Saturday, March 17, 2007

Finding Water Week 4

This was a better week for me regarding this book....even with all the other things going on in my life right now.

I enjoyed Julia's reference to "the rim of the glass" and could relate, not to drinking as that's never been a problem but rather for depression which I suffered from when I was younger. I always felt that I was on the edge of a deep dark chasm and one wrong move and I would tumble in. I have since learned that mostly my depression was just not being happy with my life the way it was and finally learning to appreciate the things I have and not to worry so much over the other stuff.

The section on "faith" was part of all that, too. In the past I never thought that good things would ever happen for me....I never felt as if I was ever good enough, smart enough, pretty enough, etc. etc. etc. Maybe age has something to do with that because I find I don't dwell on those things anymore. With one exception, and that is my creativity. I still have a problem with that one. I especially liked Julia's quote on page 107 "....we are intended to flower in our art even if our art does not meet with a welcoming reception. We must make art for the sheer sake of making art." That really rang a bell for me. I think that's what I've been trying to do this year by simply creating something each day. It may not be worthy of sharing with you but I still make something every day....or at least work on something each day. I find that I'm happier with the things I finally finish and feel better on the whole since I've been doing this.

The "no regrets" section was interesting because in life I have very few regrets, if any. I've always thought that I've done the best I could do with what I had at any given moment....made the only decisions I could have made (because they were the ones I did make) and the person I am today is a compilation of all those other days that went before. But the part that was tough about this was the comparing myself to others....I still do that even though I know I shouldn't!! I look at other people's art work and think mine doesn't measure up. But the simple truth is, I'm getting a very late start compared to some people and I'm still learning and trying new things. My art is my art and not anyone else's. I can't make things like someone else because I'm not them.

I did morning pages six out of seven days, took a walk on a couple of days, but did not have my artist's date. Unless you want to count browsing around in Barnes & Noble....but I do that on a regular basis!!


  1. sounds like you had a great week, janet! i still struggle with the comparison thing too sometimes. but i try to remember that each of us is unique and has something special to share unlike anyone else. i've been doing some creating every day and it does make me feel better about things. thanks for sharing!

  2. I struggle with comparing myself, and sharing my artwork, too. I think a lot of artists struggle with that issue.
    I love your artwork, though, Janet - it's really, truly lovely. Even though as Cameron says, we must make it simply for its own sake - I guess that's what I've always thought of as "enjoying the process, not the product" - it's still nice to hear from others, so I thought I'd let you know how much I enjoy seeing your art!
    My interpretation of an Artist's Date is: If it's something that helps me fill up my well - it's an Artist's Date. We all have different things that refresh or inspire us. I think whatever you think counts as an AD, counts - hope that just made some kind of sense!
    Glad you're having a better week - it's good to hear from you again. Wishing you an even better week ahead, Janet!
    Happy St. Patrick's Day to you!((hugs))

  3. Glad you had a better week. I guess we all compare ourselves to others. I've even read about some of the greats we know from the past who started to try someone else's style because they couldn't sell their art. Fortunately, they had people who believed in them and told them to keep doing it their way!! That's the beauty of art, I think...the part of our selves that come through and make it ours. I love your art. I truly do...and I have caught myself comparing myself to there! You're on the other end now. :)

  4. Missed you Janet-and don't worry about your art it only has to make you happy and that is the main thing.
    BTW I think your art is great and I have some of it yippee.

  5. Janet....Your art is great!!! I adore all the things you show on your blog.
    But I do understand where you are coming from.... I feel I don't measure up.... to you! Because you always do so much and it's all good. I have a big stinker pile!!!

  6. Boy, Janet, I do think age helps, but I think that knowing who we are and accepting that is a big step. Then you drink. In ourselves none of us are able enough and never will be. Isn't it sad we get "'So soon old and too late smart.'"

  7. Good to see you back Janet. I missed hearing about your days.

    Thanks for sharing your feelings with us. Your words about your depression when you were younger really resonated with me. I know that I am prone to depression when I think about what I feel can be missing from my life. Rather than focusing on what I have.

    And I also related to what you wrote about faith too. Am so pleased that you have accepted that you are good enough, smart enough and a beautiful person. Because you are all these things and more!

    I do know what you mean about art. Creating is such a personal thing and everyone has their own style. I love everything I have seen of yours. And seeing your style develop.

    Believe me I have times when I compare my art to others and think my art is too simple and lacking depth. But those feelings pass. When I remind myself that I make art for me. I have to create each day. It's as necesassary as breathing. And I decided that if I am enjoying making art the art I make must be OK.

    Your art is a extension of yourself and your special soul shines from your work.

  8. I adore you, and your blog and your art. You should start adoring YOU!
    The ATC you sent me is on the desk at the spa, where it's beauty winks at us all day.
    Thanks Janet, I am going to check out this book though.

