Monday, March 26, 2007

Sparks Fly in Vegas....

The trip to Vegas was fun....but tiring. It's about a four hour drive from our house. Traffic is always bad going to Vegas on Friday evening, and then it's bad coming back on Sunday so it makes for a long trip.

When we arrived in Vegas on Friday we were booked into a room at The Riviera since that's where HB's son was staying. He was a finalist in a photography contest and the whole thing was being held at that hotel. We went up to our room and were immediately very disappointed. It was not a nice room at all!!

The curtains were hanging off the rod, there was a drawer in the entertainment center that was half hanging off, and the lights on either side of the bed did not work!! HB called down to the front desk and let them know all the problems and they said they couldn't move us to another room unless we wanted a smoking room.

We were sitting there wondering what to do when HB dropped a pen and it went behind the bedside table....when he reached down to pick it up he hit the jumble of plugs back there and sparks flew, and the lights came on!! HB got right back on the phone to the front desk and told them what had happened. They said they would send an electrician up to the room. When he arrived he took a look at the plug-in and the rest of the room and got the manager on the phone and said "These people need another room. This one is in shambles."

Within moments a bellman arrived to gather our things and take us to a mini-suite! If it hadn't been for the electrician we would have had to stay in that crummy room but instead we had a nice spacious room.

Mostly we visited with HB's son and his fiance, and HB's daughter and her family. You won't believe me but we didn't do any gambling on this trip!! We just didn't have much time for that. Friday night was spent with Kris and her husband, Mike and their little girl, Savannah. Then we had breakfast the next morning with them and Kris' son Scott and his girlfriend, Amanda joined us, too. Kris and her family had been in Vegas for a couple of days and were leaving to return home later Saturday morning.

L to R - Mike with Savannah, HB, Kris, Scott, and Amanda....I'm taking the photo.

We met up with HB's son Jr and his fiance, Kathy and spent the rest of the day with them, then went to the banquet for the photographers that night. The next morning we all had breakfast together, then we had to start for home and Jr had to be at the awards ceremony. Unfortunately he didn't win. I'll try to get a copy of his photo for the blog because I thought it was fantastic.

I took some photos of Jr and Kathy but they didn't come out. I'm hoping they have some on their camera and will send them to us.

When I arrived home there was all kinds of mail for me! I'll share that with you tomorrow.


  1. Good morning my new friend. Upgrades are always nice. I always take a bump with the airline if I have the time, because then more than likely I can upgrade to 1st class.

    I cannot wait to see what you have to send the CIP group this Friday. I will be posting the updates on Friday/Monday.

    Happy Spring.

  2. There must've been a wild party in that room with the curtains hanging down and furniture falling apart....but OOOH that's not the kind of sparks you want to see flying in Vegas....luckily you got a nicer room.

  3. Sorry he didn't win but it looks like you had a great trip...thanks to the electrician! Looks like he saved the day.

    I laughed at "Lost Wages." I am going to share that with Tim next time I talk to him. He went through Reno on his way to California and was not impressed. He wondered about Las Vegas.

    Glad you're home!

  4. I was really hoping you would come home VERY RICH and would share! LOL Glad you are back safely.

  5. Glad you got home safely Janet. Sounds like quite an adventure!

    The first room you booked into sounded horrible! So glad that the electrician got you an upgrade.

    Sounds like you had a nice family time. Sorry to hear that HB's son didn't win. I would love to see his photo though!!

  6. It sounds like you really enjoyed yourself (sparks excluded). My favorite Vegas trips seem to be the trips where we don't gamble (yeah, strange). I think it's because I don't feel guilty over the money I lost. Welcome home!

  7. I am so glad the hotel finally got you a better room(thanks to that electrician). Sounds as though aside from that debacle, fun was had by all. Isn't it funny, so many people here in California call it Lost! (wonder why?)

  8. Sounds as though you had a nice time with HB's family. Glad you got upgraded to the suite, the original room sounded appalling. Well done, the electrician!

  9. Thank heavens for that electrician! Sorry he didn't win the photo contest, or you win the jackpot :) but I'm glad you were able to move on up to a better place - and that you were able to have fun with your family.

  10. What a great picture! I love HB's beard. I am beard loving girl,lol. Daniel use to have one but shaved it off, I miss it.Too bad about not winning, maybe next time! Glad you got a better room!


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