Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Finding Water Week 4...a little bit late!

Since I was gone over the weekend I didn't have a chance to do my "Finding Water" check in and maybe that's a good thing. Lately I've been finding Julia getting on my nerves! And from what I've read on a couple of other blogs, I'm not the only one.

I know she's famous....I know she was married to Martin Scorsese and I'm sure she hob-nobs with a lot of other famous New York people so she doesn't have to keep reminding me every five minutes. She is definitely a name-dropper. I really don't relate to that and I'm sure other people don't either.

What I want from this book is not what I'm getting. In fact, since I've been reading "Finding Water" I have been less creative. I have completely lost my focus and am constantly struggling to come up with ideas. I go to my studio and sit there and stare out the window. Maybe it isn't because of the book but apparently the book isn't helping either.

I do my morning pages (with the exception of the days I was out of town) and yet they don't seem to be doing anything for me. I have an art journal and I've barely made a mark in it....nothing comes to me that I want to put down on paper.

I would be curious to see if anyone else is having the same problem with this book. I almost feel as if I've been ripped off since so much of it is just a re-hash of "The Artist's Way" but I keep reading and hoping that I'm wrong.


  1. Hi Janet..I dont know about finding water..I thought Id let some others try it (you, kate etc..) before nosing over it..
    I just wanted to give you a hug and let you know you're loved..thanks for the nice words..
    Peace to you..Kai . :)

  2. I'm not reading the water book, but I have been trying to read The Secret. Having a problem with that. Seems like I am reading what I have read in other books over and over and over for many years. Sigh....$23.95 plus shipping! Aaaaaaakkk!!!

  3. I think we all fall into the trap of seeing a book advertised, and think it may hold THE answer. The answer to what, well..we have to buy it to find out. I have done this myself and found it confuses me. The Simple Abundance book wasn't bad in it's day, but the one Sarah Ban B wrote afterwards, seemed to me to be about how to hate a man..!
    I think most of us have learned to follow our muse and have learned to do this quite well, these book often hinder rather than help. Just my 2 cents worth...

  4. I am probably the only one that couldn't finish "The Artist's Way"... and I feel pretty bad about it because everyone else seems to adore it :-( I'm not worried about your creativity. You'll start creating a storm very soon, not because of any book, but because it's in you and you'll have to let it out. xo

  5. Wish I could be of assistance, but I haven't read it. I know what you mean, so of those self "help" books aren't. If it's doing that to you, throw it out!!

  6. oh but the paper is so beautiful Maryellen sent, still cut into it and make it even my beautiful by turning it into a piece of YOUR art.

  7. Yeah.. I liked the Artist's Way .. I bought her 2nd book Vein of Gold and thought THAT was a rehash ..It sure seems that Finding Water is more of the same. AS far as the morning pages..I wrote them every day stream of conscious...but a while back I realized that all that I was writing was a big bunch of negativity after I watched "What The Bleep"! so I started writing only positive amd affiming daily writings. IT made a huge difference in my day!and thinking! I think she has some great ideas on some things ... I agree!.. She certainly uses her name dropping..

  8. It seems to be the case with many of these books. The first one is fine, but instead of writing something else, they rehash the first one. I tried The Artists Way years ago, but couldn't get into her next book. I say take what you like and leave the rest behind!!

  9. I haven't read this book and know little about it.

    But I say if you are not getting anything postive from it, or it's teachings you are better off to let it go.

    Sometimes I feel that these books are a rehashing of the same theories.

    And I agree with Sheila about following your muse.

    Am sure you will work out what is best for you Janet.

    If you feel this book is stopping your creativity that is not good.
    And I am not into name dropping either!

  10. Surprisingly, I don't have a lot of time for reading...I barely even read the beading mags that I subscribe to - I just look at the pics. LOL. But, seriously, don't get discouraged. Try to focus on what is deep within. Once you see that, your creativity will be infinite=:)

    Wow, I can't believe I just thought that on my own... I just might have to quote myself. LOL.

  11. you know, not every book is right for every person. sometimes the timing is off and sometimes it's just not a good fit.

    for me, although some of it is the same old principles, i find it helpful to go through it again, getting me back into mp's (which are helpful to me) and artist's dates and such. perhaps my expectations for things aren't as high, but i like to take what works for me from it and discard the rest. it's all about uncovering what's in *you*. that's the interesting part of the process (i think) and if her stories are helpful, great. if not, i let it roll of my back.

    take from it what you can. i hope you can find some creative sparks in there somewhere! :-)

    have you been doing the artist's dates? sometimes when i get stuck or unfocused, i need to give myself permission to make "bad art" and just play. regardless, try to have fun with it. take what's useful and toss the rest.

    whew, that was a long comment! :-) sending some hugs and inspiration your way.

