Saturday, March 31, 2007

A Very Special Day....

I should have done an entry about this special day but instead I'll just give you a link to the post I did one year ago today and then you'll understand. Here is the link. Go ahead. Check it out....I'll wait.

Did you see it? Now do you understand why I should have made this a really special post? Plus, Poor Baby....he's sick. He has the ick/crud that's been going around. So instead I'm going to finally show you some things I've made. Don't get too excited....these are ATCs I did earlier but didn't show for various reasons. Now that I haven't made anything for several days, I'm getting desperate for photos to show!!

I did this one as an extra gift for a swap at Create a Connection. It's felt with ribbon, yarn, beads, etc. It's actually a lavender background with sage green embellishments but my scanner doesn't always get the colors right.

This one unfolds.

This one also unfolds and I used Asian newspapers that I saved.

These ATCs have all gone out to swaps and other gifts etc. If you've looked at my flickr account you've probably already seen them.

I have been doing some stuff in the studio but mainly just prep work. I found the Discovery Journal I made when I read "Simple Abundance" the first time. Many of the magazine pictures were falling out....I used rubber cement at the time. So instead of throwing it away, I pulled out all the pictures and am now putting gesso on the pages to cover the residue left by the glue and I'll use the journal for something else. I liked the way some of the pages looked with the residue and would have liked to keep them that way but they were sticking together.

I also tried a couple of background papers yesterday but I'm not thrilled with them. Maybe I can add another layer and then I might like them better.

After reading all your wonderful comments I've decided to just take a break from creating and when it happens, it happens. Fussing and worrying about it won't make it any better so that's all behind me now. I'll still continue to go to the studio each day but if I don't make anything then I won't beat myself up over it.

HB and I are doing the final little bit of painting today. We have just a little bit in the kitchen and then we will be finished with painting. Whew! I'll be happy when it's all behind us. We will call a realtor before too much longer and actually put the house on the market. We're continuing our search for another house, have made a couple of offers but they have either been rejected or someone else was ahead of us. It's a difficult and stressful thing to try and find a house long distance.

I'll do my Finding Water check in either later today or tomorrow.


  1. Happy Birthday to HB!!

  2. I'm contemplating doing an ATC...what kind of adhesive do you use and do you shelac it or not?

  3. Happy Birthday to your hubby!
    I can only imagine how hard it must be to find a house to buy long distance. Good luck with that...
    Love all your pretties!!

  4. Oh my gosh - he's a cutie! No wonder you wanted to rob the cradle, lol. Happy Birthday to your HB! Sorry he has the Ick - it's nasty stuff. Hope he feels better soon. I'm amazed he's up to painting - what a good guy, painting on his birthday!

    Wait a minute - you're looking for a house long distance, so you're moving where???

    Crossing my fingers now and hoping this takes today...

  5. Happy birthday to your young man! :) And lovely ATCS you've created. Thank you for visiting my blog and for your lovely comments. I'll be back to visit more often.

  6. Happy Birthday to your HB Janet! Hope he feels better!
    You two make a very distinquished couple.
    Love your felt ATC and the Art stamp one too...I'm attracted to those Art stamps for some reason.
    Hope you find just the right house soon.

  7. Happy Birthday to HB - and I am sure there is not much age difference.

    That first ATC is fabulous Janet (not that they all aren't) but I particularly love that one!

  8. De ja vous! Seems I've seen those cards before. Sorry I didn't beat you to the posting. My bad!

    You might want to delete Poetry Art and the Fotoz of my Life on your side bar. Since I deleted that blog and started anew, the old links now goes to a "viagra" add. No I didn't do it, I guess it is bloggers way of making money off deleted blogs. My don't know???? I'm just trying to let people know so they can fix it.

  9. Happy Birthday HB...I bet you are still a cutie Pie for your Janet.
    Get well soon....don't get sick janet!!!!!! Where are you moving???
    I will put more pictures of my house on when I gather them.
    Your ATC's are grand...I really like the first one. I have been working on a album again...I really need to keep trying to make ATC's...I am not very good at it.
    I am so glad you liked my little house. It is our cozy little corner of the world.

  10. Happy Birthday HB! he's so cute in the hat! Have a great Sunday!

  11. Happy Birthday to HB! Hope he's feeling better now, it's rotten to feel ill on your birthday. Like the Vegas photos, you look great in them.

  12. Hey Janet! I think your ATCs are great! I like ATCs cuz they are small and it only takes a minute or 2! I put a magnet on the backs s oI can stick them on the fridge!

  13. happy birthday to Hb..
    happy birthday to HB..
    Happy birthday, now he's 30 (-ish)
    Happy birthday to HHHHHBBBEEEEE!!!

    Now I'll send this to Lisa groggy froggy to use that gorgeous voice of her's to sing it.. :)
    Peace, Kai

  14. Happy Birthday HB, Happy birthday to you! I'm sorry he has the crud, but hope the ATC's cheered him up!

  15. Many Happy Returns to HB! Same birthday as my own dear Mum! :) Well I never...
    Hope he's soon feeling much better and that you get your mojo working again before too long Janet :)
    You're right to relax and enjoy the break - you'll soon be creating more wonderful ATCs and the like, I'm sure, and I look forward to seeing them when you do.
    Have a great week Janet. Hugs for you & HB ((xXx) and belated birthday wishes :)

  16. Yes, where are you moving?

    I hope HB is on the mend!

    I need to paint cabinets in my kitchen this month too!!! (but I'm not moving)

  17. I almost bought that life art stamp the other day. I had it in my hand several times and kept putting it back. Now that I see your atc I wish I had gone ahead and bought it. :) I have seen these on flickr but I don't know if I commented on all of them. They're so awesome. I love the one on asian newspaper. I bought a book the other day by an author I love but it's all in German (I think) so I thought it would be fun to collage with.

    Happy Birthday to HB. I hope he feels better soon! Happy 29th again. hehe

  18. Happy BD to your honey!
    Well, I think you're a wonderful "artist", despite the hesitation you speak of in your profile. Talent abounds. I so enjoyed this visual post.

    These swaps sound like so much fun, like having artist pen pals.
    Guess I need to see if it's open at CAC?

    P.S. I relate to a comment I read of yours elsewhere about F. Water. I gave it my all for 5 wks. It's not for me and my stage of introspection and balance and that has nothing to do with something someone mentioned about "name dropping."
    Enjoy your week. I just looked at your artwork again. Yum!

  19. Anonymous2:18 PM

    ~Happy Birthday HB~ Hope you feel well soon!

    Janet~Happy Springtime to you. I've been away for awhile and can't wait to see what's new in your garden.
    Those cards are a knock-out!

  20. beautiful cards
    and what a great photo....happy birthday hb.

  21. Happy Belated Birthday to your HB!!
    I hope he's feeling better.

    I can only imagine how hard it is to find a new home by long distance. I hope you will be successful soon, so you can relax, on that matter.

    Your ATC's are great! I am awed at your creations.

  22. Hi Janet....hope all is well!
    I've been missing you!

  23. Happy Late Birthday HB!!! And I do recognize my special ATC that you made me!!! Love it,,its still on display in the Living Room!!!


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