Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Drum Roll, Please.....

Today is a big day all over Blogland. It's the day when most of the One World One Heart giveaway winners will be announced....and that's why I'm here right now.

I didn't have an assistant this time as HB was in bed by 9:00 PM last night and up and out of the house before I ever woke up!! So it was just me and the cats and neither one of them wanted to participate! They didn't see any food involved so it was back to napping.

That left just me so I was appointed to be camera woman, chief name draw-er-outer, and announcer! Here is the container I used this time to hold all the tiny slips of paper....

Here is my hand reaching into the container.....I had 64 entries! I put the lid on the container and gave it a good shake to mix all the bits around before I reached in to pick the winner....

And here is the winner!!!!

I think this photo is clickable but in case you can't read it the winner is WINDY ANGELS! Congratulations! I will not be able to mail these out for a few days but rest assured they will be in the mail to you at the beginning of next week.


  1. Congratulations to your winner Janet..!
    I love that tin...too cute..!

  2. You are a jack of all trades, yes? Photograher, tin shaker, and prize picker...and you do it all so well. Lovely pictures too. I also love the tin...I'd take that for the prize.

  3. Congratulations to the lucky winners!!

    and I did a runner up draw and YOU won the poem will be winging its way to you! congrats!


  4. I send Congratulations to the winner also Janet...I loved the drum roll, I could almost hear it.
    And you gave it a bit of mistory which was really fun. I am coveting your tin....and trying to figure out how to do one myself...
    you make me smile.

  5. I'm sure Windy Angel will be delighted with her prize - and I love the tin too:)

  6. Yay! Congrats to Wendy, I'm sure she's going to be thrilled to bits to have won your beautiful ATCs, Janet.

    Have a great day :)

  7. Congratulations to Windy Angel!

  8. I love the tin and wasn't this the most fun thing to do. I hope everyone likes there winning gift as there isn't a loser among them.

  9. I just tried to comment but don't know if it showed up! ok, lemme see if I remember...oh, yeah, I named the square you remarked about yesterday as "vibrant". I named it "vibrant one" thanks to you. Your the best. thank you for always being so thoughtful (and creative!) xo Lia

    p.s. I think I missed the bought on the give away wave going through blogland. I just can't seem to keep up with everything these days!
    p.p.s. glad you liked the tag. A special tag for a special lady! xo L.

  10. Can't see the name - but whoever it is, is a lucky duck! Oh wait, you just told me the name congratulations, WindyAngels!
    You did a better job with one-handed picture taking than I did, though - you can hardly see any thing in the picture it's all so blurry on the one I took.

  11. Oh Janet, I feel very honoured to have had my name chosen to win those absolutely scrumptious cards. I love the colour purple so will get plenty of that. I will be SO pleased to receive the package in the mail. All and any surprises are gratefully received these days, any days.
    Thank you, thank you, and did I say Thank you.
    Angels be with you.

  12. Congratulations!!!!It's so nice to win something that Janet has made.

  13. What a beautiful Poem Plaque!
    Congratulations for the runner up.

  14. This post was too cute! Congrats to your winner :D :D

  15. Loved reading about your spider plants, I used to have them everywhere and pot on the babies, until the time came that where we lived was totally overrun by the spider plants and I had to get rid of some. They were enormous and green. Do you know ever since then spider plants don't grow well for me they turn brown at the ends and just don't flourish, I think it is their revenge for my culling of them all those years ago lol!

  16. Janet I've been trying to email you. You won the Christmas stocking, but I need an address to send it to. Can you email me with the details?
    Cangratulations to the winner of your tin, and to you too.

  17. And congratulations to You too !

    I see that you won on one of the blogs too ! yay !!!!


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