Thursday, March 08, 2007


Yesterday was a great mail day! I felt like a very special person when HB brought in not one....not two....but three packages for me!!

After opening the first one I felt terrible! It was this cute box of notecards....

and this fantastic collage....I love her style....

both from Cinda. They were the prizes from one of her recent giveaways. I felt terrible because I had put my name in for the drawing, then had all those days when I wasn't blogging and I didn't even know I had won!! I had not acknowledged my win on her blog and I was totally taken by surprise. Please go visit her blog and sign up for her current giveaway. I'm not putting my name in on this one....I don't want to embarrass myself again! Thank you, Cinda. I sincerely apologize for not responding to your blog announcement of the winners.

Then I opened another surprise package from Lisa to find this lovely doll!

I had a little trouble getting a good photo of her so please excuse the blue plastic background!! She is just beautiful and has lots of beads and little goodies on her bodice and wings, and her skirt is a piece of vintage embroidery that reminds me of my mom. Plus Lisa wrote such a lovely note that I had tears in my eyes when I read it. Thank you, Lisa!!

As if all that wasn't enough I opened another surprise package from Rosemary. She sent me this....

adorable little metal plaque with a vintage bee magnet! Isn't this just the cutest thing you've ever seen?! I love the the image with all the bees. Thank you, Rosemary!!

So Cinda, Lisa and Rosemary made me feel like the Queen Bee for the day! Thanks!

I spent most of my day yesterday "digging out" as Lia calls it. I went through tons of stuff in my studio and threw out four huge trash cans full of junk! Mostly magazine clippings from years back! Most of which I looked at and thought "why did I clip this?"....I have one more storage unit to go through today and then my paper stuff should be more organized.

But in the midst of all the paper flying through the air, I managed to slap some glue on a couple of pieces and come up with a little art. Here's what I did....

I used the same stamp as I used the other day and just tweeked them a bit more. The one has a "gem" in the lower corner and the other one has a leaf stamped and a leaf attached.

Now I'm off to make some more paper disappear. I have to make room in the studio for all my new goodies!


  1. It makes me so happy to see her on your blog after having her watch over my art desk for so long. :) You are such a special person and I know she's very happy to bee with you.

    I love all the goodies you got. I'm sure Cinda understands and won't hold it against you. lol I've worried about doing the exact same thing. Good thing the drawing is mostly on the same day and Lisa has a list. whew.

    The plaque is gorgeous and so are your ATCs! I love that stamp. Did you color her eyes green the last time or am I just noticing it for the first time?

    Have a great day.

  2. Lucky you, but you deserve all these goodies and more...!
    I plan to starting an 'office clearance program'...ASAP.
    Love your latest are so full of ideas, you make me feel like a dullard...

  3. Tis the season for gifts again. Isn't it lovely?

  4. Janet , Love your ATC's.Those are lovely gifts for a wonderful person.

  5. Oh, my goodness! Lucky girl!!

    All are very special gifts-and I really like those art pieces you did , too!

    Very interesting-all the ATCs! I haven't been able to get into that yet!


  6. wonderful treasures from wonderful people TO a wonderful person. There is nothing quite so joyous as when the bird fairies drop a little parcel!

    I know that clean out procedure very well, I could not believe what I hauled out of my studio recently!


  7. Lovely surprises and I am sure that the universe intended that you recieve these totally unexpected!. According to the ~SeCrEt~ Miss Qeen Bee I think that a yellow Hibiscus would look perfect tucked in behind your ear!You must do a self portrait as such one day!I look at your photo and I see it!!hugs NG

  8. Lucky you to get so many nice packages all in one day - you must have been a very good girl! Clearing out all of that stuff must have made you feel really good - now you have room for more nice things to play with:)

  9. I love what you did and what a great mail day you had. This is super! Way to go, Janet.

  10. You are quite the lucky girl. What a lot of fun to open all those packages!

  11. Isn't it fun! I love your new ATCs! That is a wonderful stamp. Isn't it great when you find one that you can use over and over and still look different, somehow! xo

  12. I must say you got some special things, and I am sure they were sent with love. Thank you for coming to visit me,I am glad you liked the Album. I put the pictures back on of my 40.00 shopping day with Carol and My Jenny. It was fun. Oh ya, I am working on and am almost done with a new Bird feeder/house for my back yard. We used to make these to sell. I will put it on tomorrow. I think you are...Blessed to be a Blessing

  13. Oh, that doll is wonderful! As are all the goodies - your luck has been great lately, Janet - you should buy a Lotto ticket, lol!

  14. LoL! :) I think tinker is right about that lotto ticket! ;) Beautiful gifts you've been getting Janet, and those ATCs are wonderful. I wish I had your creative energy! :)
    Now you've got me thinking about a clear-out. Oh No! Not sure I can face it!! ;)
    Have another great day today, Janet.
    Hugs (((x)))

  15. Janet nice little treasures from friends in the blogs sphere! Very sweet indeed! I love your new style of atc too....they're spectacular!

    Hugs Sherrie

  16. I am so hapy that you are showered with gifts that are so unique and beautiful. You are one special person, Janet!!!!!
    I hope you will get a surprise from me soon..................

  17. I'm keeping you in my current give-away too! That doll is precious!!! and the bee magnet and hanging is Great for YOU, a BEEutiful lil sweet woman!!! Keep creating, I've got to find some of my rubber stamps and use them again!! Thanks for the inspiration! I can't find my butterfly stamp stamps! so back to sorting I go!!!I haven't had any luck in throwing away any magazines yet, some catalogs! so that is a start! LOL Happy Week-end!!!! xooxoxox, Cinda

  18. OH Janet,,I promise your going to get a package from me one day soon. Something special,,I promise. I hope I win big when I go to Tunica with Mom,,then I can quit work and make art every day. I hate working,,I get so depressed with my job. I do think about you alot! Your art and stamping are just incredible.

  19. I just recently received a package! It is nice getting surprises in the mail!

    You scanned your prints from Cinda... you can see them better. I should have done that. I am learning!

    I just love all your goodies that you got!


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