Tuesday, March 06, 2007

About My Monday Morning....

Before I forget, I posted some springtime photos on my other blog. If you want to check them out the link is over there on the right.


Yesterday I had an experience with today's idea of "customer service"....and let's just say it wasn't pleasant!! Normally I don't shop at Wal-mart very often but it is close to where we live (a couple of miles) and sometimes it's just easier to get several things in one place. At least that's what I thought yesterday. I found everything I needed, had less than 10 items so I looked for an express lane. Only one was open at the end of the store where I was so I got in line. There were two people ahead of me and the light was on for that lane.

I waited patiently while the checker took her time and finally she was finished with the customer in front of me, and just as I started to put my items on the counter she said "I have to close this lane now. I'm late for my break." And with that she turned off the light and put her "closed" sign on the counter. By this time there were five or six other people behind me and when they heard her they all rushed off to get in another line leaving me to be last.

I picked another line, and to say the checker was slow would be a kindness. She was moving in slow-motion. The woman in line ahead of me struck up a conversation with me and we had plenty of time to discuss our shopping habits, cleaning out our garages, where we live, and our grandchildren!!! And the line hadn't moved! And there was no price check or anything holding up the line....it was just the pace of the checker.

At that point I looked at the few items in my cart and decided they weren't worth this much hassle and I left. I mean that in the full sense of the word....I left the cart sitting there in line and I walked out the door vowing never to shop at a Wal-mart again....no matter what!

I usually have a lot of patience when it comes to things like this but as I looked around the front area of the store there was no "manager" visible....no one in charge, no one to make sure the customer was being helped....I guess all those "Ask me. I can help" vests were at the dry cleaners 'cause no one was helping anyone!!

I decided they didn't need any more of my money. I will shop anywhere but Wal-mart. And by the way, I don't think their prices are all that low.


I wasn't going to show these until later but other people in the swap are showing theirs so I guess I will too. These are the fabric ATCs I made for the Easter themed swap....

I think this is clickable to see bigger....

I had fun making them. At first I thought I wasn't even going to join this swap but I'm happy I did. I don't work in fabric that much and I don't usually like to work in a theme but I decided to challenge myself a little and give it a try. These will be in the mail in the next couple of days.

The basket and the crocheted flowers are things that I did....the hat is something I bought quite some time ago. Mostly I think these have more of a spring theme than Easter except for the eggs. I hope they're ok.


Yesterday I only managed to do morning pages!!


  1. WalMart-ggrrrrrrrr. Don't get me started. They moved in here on the island and drove all the small stores out of business and them closed a bunch of stores leaving many to have to drive all over creation to get simple supplies. Same thing with Barnes & Noble-drove 4 independant book stores(one really great one)out and then closed the local store last year. Now I have to drive miles to a bookstore-Hello Amazon. Now the books come to me but I miss the tactile thing of touching and reading and looking....wah-you can't win but I won't shop in WalMart either-the stuff is crap anyway

  2. Super WalMart wanted to come here and they have not let them. They actually stopped the construction on the one that is nearly done in the next town. (We do have a WalMart, but not a Super WalMart) I agree with you 100% about their cusomer service... beyond awful!

  3. I'm so not a fan of walmart... I do make a trip there now and then, but usually regret it!!

    I LOVE your fabric ATCs - they are so pretty and cheerful!! :)

  4. First of all I never shop at WalMart, I have found the same type of thing happen when I HAVE gone there. Secondly most times the one near us is completely in a state of disheveled chaos. I just don't ever get a good feeling in those stores - I'm more a Target gal and ALWAYS get good customer service there.(and I like the merchandise). Customer service is a real pet peeve of mine...minimum wage workers do NOT care and are not instructed to care. sad but true.
    Lastly, I LOVE those ATC's you did - they say Spring AND Easter - and anyone who receives them will be overjoyed! You do good work my friend!

