Monday, March 26, 2007

We're home....

We're back home but I'm beat!! I think I'm getting too old for Vegas! HB and I both went to bed early last night....we got home, unpacked the car, had a quick bite to eat, watched a little boob tube and crashed.

This morning I'm moving in slow motion and not getting much accomplished. I did post some Vegas photos on my other blog....there's a link to it in the upper right sidebar. I'll tell you about the trip either later today or tomorrow.

I also had some mail when I got home and I'll show that, too....but right now I'm just saying "Hi! I'm home."


  1. Welcome home, Janet. The thing with Vegas is being able to leave!

  2. Wow, Janet. Hope you had a great time, but it is always nice to come home, isn't it?
    Theres no place like home!

  3. Hi Janet!
    Hope you had fun and won lots of money!!! :))
    I bet it's really something out there! A whole different world!
    Nice to see you home...

  4. Glad you made it home safely - can't wait to hear about the trip. I didn't know you HAD another blog - I'm going to have to go have a look!

  5. So good to have you home...hope you had a great time. Did you leave anything in Vegas???? I haven't been in many years. I had my 21st Birthday there with friends. We all decided to fly in, it was 3 days of party. So young and no one went to sleep....NUT'S!
    I will look at the pictures...
    Hugs, Mary

  6. Welcome back! Las Vegas is definitely always it new casinos, restaurants, homes etc. The thing is there is ALWAYS something to see and do. Can't wait to hear more about your weekend.
    p.s. your prize went out today, you should have it by Wednesday...there's a surprise in there for HB too!!!shhh


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