Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Being Kind....and A Little Forgetful, Too!

You may notice something new along the right side of my blog. I saw this on Robyn's blog and thought it was such a wonderful idea that I immediately did it here.

This is from the site:

"By posting this badge, I'm declaring that in addition to humour, intelligence, wit, sadness, snarkiness, passion, exuberance, peace, stillness, excitability, anger or any other emotion you may witness on my site:

1) I will never intentionally hurt other people, whether I know them or not, whether they blog or not, whether they're celebrities or not, either through my words or my images. It's just not my style; and

2) I hope that by the time you've clicked away from my site, I've helped in some way to make your day just a little bit better."



The incomparable Lia sent me a package that arrived yesterday amidst much whooping and hollering and dancing around the room!! She sent me this book....

....it has techniques by Lisa Vollrath and Tim Holtz!!! I was deeply engrossed in it all evening. She also sent along some little bits to use in inchies and this fantastic tag....

In case you aren't able to read it, the text says "try it because"....I think Lia has such a distinctive style and I love it. Thank you, Lia!!

If it wasn't for other people sending me art I wouldn't have anything to show you! I have not been very productive in the studio recently. I'm in one of those lulls where everything I decide to make needs one thing I don't have right now. And my finances are dwindling down this month....too many trips to Michael's and Joann's!! I think I'll give up food and that will free up a lot more cash for me to spend on art supplies! Now my major hurdle will be convincing HB!!


I got out this morning to run some errands and forgot to take the camera with me and wouldn't you know....there was a spectacular shot of the mountains with huge clouds draping over them, and swirling around them. You could just see the tops of the mountains and the rest was shrouded in clouds....very mystical looking. I carry my camera with me almost all the time but today of all days I left it behind. So I hope your imagination is really good today and you can "see" the mountains hiding in the clouds!

It was one of those moments Julia talks about in "Finding Water"....the things that we usually take for granted but that we need to stop and admire. I admired the view so much I almost ran off the road!!


  1. o my gosh, i laughed at your last sentence! i'm glad you didn't actually run off the road! i've done things like that too while admiring a particularly beautiful tree or sunset. :-)

  2. It's because you are a kind blog, that you get some lovely things sent to you.
    I can imagine those lovely mountains..except here they would be covered with snow, not clouds.
    It figures we always see the best things when we leave the camera at home..

  3. The mountains sound beautiful - and I agree with what Sheila says about yours being a kind blog, it's full of lovely things and good humour.

  4. Sometimes life and what is around me is so beautiful it just takes my breath away! What a wonderful world we have and your kindness helps to keep it that way!

  5. You make everything sound like a picture Janet so I don't need a photo to show me.

  6. You really don't need a "kind blog badge". Because your blog is already kind, friendly and caring, and so are your comments.

    Which mountains? Sierra Madre? San Gabriel? Those are the only Calif. ones I know well, so I can imagine them! xo

  7. I agree with Sheila..You are such a kind and generous soul that people love sending you art!

    The ATC book from Lia looks amazing. Am sure you will get lots of ideas to incorporate into your creativity.

    I like how you started your post too. I ALWAYS leave your blog feeling happy.

    Bless you for being you!

    So glad you didn't run off the road when you were gazing at natures wonder. Goodness!!

  8. Hi Janet, I found you on Turquoise Cro's comments, and read your profile and post. I liked both. One reason, every movie you listed as your favorites are mine too. Also I like to call myself an artist. I do watercolors. I love all the exciting colors Turquoise Cro uses! I'll be back to visit. Please accept the invitation to visit me.

  9. What a great gift, the book from Lia looks like a yummy one. I like the idea of the "kind blog", but as most here have said yours is kind because you are so very thoughtful and considerate. I know what you mean about running of the road, the wisteria and wild flowers are blooming here, hard not to stare at.BE BLESSED

  10. What a joy to see so many making a kindness commitment - it really would solve so many of the world's issues.

    Thank yo for sharing.

  11. wOWieeEEE! Those mountains in the clouds sounds soooo pretty Janet! That ATC book looks very interesting! I haven't made many but always think I will start making them one day! Now, be careful girly while you're out driving! xoCinda

  12. I could almost see those mountains, with your great description. But I am so glad you didn't run off the road!!! I am up at Mom's house, doing some art in the very late night hours. Haven't had much of a chance to post on the blog, but thought I would read everyone elses. I will be doing my drawing tomorrow when I get home. I WANT that book that Lia sent you,,it looks great!

  13. yup....there it is... i can just see the dark rocks peeping through the bluish cloudy mass below... thanks for the image! I sometimes live so much through the lens that I forget to stop and be 'in the moment', and just enjoy it, so maybe it was a good thing , (especially that you actually stayed on the road!!:) )and you described it beautifully.

  14. hehe I have a friend who actually did run off the road and total his car because he was admiring the scenery. LOL He wasn't hurt; just embarrassed.

    Lia is a really special gal, isn't she? So are you so it's so nice to see that cool book trading hands between you.

    Giving up food for art supplies. hmmmm, I Like it. I think that could catch on and be bigger than Jenny Craig!!!!

  15. Beautiful cards, just beautiful.

    I have my camera with me, sometimes. After reading your words about the mountains and clouds swirling, I decided that instead of a dull street scenery that surrounds me, I should use the zoom and just pick a nice spot and admire that.

    Your blog is truly inspirational and soothing, even after suffering from a stomach flu since yesterday.

    Much better now, and back to reading my many new books.

    Yesterday was about self-confidence,in SA book, and I chuckled, because I had been thinking of a lady who always spreads that around. Janet, you are also one of them, and I thank you for being there.


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