Monday, March 05, 2007

What's Been Going On....

This has been some week. Lots has been going on "behind the scenes"....nothing I care to talk about but just suffice it to say I'm glad it's over. That's all I'm going to say on the subject so let's move on....

I received the Gold Shadow Gellyroll pens I won over at Judie's blog. I haven't had a chance to do anything with them other than scribble on a piece of paper but they are so cool. Yummy colors, too. Plus there was a little bonus of some Stardust clear glitter pens. Can't wait to glitter something with these!!

I managed to have my artist's date with myself on Friday. There's not too much around here to do that's exciting but I went to the Antique Asylum and wandered all around just looking at everything. It was nice to go alone and take as much time as I wanted....or as little! I found some interesting round tarot cards. If you want to see them brand new here's a link for them.....and here's a photo of mine....

And while we're on the subject of tarot cards, I bought some miniature ones recently and forgot to post a picture....

These are very small! They're actually on a key chain! I'm thinking about possibly using them in some artwork but I'm not sure yet. They came from Molly's store.

I also received two very cool ATCs from Suzi-k....she painted a big canvas, then cut it into ATCs. The first one looks like a little lavender village....

And the second one looks like either a desert scene or it could also be something underwater....

They look so much better in real life....I scanned them and it doesn't do them justice. Thanks, Suzi-k!!

And lastly, I have been spending a lot of time in the studio where it's quiet and I can think. I've also been making a few things. Dotee, you will be happy to know I finally finished my first ever Dotee doll!! Here she is....

I learned as I went along and there are things I would do differently the next time but she's my first one so I'm cutting me some slack! Then I decided to try a mermaid Dotee doll....she didn't turn out so good....

It's tough to make that curve for her tail!! Oh, well, I tried. And I also made some ATCs but I won't post them yet 'cause they're for a swap.

So that's what I've been up to in case anyone missed me. I just wasn't in the blogging mood and needed to take a few days off. I'm still not 100% back to myself but I'm gettin' there.


  1. I am glad to see you post as I DID miss you. I'm so very sorry things have happened recently that brought you down a bit. I hope with some time you will be back to your old art pace again!
    Your Dotee doll came out so cute - I have 3 of hers and they are happy wee things!
    Sending you some hugs!

  2. Sending you a hug! I'm a firm believer that we don't need to air everything out here on the internet!

  3. I am so glad you are back. I missed you, checked your blog many times every day.

    Your Dotee doll is cute. I also like the mermaid Dotee.

    The canvas ATC's are to my liking.

    I had an urge to draw eyes last night, just before I fell asleep.

    Hugs galore, Janet, and warm thoughts all around you.

  4. Good to see you back again Janet. The round Tarot cards are unusual, I've never seen round ones before only the rectangular kind.
    Gabriel and Ces are home now and both doing well, just come back from visiting - he does an enormous yawn! I told him I could nearly see as far down as his tummy:):)

  5. Those are some wonderful treasures, Janet! :-)

    I only know of two Tarot sets that are round - the Motherpeace, like you bought (I don't have that one) and one from NZ called Songs for the Journey Home (which I do have). They're hard to shuffle, but I find the concept interesting as you don't end up with totally upright/reversed cards like you do with rectangular ones, but instead end up with degrees of "uprightness."

  6. Sweet, sweet Dotee dolls! The mermaid is a great idea!

  7. You have been very missed Janet. I always pop in every day to see what is happening in your world.

    Am glad you took time out when you needed to. Blogging can always wait.

    The pen's you won from Judie look lovely. And glitter is goooooood....

    Glad you had an artists date with yourself on Friday. And enjoyed some time on your own. Love the round tarot cards you found. And the teeny ones are adorable!

    SukiK's ATC's are lovely. What a clever idea.

    And, I love, love , love your Dotee dolls! They are both gorgeous, including the mermaid and her quirky tail. The one with the tail reminds me of Sammy's 'pickle' dolls - she will love her.

    Take care of yourself my friend. Don't put ny pressure on yourself to blog if you are not up to it.

    We will all be here for you whenever you want to say hi.

    Hugs from me to you.

