Thursday, April 26, 2007

Beautiful Mail....

For awhile I am most likely going to be scarce around the blogging community but that doesn't mean I'll forget about all of you....and I hope you won't forget me either. And I won't be creating anything (except ideas in my head) until we get moved and settled because I have packed up my studio!

It's a smallish room and I had a ton of stuff in there. We decided that it wouldn't look too good for showing. We thought I might be able to pack up part of it and leave some things for later but when I began it was just too difficult to separate this from that so it all went into boxes.

The only thing readily available is my yarn and crochet hooks....but I have no ideas for them right now! Maybe I'll work on the black and white afghan I started for Molly last year!!

But all is not un-creative here. I have received some wonderful mail over the past few days and it definitely shows that creativity abounds out there in Blogland.

A few days ago I received this beautiful pin and card from Mary....

Aren't the colors of this pin just beautiful? I'm thrilled to be the proud new owner of this piece of fantastic workmanship....Thank you so much, Mary! And the card has hydrangeas which I always think are so pretty and Spring-like.

Then I received some art from the very talented Zorana....

She put the quote I love on an ATC with the sweetest little "royal" birdie. I love it, Zorana....thank you!

I can't begin to tell each of you how much you all mean to me, and how much I appreciate all the wonderful gifts you have sent my way. Words seem so simple and so plain when compared with my feelings inside. Each gift is received with wonder and surprise and above all else deep appreciation. I think of all the hours that go into creating a piece of art and I'm just thrilled to accept it into my possession.

Please know that each piece of art that has been sent to me has been carefully packed in anticipation of its new home where they will all be on dislpay in my studio. I hope you know how much you all mean to me.


  1. Isn't it the best feeling opening goodies from the mail!! I hope you have a smooth move, and you're up and running again soon :)

  2. I emailed you!!

    Love the gifts you received. How wonderful to have some of Mary's beading and Zorana's fabulous art!

    Love and hugs,

  3. I just noticed your little bee cursor! Love your gifts in the mail!
    I always felt so out of touch with my "things" when I had to pack up a room for remodeling, etc. Haven't packed for a move in thirty years now!!
    I can only imagine the work involved with that!

  4. Anonymous12:58 PM

    What wonderful gifts! I love them! They are both from talented artists! How Mary beads like that, it amazes me! Zorana's ATC is so thoughtful and nice.Collages take awhile for me. Both are wonderful works!

  5. Janet, I know how hard it is to move. I lived out of box's for awhile and it isn't much fun at all. You take care of you and we will all be here when you can come visit...Love the gifts you recieved, you are alittle spoiled...NOT! We all need love and I am so glad I found you...I will write often...Mary (Idaho)

  6. Happy moving Janet. I bet we are all looking forward to getting a peek at your new digs (and especially your studio) when you get settled.

  7. Oo, Lovely gifts! I love your little bee, is she new? I never noticed her popping up before. Good luck with all things in your moving!

    p.s. Did you see Crazy Aunt Purl is getting a book published? I can't wait to read it - it doesn't come out till October though. Maybe you'll be able to read it sitting in your new studio~

  8. I love the mail! :-)....I don't envy you having to pack everything...I'm cleaning out a closet right now.....and yuk! Wish I could just blink my eyes like Samantha! :-)

  9. Poor you for having to start packing up. I remember it as if it were yesterday. It will pay off though. And then think how nice your new space will be. xo

  10. You will be gone but not forgotten:) Hope all goes well with your move, it's a huge undertaking to move such a distance. I'll keep checking in until you are able to get back to Blogworld properly again. And maybe Molly will have her black and white afghan by then:) The bee cursor is fantastic - how clever of you to do that.

  11. Janet,
    First, thank you for saying such lovely things about the little pin. It just had your colors and name written all over it, and I hope you'll enjoy it for a long time.

    Packing isn't so bad, as it really simplifies and defines what you really need. I've never lived anywhere, let me repeat that, anywhere, with out moving every little bit until now. Staying in one place is the epitome of luxury! Moving gets the juices moving, she said from the comfort of living in one place for 12 years! A record in her life!

  12. Right back at ya Janet!

  13. I had to take a gulp when I heard about you having to pack up your art room. But the bright side is you will be able to unpack it in a brand new room eventually. I hope you blog now and again. Look forward to seeing your new place when you move there. I'll keep checking out your blog.

  14. The mail man was good to you...xx
    the pin from Mary is gorgeous, and the art from Zorana..!
    When you get to unpack all your art supplies again it will seem like Christmas.
    Look forward to catching up with your posts when you can..

  15. I'm glad to hear you will at least have access to your crochet hook! I know if I ever packed things away, I'd go into withdrawal! Blogging is creative too, in itself so maybe you can still continue...especially if you keep getting great things in the mail to post! Good luck with showing your house and finding your new location! (Arkansas is still available....!)

  16. thats absolutely the most darling pin ever :) you are very lucky Ms Janet..
    Oh, are you watching LOST>? silly
    PEace, Kai.

  17. Wow, those are beautiful, Janet...I think you have a magic mail box.

    Good for you.

  18. Lovely to see you are receiving wonderful art in the mail Janet!
    Mary's beading looks divine and a the lucky recipient of some of Zorana's art I know how special it is.

    I would never forget you my friend. You are very dear to me.

  19. Hi Janet! What cool mail you received! I love getting mail! hee hee! Good luck on your house!


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