Monday, March 19, 2007

A Little Monday Morning This and That....

The weekend was beautiful. The weather was just perfect....I'm sorry if you're still dealing with winter where you live. HB and I worked in the yard. He trimmed our grape vines, the apple trees, and I did some research about my agapanthus. A few of them didn't do very good with the very cold snap we had earlier this year. I thought I might try to transplant them to a better location. I just don't have a green thumb when it comes to outside plants. I do great with plants that grow inside but the others don't seem to respond to me!!

I have a spider plant that my Aunt Dotti gave to me back in the early 80's. I have re-started babies from that plant so many times I've lost count. I had several spider plants from those babies that grew to be huge, draping plants....and this was while HB and I were traveling around in our RV!! One of my friends in Colorado ended up with the two biggest plants and the last time I talked with her she said they were still going. That one original spider plant has left babies all across the country! Right now I have one of the babies in our family room.

I have to keep it away from Harley and LuLu because they like to chew on the leaves. Not good! I think this plant might be a great-great-great-great-great-great grandchild of the plant Aunt Dotti gave me!! I know there's been a lot of them.

Over the weekend I also received some fantastic ATCs from the talented Maryellen. She does such amazing artwork.

I don't have a favorite from these because each of them is a different style and all of them are wonderful. Thank you so much, Maryellen. These are great. Oh, and she also sent me some fabulous papers, too. They're so beautiful that I don't want to cut into them!!

This is just a sampling of some of them. I just sit and look at them!!

There's still time to enter the drawing for my giveaway for One World One Heart. The drawing will be on the 21st but I won't be mailing out the package until the 23rd at the very earliest. HB and I are going to Las Vegas that weekend and I may not have time to get to the post office until we return. Be patient with me....I will get it to the winner ASAP!!


  1. Lucky you, those are some beautiful cards that you recieved and the papers hold endless possibilities. We are coming out of the deep-freeze-thank goodness..

  2. Hi Janet,

    I bet anthropologists from the future will wonder why there are so many spider plants that all seem related in North America. It is all because of your Aunt! ;-)

    Nice prizes in the mail.

  3. Your Spider Plant reminded me that I had one of these plants when I was first married a "long" time ago.
    I love the cards that you received and the papers as well.

  4. Wow, Janet, what a wonderful post. Those ATCs you received are beautiful and I LOVE those papers. Have a great week.

  5. LOvely cards and papers you received - my favourite is the one with the wolf because I love wolves. My dad used to grow spider plants, unlike you I can grow stuff outside but am instant death to any house plant:)

  6. beautiful papers, I hope you put them somewhere where you can see them, and then USE them. they'll be sad otherwise I think...

  7. Spider plants! Amazing things they are - great fun, and so long lasting! I love the shadows they cast in the sunlight..
    The ATCs and the papers are gorgeous! I'm drawn to the wolf one - I love wolves and watching programmes about them.
    Thank you so much for the lovely comment you left on my Mother's Day post, Janet - you were indeed a part of our celebrations! I think you & my Mum would get on well :) She has twice as much energy as I do, and she'll be 67 at the end of this month, bless her!
    Have a lovely week, Janet.
    Suze xXx

  8. I remember spider plants. I used to have one with two shades of green. It got so big and annoying that I got rid of it. Not on purpose, but I forgot to water it. Like all my plants, they just die.

    The ATCs are fabulous. I wish I could get back to my cards, but now is not the time. Year end stuff at work, so overtime calls.

  9. Spider plants can take over sometimes. I don't have one at the moment. I gave the last one away, it did so well and even had tiny white flowers on it from time to time. got too big and so it went to a new home.

  10. Anonymous10:44 AM

    Oh I love spider plants. The art work is great.

  11. I loved reading the story about your Aunt Dotti's spider plant. I like to think of little baby spider plants everywhere - a legacy from her!
    Ooh, the ATC's MaryEllen sent you are gorgeous. As are the papers - isn't it wonderful to get new papers in the mail? Very exciting...


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