  9. Glad to see you posting again Janet. That is always a good sign.

  10. So glad you posted! I came by "just to check" and there you were....I missed you,and your words of wisdom, and your art, ok now is a time to count my blessings that we had so many good times over the past years I must not dwell on the fact that you are thousands of miles away. I better email you, this is getting to long for blogger....:-)

  11. I'm glad you had a good week 4!
    I remember reading some good things in chapter four about staying sane and balanced. Showing up and doing some of our artistic "work" each day but keeping other parts of our lives going too!
    One thing that always happens when I see a lot of work by other people...I feel overwhelmed and don't know how to "keep up". finally I'm realizing that what I get done is enough...
    I am really on a break from the finding water this week, but I did enjoy reading your reflections on that chapter!

  12. I'm do glad to see you back posting. Much of what you said resonated with me. The depression, which I have had to the comparing ones art and artistic ability to others. I think we are all a work in progress as human beings. The truth is your art speaks to me with each thing you show. I've watched you grow and by that I mean I've loved your art from day 1 but the growth has been in showing it, sharing it, reveling in the process. I have your art in my studio right in front of me to always inspire.
    I have a daily struggle about my art...but I am learning after all these years that what I create at least it comes from my heart and soul..and that's something.
    I hope to see more of you now, you are missed when you are away.

  13. I think Janet, that most of us if we are truthful compare ourselves and our art work to others and sometimes think our artwork is wanting. I think in this respect we can be our own worst enemies, really, if we can't be positive about ourselves and our own artwork why should anyone else be? But, yes, I admit I struggle in that way, we just must keep trying to overcome a personal negative vibe.

  14. Hi Janet, Missed you ! That little inner critic is human nature.
    It has its place in our life , while it may make us feel bad , it also makes us strive for improvement , which is good. We wouldn't grow without it.
    So maybe we should accept it and ask it to lead us to our potential instead of fighting against it or giving up.
    WOW ! I don't know were those words came from , but I definitely needed to HEAR them myself (lol).
    Hope your day is full of creative magic.

  15. I enjoyed reading this post Janet...thanks for sharing so much of yourself on here. I think we can all relate as we are all so connected in one way or another.
    Funny, I find my dog world more competitive than my art world..I guess with the dogs, it's always who's winning at the shows, who has the best for that day, and it can be cut throat..much like that movie "Best In Show"...not that far from the truth!
    With my art and crafts,it's all about having fun for me. I don't really do it for anyone else. If I sell something,great, but it's not the end all or my ultimate goal. It's more about just enjoying the process of learning and growing and expressing who I am at the moment.
    I've never taken any art courses,so that probably helps too! No little voices in my head telling me how I SHOULD be doing it...LOL
    Keep havin' fun and keep sharing your soul..

  16. Glad you had a good week .. I struggle constantly with the comparing thing, try to remember not to but it is hard (and I feel rubbish about myself when I do). Glad to hear it gets better with age, gives me something to look forward to! I saw a quote the other day that said: "Comparison doesn't make anyone look good!" Will keep reminding myself of that...

    By the way, your artwork is LOVELY, so don't be too hard on yourself. Best wishes, Elizabeth

  17. Lovely to find this post from you, Janet. You have been missed! A great post, too. Thanks for sharing your wisdom with us, and your beautiful Art - never doubt it, or yourself :)
    Hugs, Suze xXx

  18. Hi Janet,
    Hope you're feeling and doing better!
    Browsing at B&N is a favorite of mine as well!

  19. it feels good to finally be catching up with blogs and this post especially! i really liked reading this because of the way you broke your week's experience down, piece by piece. if i had endless time i think i would like to write about finding water for a very, very long time. impossible. but it is just as nice to read what others think too! ;)

  20. I have fallen behind my reading, but I am happy that you have had such success with yours.
    You made may observations about yourself that touched me personally.

  21. Janet, I am so glad you shared....I think there is healing in just the telling. I am on med's for depression, long history. And I have a hard time with with self.
    I craft for the joy of it...and when I re-intered this blogging, you found me...and made me feel so good. I have felt your heart..
    Thank You for the sharing of you art and your heart.
    I have felt good about being apart of this circle of :)

  22. Glad you are feeling a bit better. The e-mail is still a work in progress but definitely later today:):) I think most people compare themselves unfavourably to others, I know I do, but what really counts is that YOU are enjoying making your art and expressing your own individuality. If working in your studio and creating things gives you pleasure that's the important thing.

  23. An absolutely thought provoking post!
    I'll have to come back and browse through and reread what I have missed in the last few ~dayz~. So much has been happening since I returned from Florida as you saw in my last post! Glad that you came by and entered ~my gifts a away~ because all writers should have these!I wish you luck in my draw!
    Now to comment on depression..I have for years..and it is the {{SADD condition}} every winter...I am learning to recognize it and try light therapy surrounding myself with bright flowers and images that please me.Of course a trip to the *sunshine state* for a month is the BEST therapy!have a happy day! hugs NG

  24. I love what you said about regrets, everything that has happened has shaped us, now it is up to us to work on loving that shape!!
    Thanks SO much for the stunning ATC's. You are a talented and perceptive and caring lady!


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