Tuesday, March 27, 2007

So Many Wonderful People....

As I said yesterday in my sleepy, tired post....I have had lots of fun mail recently. While I was in Vegas, the mail piled up on my doorstep!

I had a box of goodies from Tammy. This was part of the swap from Create a Connection. Here's what was waiting for me....

Some rubber stamps....

A peacock feather, a beautiful butterfly, and some pages from old books....a couple have German printing....

Some gift wrap, wallpaper, yarn and beads....there was another organza bag with beads but I forgot to put it in the photograph!

Thanks, Tammy. I'm sure these things will find their way into some collages and ATCs.

I also had another surprise from Pirk....

A pretty freeform crocheted bookmark....in purple!! and a pretty Easter card.

Thanks Pirk! If you haven't visited her blog, you may want to do so now because she is offering a free pattern for a crocheted bag, and has pictures and directions to guide you if you aren't all that comfortable with crochet.

And my last package waiting for me on Sunday was from Teresa.....

Some fun papers, stickers, a cute gift bag/box that I plan to use as a template to make more!!....and a sweet little birdie.

Thanks, Teresa!

Now as if that wasn't enough the mail came yesterday with even more goodies! I got the Easter ATCs from the swap that Sammy did. I think I really lucked out on this one!! Here are the cards I received....

This adorable one from Sammy. I just love the ladybug and the butterfly and the cute pink bunny. There are lots of beads and glittery bits and I think it's just perfect.

These two are from Dotee. They also have lots of beads and glittery things, and of course little birdies!

And these two are from Doreen. You can't tell in the photo but the one on the left has strips of fabric woven for the background! The photos do not do any of these ATCs justice....there is lots of pretty gold stitching on the card to the right. The background fabric is shimmery and very subtle.

Included in my package from Sammy was another surprise!!

This absolutely adorable bunny!! She is so cute. I love bunnies and have a special secret attachment to them so this was just perfect. Thank you, Sammy. She will have a place right here next to my desk so I can see her every day.

Now I must confess to falling down on the job. I also received two postcards earlier and I thought for sure I had posted at least one of them but apparently that only happened in another dimension! So here are postcards I received from Sheila and Kai....

Thank you, Sheila and Kai!! Even if I'm late showing them!!

I think that just about wraps up my mail for the past few days! My mailman is probably wondering what's happened around here! I used to get mostly junk mail and a couple of bills....now I get mail from all over the world!

Sometimes it doesn't feel like much to just say thank you but it comes from my heart. I have not been very creative lately but soon I hope to be getting some things in the mail for everyone who has been so nice to me. I do appreciate all the lovely things that have been sent my way and each day I'm amazed at the generosity of the blogging community. So until I can get some things finished please accept my heartfelt "Thank You."


  1. I'm so glad you are getting and sharing your wonderful mail bags. A couple of those things are so lovely I had to suck in my breath or expire of wanting! Wow! You struck it rich Janet! I can see that the fabric on the one card is woven. Can't hide weaving from an old weaver! I liked them both.

  2. What a fabulous stash of goodies Janet!!!

    Sammy is so sweet to send you a bunny with your ATC's.Can't wait to see the Easter ATC's I receive in the swap. Doreen's and Sammy's look amazing!

    I am so pleased that your mailbox is a much happier on these days. I know I go to my mailbox most days with a smile. Knowing some art from the opposite side of the world will be waiting for me.

    You deserve to have art from the heart every day. xoxox

  3. It is so much fun to see different goodies arrive at their destinations. It's like meeting new people through you. I know you will be making some wonderful arty things with lots of it.

  4. WOW - that was a lot of goodies you received! you've got great Karma. and some wonderful friends. :)

  5. Lovely gifts Janet. So - did you do anything that stayed in Las Vegas? LOL

  6. HOly Moley you received some amazing postal love - look at that array of goodies!! It's always a truly joyous moment to open the post box and hear singing (as that's what it's like to me). You deserve a constant chorus!!

  7. Wow! You should go to "Lost Wages" more often! What a great stack of mail to come home to. Everything is awesome and you deserve every last little bit!

  8. Homecoming is always sweet when there are presents from sharing hearts!We certainly are keeping Mr. postman busy!
    I'm amazed at the generousity and giving that goes on within our blogging community!Your gifts are all wonderful!Always so personal when they are created by gifted hands!hugs NG

  9. Wow-ee! what wonderful goodies. Those Easter ATC's are all amazing! as are all the artisitic treats.

    I second your comments about the wonderful blog community.

  10. If you get a chance pop on over to the blog. I have a little swap you might be interested in. I love all your gifts. The ATC's are spectacular!!

  11. What a nice bunch of goodies!
    PS...I've changed my blog address...please click on my name above...

  12. What a great stash of goodies to come home to. Everything looks so pretty. You emailed and thanked me for the post card Janet, which is probably why you thought you had shown it. Don't worry about things like that..
    what we want to know, is was Vegas fun..?
    It sounds like it.
    Glad you had a good time..

  13. So many good things in the mail - the Easter Bunny came early to your house, lol. Glad you're the recipient of so much goodness, Janet! xo

  14. You hit the jackpot Sweetie! Glad you are back...

  15. SWEET! all the mail YOU got is sooooo Beauty Full!! Welcome back home sweet Janet! xoCinda

  16. You have such a wonderful heart and a great friend to all of us in bloggersville, so you deserve all of those wonderful goodies. Isn't it great to have such talented friends? And alot nicer to get these in your mailbox instead of bills!

  17. Just look at all that loot! Good for you. Now, there is no reason for you not being able to use that stuff. As they say, snap out of it! I know if you put it all out on your table, it will motivate you. Can I come ove and play?


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