Monday, March 12, 2007

An Oh-Oh and Some Pretty Colors....

Would you believe I'm still digging out in my studio??! I have to admit that yesterday I played in there more than I worked....and that's ok but today I'm trying to actually find the floor. I know there's one under all that stuff and I'm determined to find it.

While digging around I found a couple of things I thought I'd show you. The first is a box I made for Molly's birthday a couple of years ago....

Do you see anything wrong with it? This is not the box I gave her. I made another one just like it but this time I made the pictures around the bottom small enough so the lid didn't cover half of them!! So this one has never been finished inside....hers has felt inside. I was so happy with the idea and so upset when I realized that when the lid was placed on the box it covered the top half the pictures! Live and learn! I use it in the studio for little odds and ends and as a reminder to always measure correctly when it's something like this!

While rummaging around in the studio I found this....

Molly gave this to me several years ago. It's from a paint company but it must have been for someone special since it has "jewels" on either side and comes in its own gold leatherette case. I just like it because of all the colors. Each little paint strip has a different color on each side so it's doubled what you see here. The date on the front tag says 1966.

I made some art yesterday but won't show you right now. I'm still experimenting with products and techniques so when I have something good I'll share.

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This morning I got back on track and did morning pages, then I walked down to the park and walked twice around the paths. It was a beautiful morning and already the temperature is 80º!!


  1. Measure twice and cut once applies to many things doesn't it. A lesson learned and passed on to us...!
    We are nowhere near 80 degrees, but it is slowly warming here, and hooray, it will be 10 degrees by Wednesday...LOL
    I'm grateful even for that...

  2. Hey, which park were you at? I was at Lancaster Park today for my walk. What a gorgeous day! We need to enjoy it while it lasts....before the 100 plus starts.

  3. We were supposed to get 90º, but we're about 82º. Feels like summer already. You've been busy as always!

  4. I can't believe how warm it is already in March! I'm going to have to go water everything this evening.
    I love that box - it's beautiful! Thanks for pointing that out about the lid covering, I wouldn't think of that either~ I hope I can remember if I ever do a box with a lid.
    That paint sampler is too cool!
    Enjoy your day~ xo

  5. What a beautiful box.

    I am way behind everything. I found my Artist's Way book, and checked week one. Morning pages?
    I did half a page of Evening pages (my own private invention).

    Isn't it exciting, when you find things when you are clearing spaces to find a floor or some other important part of a room.

  6. yep, found treasures are as fun as found money in the pants pockets. 80 degree's! I'm so envious, I was happy hearing we'll get to 60 tomorrow. it's all relative isn't it.

  7. I'm glad your walk and morning pages worked out for today!
    I'm off in a day or so to visit my daughter and her family for a I'll be having a great time, but "finding Water" may not happen until I get home!

  8. Do you set aside a certain time to walk? I have been intending to start BUT----I can't seem to find the right time, maybe that is just me putting it off. Well who knows tomorrow might be the day.
    I love the color wheel, and the box is still pretty without the lid

  9. Just dropping in to see what wonderful artsy things you've been up to since my last visit. You never let me down.

    Immediately on hearing about the fires down there in So Cal I did a Map quest and was happy to hear you were not near by.

  10. 80 degrees???!!! WowieeeEEE! I think I'd go for a walk then too! Go Girly, Go!!! xo,Cinda

  11. Can you believe this weather Janet?????? I'm digging in my studio also...I'm getting there slowly! Glad those fires are nowhere near you! We need rain! XXXOOOO

  12. Yes it is warm here in Az.already!
    Walking in the morning is so beautiful.Life is good!

  13. janet, i LOVE that box! it is such a cool idea! the images on it are simply beautiful (even if they do get covered up a little bit!). i've been "catching up" with your blog and i can totally relate to the feeling of being "over extented." yes, i think i've over extended myself as well. needless to say, it feels good to finally be visiting your blog!

    have a wonderful day!

  14. Hi Janet,

    I like the looks of that little box-even if it didn't turn out perfect for you!

    My work room is a total mess- so I can't even think of doing any art projects right now! I want , very much, to get better organized!


  15. Boxes without topses are useful too!

  16. Morning Janet... I do like you do, every once in a while I have to dig out the floor in my room... and do end up doing more art then I do digging out, but I have to say I really enjoy those days... I find them lots of fun and so creative!


  17. I would have had to make two also. Sad, but so true. We are warm here too. And loving it!

  18. This box is beautiful Janet! Glad you had play time in your studio. I know too well that feeling of trying to find the floor!

    Glad your weather is warming up nicely. We are still having warm days here in Australia but cool nights (bliss to sleep in).

    Love the color wheel (and it's fancy little pouch).

  19. Spring is here, we were over 70 today. I have a catch all room that needs me. It is on my list of to do's before summer rings in.
    Glad you are far from the fires...I lived in Cypress before coming to Idaho. Keep..throw away??
    I would love you to come to my backyard, I know you love purple...

  20. I'm really liking the Saraswatti box. Very nice. Hope all is OK Janet. I've got your envelope ready to mail tomorrow. It is big because the paper I'm sending is long and narrow. Hope you like it. Remember you have clear to mid April, so don't feel at all rushed on this swap just because I got it going. I need to do that with the 20 ATC swap coming up on the horizon..


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