Wednesday, February 14, 2007

They Just Keep Pouring In!!!!

I'm writing this late Tuesday night and will post it early on Wednesday. I know I said I would be off the computer for most of the time but I couldn't delay showing you some things I received in the mail on Tuesday....but first....let me say....

I'm beginning to look forward to the mailman!! I'm getting so many goodies that I feel very spoiled!

First of all I received a card and ATC from my friend, Gail....and she made me cry! This is the card she sent....

And this is the ATC that made me cry....

That is Gail on the left and me on the right! The image was taken from our group school picture from 5th grade. That's a red sparkly heart between us but on the scan it doesn't show up. The man on the right was our teacher, Mr Brown. Isn't that just the sweetest ATC??!! Thank you, Gail.

And I'm such a good know what I sent her? A big fat nothing!! In fact, I didn't do any Valentines for anyone this year....not even HB!

The next envelope I opened was from Kai! She sent me an ATC that folded in thirds....very clever! Now there's something else I have to try! Kai had it tied up with pink ribbon and it looked so pretty....

And here's the inside....

I love it, Kai!! Thank you!

And there's more!! I had admired some ATCs on Rosemary's blog. She sent them to me for a swap we're doing. I love these so much....

There's something about architectural drawings that just appeals to me and these are just beautiful. But she also sent me another ATC!

I don't think the scan picked up the beauty of this one. The touches of gold and the nostalgic background are so pretty. And the flower design in the foreground is so swirly and feminine. Love it, Rosemary!!

I feel like the Queen of Something right now. I truly am overwhelmed by all these wonderful goodies that came my way. Thank you Gail, Kai, and Rosemary.


  1. YOU are a very lucky lady!!! All your mail is SWEET! HAPPY VALENTINE's Day!!!xo, Cinda

  2. Anonymous7:58 AM

    Woohoo! You have yourself quite a nice collection of Valentines my friend!

    Have a Beautiful Day!

  3. Hello, look at all your wonderful mail...
    Thank you for you visit to my little blog. Yes, I did draw her. I wanted her to look like Linda the lady I made it for.
    I am so glad you liked it...I will give it to Linda Friday.
    Happy Valentine's Day

  4. Those are all really, really beautiful for the eyes and for the heart, Janet. What a special lady to have friends sending her such lovely wishes. I love that!

  5. Happy Valentines Day Sweetie...Hope your day is the BEST! Hugs and KISSES are floating around everywhere!

  6. don't worry too much about sending a big fat nothing. I was a rubbish valentine friend too

  7. Happy valentines your Majesty :) You are a Queen to us and we love you!
    PEace n friendship!! Kai.

  8. Kai voiced my sentiments before I got here. You are truly the Queen of Valentines, and obviously much loved..
    Happy Valentine's Day..hope it is fabulous..!

  9. What wonderful goodies you've been getting! And a new carpet, too! Despite the furniture moving, etc. - hope you're having a lovely and Happy Valentine's Day!!!

  10. What a sweet mother-load you've hit there, Janet! And how nice to have such a friend as Gail; I think you're both quite blessed!

  11. Happy Valentine's Day!
    I love the one Gail did for you. I know you'll treasure it always!

  12. Those are great. Lucky you!
    Happy Valentine's Day!

  13. You must be having a terrific Valentine's day with all that love coming in the mail!

  14. Janet, Glad you liked your valentine card and ATC and not to worry if you didn't send any, you make up for it all of the rest of the time by just being my very best FOREVER friend and you always give more than you'll ever know.

  15. Wonderful Valentines Janet!
    You are loved!

  16. What lovely ATC's and cards for you Janet! You are a good friend to many wheter or not you sent any valentines!
    Hope that new carpet is great!

  17. Whew,,I was getting worried about you. Now I know whats up. Love all the goodies you got and love the atcs that you made. Lucky you,,got the new carpet,,isn't that great!
    Talk to you soon!!!

  18. Janet,
    I teach my students a poem a week. This week it was the old Girl Scout chestnut: Make new friends, but keep the old. One is silver and the other's gold. I hope everyone has at least one old friend in their life. I have a few, one going all the way to first grade and another -- my very best friend Anne -- to 5th grade. We were Hellraisers together. Her parents said I was a bad influence. And I still am ...

    Happy day after Valentine's Day!

  19. WOW! they were all beautiful ATC's. you are loved! what a wonderful thing.

  20. Yay Janet!
    It is nice that so many people ADORE YOU!!!
    Happy Valentine's Day from one more xo

  21. Lucky you. Looks like you got my share too. I didn't get a one. I think that is the first time ever I have not gotten a single one. Ho hum. Oh well! Glad you had a great gifting Janet, you deserve it.

  22. Oh Janet, that ATC from Gail with the picture of you both is the loveliest thing I've seen done in a long time. Such a wonderful thought, and a wonderful friend to have! :) All your new ATCs are so special! What a very talented group of bloggers you have found! :)
    I don't really 'do' Valentine's Day either, but I do send my Love. Every Day! Enjoy all your beautiful gifts, and thanks for sharing them!

  23. Beautiful cards! Such an inspiration by looking at them!

  24. What a thrill to get all that neat stuff from friends!

    All are very pretty!



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