charm. Rats! Sorry I can't help!

  2. I have an HP photosmart so I'm no help. I'm off to check out Kathy's site. Love the scarf you did on the loom. Did you buy the looms at Michaels too??

  3. I love the fluffy scarf's so groovy. I love that you take the time to explain in detail about your crafts and how you make them so novices like me can have a bash at stuff outside of our comfort zone..
    :) I'd be LOST without
    PEace, Kai.

  4. Sounds like a knitting loom is a great, and quick way to knit Janet!

    My first all in one was a HP and I had lots of trouble with it with paper jams. So when it ran out of warranty I replaced it with a Epson all in one and have not had any trouble since. And the good thing about an Epson is that it has 4 cartridges and you only need to replace the one that has run out.

    I print heaps of stuff on it and don't know how I survived without a printer/scanner/ copier before!

  5. Congrats on winning the Roseate Spoonbill award! :)

    Hmm, my HP All-in-one has done pretty well, but I've only used either printer paper or cardstock...

    The scarf is so cool. I've looked at those looms before and been're tempting me again! lol I do have a JoAnne's coupon burning a hole in my pocket...

    I wish we weren't quite so far from Burbank, or I'd be tempted on that count, too!

  6. Cool knitting loom! I've been eyeing these at Michael's, and I think you've just convinced me. That fluffy scarf you made is great!

  7. I live in Ohio so I won't make it to the circle healing but yes, you have every right to brag! I've seen those looms at JoAnn's. I didn't realize they could make such nice looking scarves. Your colors are really pretty. Great, another craft to try. I've got to make more time - maybe if I didn't sleep...

  8. Janet, just for fun I clicked on my link and it didn't work. it's broken, here is a good link to use THANKS for adding me!

  9. I have an HP 3in1 printer and I have not had the problem you spoke of....
    I really like the scarf, my mother always worn one but I never do.

  10. I like your scarf, don't think I've seen(or maybe noticed is the word)one of those looms. They look rather good. If only I could go to the Apache Medicine event at Molly's shop - I should really love that. Maybe a little post on it:) Pretty please??

  11. I have the same printer and have had the same problems with it since this time last year, Janet! I used to be able to print fabric, card, anything really, and had a little ebay sideline selling miniature art prints & quilts which went by the board when my printer started acting up! It's infuriating, but I still haven't sussed it OR got a new printer! Grrr..
    Those looms are very effective, aren't they? Your scarf is gorgeous!
    Good luck with the printer, but I think it might be time for a new one... :(

  12. I have the all in one printer, and the only problem I ever have had is with envelopes, a few times only. Sizing problem, not printing.

    The scarf looks yummy. I've not used the loom knitter. I use needles. I do have the small knitter with 4 or 5 pegs, but that is way too slow for me. I make the cords with two dbl pointed needles. I am curious though, and one day will get me the loom set you have in the picture.

  13. A bunch of people at my church have scarves similar to this one and everytime you say "I like your scarf," the reply is, "Oh thank you, Jeannie made it." LOL I bet this is how she does it!

    Now I"m going back to have a look at those other sites. Your daughter sounds really neat.

  14. I had to get a new printer in Dec. as my HP 3 in one went bad on me. I got a cannon 3 in one and love it. Hey,,I have made alot of scarfs and hats with my knifty knitters,,my big hands can't control hooks and needles, so the knifty knitter was my saving grace. Now gotta get busy on making more with all the yarn I have,,lol. Take care Janet!

  15. I only crochet, but hey, I think I can wrap yarn around a peg! Your scarf is so pretty. I went on a binge last winter and made several, crocheted (sp?). Isn't it wonderul to be able to produce such a beautiful project so quickly? Oh, I wish I were there to attend! That sound absolutely fantastic. Wow. What an interesting evening that will surely be. xo

  16. That scarf came out fantastic, I've seen those looms at Michael's but thought you had to know how to knit...thanks for explaining it. I dare not try it yet though, me and my addiction to new things still has some I haven't used yet.
    I have an HP All in one printer and honestly the only time I've had issues was needed to print heads I had to order. I haven't had those jams - could something be stuck on the rollers perhaps. hmmmm
    I know you are still having to share a computer, hope you get yours back up soon so you have free reign! haha

  17. I have a three in one HP printer and sometimes it can be temperamental. Love the scarf you made,I often wondered what people did with those round rings! Wish I lived near Molly's shop that sounds so fascinating.

  18. Those looms are neat -- kind of like giant knitting mushrooms. (It might be a good way to teach a child to knit, if they're so inclined. I've tried to teach both my daughters and their interest fizzled out in the middle of projects!) The scarf looks like a Muppet, I like the sherbert colors...

  19. I just saw those looms today at Michael's. I thought, "That's what Janet used!" I didn't buy one though because I have myself in a muddle of other craft projects, but one of these days... Love your scarf...and lots of yarn on sale at Michael's for $2 right now.
    Good luck with the printer! I have a can't help.

  20. I have one of these knifty knitters, they are so fun! I have also made a blanket from it and a pillow cover.

    Your scarf came out beautiful!

  21. Your scarf is fabulous.
    Wow...I went to Molly's site. Looks awesome.

  22. That reminds me of when we would us a spool and put nails on one end and make the long roung kept girls busy...we were always looking to see who hand the longest.
    Your scarf is really pretty. You do so many things. No advice on the printer...I have had mine for almost 7 years and it's great. My scanner is seperate.
    Hope you are having a great day...Mary

  23. If Molly's store were closer, I would be there tonight. Sending love and light to the gathering!!!!
    Janet, the scarf is amazing. I am putting this on my list of things to try now, thanks to you.

  24. I've seen those looms around and wondered about them. They really work well judging my the picture. I'm intrigued.

  25. I still totally don't understand how the loom thing works, but the scarf is gorgeous!! :-)

  26. I had an HP all in one printer...did not like I just switched to an Epson...which I like! The scarfs rock! In fact beth made me a hat at Christmas...and I wear it all the time! I'm going to have to get one of the looms....

  27. I was looking at the loom knitter sets today in Spotlight! Exactly the same set. Very tempted but as usual the items had NO price on them and a huge queue at the counter. There was a nice book beside it with good instructions on increasing and decreasing (like for hats and shaped things and for making squares. That was $19.95 and it was an Aussie book.


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