  12. AS I often do, I agree with Sheila! I've come to the conclusion that just getting on and doing things is better than reading about it. I think creativity comes fom inside yourself and is inspired by things you see - the garden,nature,work by other artists. Maybe give the studio a break for a couple of days? Perhaps you are just trying too hard. Of course I haven't read the book nor am I an artist so I don't necessarily know what I'm talking about:)

  13. I really didn't like any of these books. I find it remarkably pretentious for someone to tell others how to be anything and that's the theme I kept running into in Julia's book. You're a talented artist and don't need direction from some effete Hollywood type. The delightful road of discovery that you are on is a pretty cool place-travel at your own pace. Besides that, time spent reading stuff that doesn't entertain and fascinate is time wasted-at least to me. It shouldn't be a JOB-it should be a calling and a passion that pours out of you. Some days it's like a trickle and others like a cascade. Go make stuff
    Hugs from NY

  14. I'm sure you will have a creative time soon. You may be in a dormant phase...for me Finding Water is really only an exercise for fun...something to give a bit of structure to the search for direction. I struggle to do any morning pages...I liked chapter 4, that she said inspiration is what happens when you are faithful and show up to do art even when you aren't in the mood...I do think there is a bit of restlessness and spring fever in the air right now...(Chapter 5 was a real downer for me...all about anxiety...yikes! I'm hoping that I like chapter 6 better!)
    You are a truly creative person...and we often don't like working other people's programs!

  15. You know, I think the Lone Beader is on to something!! :) I think that once we've tapped into the higher power, the life force, God or whatever we want to call it/him/her...what else is there to learn? We've sort of tapped into the source of creativity. We just need to listen.

    Everything sounds the same because everything is the same.

    As for name-dropping. Ick. I wonder if she'd be surprised to know that noone cares?

    I looked and looked for "The Artist's Way" and finally found it at Books-a-million. I looked at the first two pages and knew it wasn't for me. I'm not sure why. I thought I was just missing some artistic gene or something. LOL

  16. Hi Janet :) You know I've been having similar problems, but I've just ignored the book for a while and got into that journal-wrecking! Try that - it's like being given permission to do anything you want and I have found it truly liberating in just two days! Don't worry about your 'block' - we all know how prolific an artist you can be when you're in the mood, and all your creations are worth waiting for :) Hang on in there and don't give up - your muse is just taking a well-earned breather!
    Suze xXx

  17. Janet - I chose not to read Finding Water because I too have a hard time with Julia Cameron. I have done the Artist's Way and there is valuable stuff in her writing.

    I read her memoir recently though, and unfortunately, it changed my thinking for the negative.

    I hope you are still able to find good in your time spent on this book!!

  18. Yep, I've been struggling off and on with this one, too, Janet - it hasn't 'flowed' the way the first AW book/group did for me...though I did find some odd synchronicities in Chapter 5, that made me hang in there for one more week - though I've been resisting reading it again this week. Just know you're not alone!

  19. Hi, Janet, I cannot comment on the Water book, because I have not even opened it yet. I am planning to take the Artist's Way book and workbook with me for the weekend retreat. It's another thing, if I do anything there.

    I am sorry that you haven't been able to do anything creative that you want. However, if I may say this, sometimes it's good to take a break, for whatever reason. If the book makes you feel less creative, please put it down and get one of the Artist's magazines that are available in most bookstores.

    I am not being creative at all, but I am not trying, because I know I am tired and distracted from my work. We have year end and Trustees Meeting and Auditors coming up. I am glad I can go away for the weekend with my crochet friends.

    I am sure you will find one end of rope of inspiration, and when you do, just keep pulling and pulling, and eventually the basket of inspiration will reach your hands.
    All you need then is to open the goodies in the basket and do whatever you feel like doing.

    Don't sweat the quiet time, perhaps you need it, perhaps you don't but it's there, and you will get the basket soon enough. I know it.

  20. i've been noticing myself focusing just on the parts that work for me. i like most of the divining rods along with the morning pages and artist's dates. as for the book...well, i find myself waffling between total connection with what she has to say...and just reading over the stuff that doesn't grab me. in the end is up to us as individuals to actually CREATE. i wish i could find the book that would get my thesis written, but in the end it's up to me (dang!). :)-

    i have to admit that the best thing about the finding water book is this community of bloggers! :) you all are what inspire me the most. you keep me on track. the book is just an added perk.

  21. Janet, I haven't read the book, and I am not sure how I feel about some of the books that are so popular right now. No one is perfect, but I will say it again, your are perfectly book needed....Mary


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