  5. Glad to see you back again. Sometimes we do need to take a break from blogging especially when life gets a bit too hectic and frantic, but nice to see you again. I love those round tarot cards, how interesting. What a good idea to use the tiny ones in artwork.

  6. This is most interesting, we are finding this happening in England, not Wal-Mart(thought they bought out one of our supermarket chains) but other large businesses like Hobbycraft are gradually driving the small trader out of business and then seem to charge whatever figure comes to mind.have risen. I always say the most creative thing about Hobbycraft is their prices.
    Your ATC's are lovely.

  7. I was thinking, "boy I think I'd just leave." And then you did. lol

    I think your ATCs are really pretty and very springey AND Eastery looking.

  8. To me, WalMart is a perfect microcosum of what our society is today. I don't find it strange that you had this experience and that is probably the saddest thing of all. Sigh!

  9. Oh, P. S. so to speak, I've missed you and am glad to see you back. I was concerned when you didn't write last week. At least you got in the Artist's Date! Good for you!

  10. Sweet ATC's!!! Janet! I wish I could knit! My girlfriend is supposed to teach me some day! LOL

  11. The little crocheted flowers are so sweet!

    Ditto, ditto, ditto about WalMart. I have made it a point -- sometimes almost to the brink of agony -- to shop at small, local businesses as much as possible. It costs more but you know what? My little neighborhood hardware store accepts returns, answers questions, allows me to bring my dog in AND gives her a biscuit. I'll typically buy just what I need too, instead of mindlessly "shopping", which saves money.

    My husband says, "Every dollar you spend is a vote" and I have to say I agree.

    But I'm lucky that we have so many small businesses in our community.

  12. Janet -we have the same problem in Australia too-we don't have WalMart but we have similar type stores.
    And I do believe in supporting local small stores-they usually have what I want or are willing to get it in for me and that's what I call service.
    Also at my local needlework place I can have a cuppa if they are busy with other customers.
    Support good service is my motto.

  13. I can understand totally why you walked out of Walmart Janet. What abysmal service (if you can call it service).

    These places never have enough people serving do they?

    Onto more positive things! I love your Spring/Easter ATC's. Gorgeous colors and fabrics. You are so clever to make the basket and the flowers(love those).

    So glad you took part in Sammy's swap. Don't worry about them not being too ' Eastery' (I made that word up).

    I haven't gone for a Easter theme really. More Spring like with lots of birds and eggs(will post photo's to my blog tonight).

    You have done a great job!! And the photo is very clear too.I love being able to look at every detail of your art.

  14. What a Monday morning, Janet! :) I could not believe the size of those huge great impersonal stores on my one visit to Florida and don't blame you one bit for getting irate. We've just had a branch of Hobbycraft open up not too far from where I live and it is hell in there! Claustrophobic, and nowhere near as inexpensive at it should be (considering the prices they must buy in at). I won't be going there very often!
    I love what you've been making, those Spring/Easter ATCs are wonderful! Hope your week has improved after that false start!
    Hugs, Suze xXx

  15. Well alrighty then it sounds like it is unanimous, Walmart is on the black list....
    I really like the ATCs especially the crocheted basket of flowers, you have so many talents.

  16. Ohh Wall-mart people are so rude! I have to put up with this, as it is the only store that carries fabric, beads, supplies, toys, clothes, jewelry in my area... but if I did, I would not go in them either...

    Oh I just love your atc's for my swap... I look forward to getting them and really checking them out good! I already know which one I will be keeping as my swap!

  17. Your pink tree is gorgeous.
    I like the pictures you posted from your travels.

  18. Hi Janet,

    I've read lots of posts on your blog in one sitting. Love your conversational style and seeing your creative artwork and that of the surprises in the mail. I'm an artist, too and only recently have heard of these giveaways. Is it done through a webring?

    I'm here from "Finding Water" and I'm so glad I found you, fellow Virgo and Wall(fart) avoider. To even get mornin pages done among thre rest of life is an accomplishment.

    I'm sorry the book stores are closing down. Those are one of my favorite places to browse.


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