Thursday, March 29, 2007

Art in the Mail But Not in the Studio!!

Thanks to everyone for your comments yesterday. At least I know I'm not alone in my feelings about this book. There are so many people reading it right now that I thought maybe I was just missing something about it....but I should have just gone with my gut feeling from the beginning.

Once again I had incredible mail! I won one of the runner-up prizes from Lisa's giveaway and it arrived late yesterday afternoon. She also included another surprise....but not for me! She sent a gift to HB!! He was stunned to say the least.

Here is my runner-up prize....

"in our life there is a single color, as on an artist's palette, which provides the meaning of life and art. It is the color of love."

Isn't it beautiful? I love the quote and all the colors. How could anyone have a bad day when they have this to look at?!!

And here is HB's gift....

I wanted to get a photo of HB with his new mug but he had an early morning appointment so I couldn't.

He just can't get over the fact that she sent it to him. But then he doesn't know Lisa!! Even though he hears me talk about her all the time! Poor guy! He has such a difficult time trying to keep everyone straight in his mind. He'll say "is she the one who lives in (fill in the blank)....that's the only way he can remember all of my blogging friends!

I'm still in a rut with my art so if you've sent me something in the past month or so and I haven't sent anything in return don't give up on me. I haven't forgotten anyone but my creativity has decided to take a vacation. I've been sitting in my studio every day but nothing happens! I'm just a blank right now. I don't feel bad or sad or depressed or anything like that but I'm not connecting with my creative side at the moment. We seem to be on different wavelengths right now. But when we make contact again I'll get some things made and sent off. I won't forget!!


  1. Come join my ATC swap - your creativity will spike I guarantee it.

  2. Isn't that awesome...Lisa's art is incredible.
    Have a happy creative day.
    BTW watch your mailbox...a little surprize is winging its way to your house!

  3. Beautiful mug for your hubby!
    My husband is the same way about trying to keep names of bloggers straight (and he always asks if she is the one who lives in___?)
    Must be a guy thing, because I don't think as much about where people live as he does!!

  4. that's so funny about HB and keeping people & places straight. I was doing fine a while back with only afew people-I could say "the one from California" now there are several. Blogging really rocks!Take some time-the need to create will come back soon.

  5. Lisa's art is gorgeous - love the mug, too. I think there's some 'spring fever' going on - I had the hardest time this month getting started on things, though I've finally gotten back into it this week - or tried to - other stuff keeps coming up, it seems to keep me from doing things even after I finally have an idea for them. It seems like that's the way more often than not, for me, though - if I have time, I don't have an idea...if I have an idea, I don't have time! That really sucks as a system though, lol...

  6. Oh and I meant to say 'it must be a guy thing' - my husband does the same thing - I'm thinking I should get him a map and stick the names of everyone on it, lol. Sometimes I wish he'd just read the blogs too so he'd know what I'm talking about-that'll never happen though, lol.

  7. Lucky you!!! I too am in a rut. Grrrrr.

  8. After doing 3 of Julia Cameron's books, I discovered that morning pages, in spite of what she says, are not for me. I do much better journaling in the evening and reflecting. I think some people get a lot out of them, I know people who swear by them and some who used to swear by them and 'outgrew' them. Julia, as someone said on my blog comments, is a great business person, and that is her stitckh! Not mine. So, I jolly well journal when I feel like it and when I want to and not like she says. Hope that helps.

    Wonderful coffee cup. HB will love it when he gets to try it out!

  9. Wonderful gifts and Lisa is such a giving spirit! My natureboy trys to get all the names of my blogging buddies straight too and he's getting there!Isn't it amazing how our blogging buddies have become a household name in just a year!shaking my head in awe..hugs NG..Thank you for your kind comment on my last post!xo

  10. Hi Janet

    Glad you are trusting your instincts with the book. I am sure your creativity will come back , and in full force.

    As you know I am a prolific creator but I have been taking more time out this week. Not creating as much. Looking after myself and sleeping better.

    The plaque from Lisa is gorgeous. And that quote is perfect.She is so talented and generous isn't she? And so thoughtful to paint a mug for HB. It must get confusing to him with all of us bloggers!

  11. I am so happy you AND HB are happy!
    Go with your creative ebb and flow dear Janet....I go through more times of being stuck than not...we just need to encourage one another that it WILL come when it's supposed to.
    Also, it's really funny how G and I do the same thing about referencing blogger friends by geographic location. He is constantly saying how amazed he is by the wonderful people I've met in this way. So true.

  12. I hesitated over starting the Finding Water - now I'm glad I didn't. thanks for the honesty about the book. I don't feel so left behind now. Hang in there - Shake it off - Let it go - dont' worry over it and you'll be jazzed up in to time. that's all I've got up my sleeve for a motivation speech. :) take care :)

  13. Lisa gifts to you are fabulous, and she's another artist who constantly frets over her creativity. Look back over the past few months and look at all you have done, I think a little break is allowable don't you..!
    The photo HB's son took is unbelievable...National Geographic quality.

  14. Beautiful gifts, Janet! :) How lovely of Lisa to think of HB, too. Gorgeous gesture. You'll soon be creating more than we can keep up with, I'm sure. In the meantime, just enjoy the break. It'll do you good :)
    Suze xXx

  15. Your Muse needs a vacation too sweet Janet! She will be back! Those are so SWEET, the gifties from Lisa! and that Eagle photo is GREAT! I bet that was EXCITING!!!That's FUNny about HB wondering who was whO and where! I can just imagine him wondering like my hubby does! Thanks! for the chuckle and all the compliments you gave me on my Blog! xoCinda


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