Friday, March 09, 2007

This, That and the Other Thing....

Yesterday I debated about taking a photo of the thermometer on my back patio and posting it here....but I didn't because I didn't want to be that cruel to everyone who is still dealing with winter. We were in the upper 70's and this weekend is supposed to be even warmer!! This is about perfect for me. Goldilocks weather....not too hot and not too cold, it's just right!


I've been ordering back issues of Cloth Paper Scissors....they're on sale right now for $5.99 an issue so I'm filling in all the earlier issues I missed. I think this is my favorite magazine right now. It seems to have a little bit of everything I like. I would subscribe to it but with everything up in the air about where we will move when we finally find a house, I just thought I would wait.


Some of you read Crazy Aunt Purl but if you don't, every month she does Hor-o-scopes. They're usually funny and filled with her unique sense of humor. This was my horoscope from her for this month....

VIRGO (August 23 - Sept. 22)
Manners are for rebels. That's why I love me a Virgo. Ya'll have manners but in the STRANGEST and loveliest ways. For example, you can always count on a Virgo to have an opinion. And share it. But a Virgo opinion isn't a character assassination, it's merely fact and logic formed with interest. Ya'll manage to say things that others could never get away with because your manners are on the inside, closest to the heart, and you never desire to hurt folks or drag 'em down. Some signs could take a lesson in this department though I will try to mind my manners and not mention which ones. Interestingly enough, your candor and honesty (which is almost always spot-on) can make people think you have no soft spots of your own. But your ability to see into others with a new light is second to your ability to be wounded deeply by those who can't see you clearly at all. Try to offer forth a little patience with these characters. Not everyone will understand you because you are unique, and different from them, and it might take a while for that to shine out. It's not personal. And they'll get some manners of their own, eventually.

She never fails to make me laugh....or cry sometimes. I thought she had me nailed on this one. I do feel that most of the time people just don't "get" me. I've always been just a little bit on the outside and have done things differently from others. Such is the case now. I know Lisa is doing her One Heart One World giveaway with names due to be drawn on the 21st. I plan to participate in this. Remember I told you after my giveaway in February that I liked it so much I was going to do one every month, if possible. Well, I am going to do one but it won't be for a few more days and my drawing won't be on the 21st. That doesn't give me enough time! So please don't think I'm just going around entering giveaways and not doing one myself. It's keep checking in.

I made another little Dotee doll yesterday....

It's so hard for me to get a good photo of these! I also made three more ATCs....imagine that!!

I love this face stamp!! Or could you tell!! I stamped it on a magazine picture of some fabric. I like how it came out.

This one was just a bunch of scraps that I put together.

And this one is mostly metallics so it doesn't scan very good. I think I might add some other color to it because I think there's too much metallic right now.

So that's what I did yesterday while also going grocery shopping (ugh) and running to the post office and to Joann's for beads and felt. Oh, and I cleaned out one more drawer in the studio.