    Dotee xoxo

  8. I missed you Janet and I'm glad you feel better again.
    Love the mermaid Dotee--Ebony drew a Dotee doll to send to Dot and she had a "mermaid tail" like yours.
    Has the "twin" thing passed on to my grandaughter te heh.

  9. Meant to say that I love the lips on the first Dotee doll

  10. Hi Janet! So glad that you have taken time to yourself! It is so important for our well-being.

    Your Dotee dolls are wonderful and the mermaid is cute!

  11. I love those round tarot cards! sending some sunshine your way xox

  12. welcome back.. :) you were missed!
    Peace, Kai.

  13. I did miss you, too - and I'm so glad you're back! Hope things continue smoothing out for you, Janet.

    I think your Dotee dolls are adorable - I wish I could sew that well! Love the tiny Tarot cards, too - they would be very cool incorporating them into artwork. I have some tiny regular playing cards, I've been waiting till just the right inspiration came along for. The canvas ATCs are very cool - but my scanner doesn't pick up canvas (or watercolors for that matter) all that well either. If only they could invent something that sees like people do!

    Sending you a hug - just in case you could use one :)

  14. Missed you and glad you're back... No pressure, however. I'm guessing we'd stick around even if you took a month off.

    Dotee Dolls are adorable. Really!

    Both sets of tarot cards are enviable. I'd be tempted to use the mini ones in my art too.

    Suzik's ATCs are fabulous. You must be getting quite a collection! Do you feel like a kid with a box of baseball cards? Nice that we don't have to chew any horrible bubble gum to get them!

  15. Hi Janet! I did miss you because I had not been by, so it looks like you have been quite busy and posting just as I came by again. Pefect timing!
    I hope all your new goodies add much pleasure to you and your art. The doll is so cute. Great job with it.
    Warm sunshine wishes for stress free days ahead, Donna

  16. Lucky you to win the pens from Judie. Can't wait to see what you do with them. I'm sure you will do something just wonderful. Now I need to go back and read the rest of your post.

  17. Anonymous7:32 PM

    I think you dollys are great. We just have to keep on trying. I just made my first 2 dolls and I learned things with both.

  18. It is good to go shopping alone sometimes. Gary HATES it when I walk around and touch everything. I'm a toucher, I can't help it. So when I want to shop for fun and craft stuff, I go alone and enjoy myself. I have a tarot deck, but they're normal big size. Only tried them once. Not sure what to do with them, except that I liked the pictures. I noticed you hadn't blogged for awhile, missed you too. Hope your back to yourself soon. Maybe it's sharing the PC thing. Kind of stunts your creativity and serendipity.

  19. Those dolls are just that! DOLLS! They are sooooo cute! I haven't made any yet that little! Just some pocket angels! and they are small like that! Take care Janet! xo,Cinda

  20. What a great collections of goodies Janet. Those mini-Tarot cards have a lot of possibilities. Love the Dottee doll.

  21. OH, and p.s. Those canvas ATC's got a wow out of me. Windows VISTA would have appreciated the reaction.

  22. love the motherpeace deck and seeing it in some other context always brings a wave of tender nostalgia. My son was a very late talker. One of the first memories I have of him speaking involves his routine of going through my desk card by card and triumphantly reciting their names. Years later he bought me a miniature version of the deck as a special 'thank you mom' gift that was totally unexpected. I keep thinking I should use the older bigger cards in some artwork but so far they're still too sentimental to alter.

  23. I sure understand that and I'm glad that whatever it was is over. :) You did a great job on your Dotee dolls. Let me just say that I am absolutely shocked! that Judie would send you something that contained glitter. hehe

    Those ATCs are really gorgeous. I love the colors and the way they look like different things depending on how you look at them.

    Big hugs to you (I first typed "bug hugs"). I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with the mini tarot cards. My son had a pack of those. He loved them.

    I love your little dolls..I am a doll person. I think they are adorable!
    My mom's nickname is "Dot" so I will have to make one for her!

  25. I love your dotee doll mermaid! What a cute idea! I hope you are doing Dot's dotee doll and atc swap!

    Now you know what you did, we all goit to make dotee mermaids! LOL


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