Friday, April 20, 2007

A Challenge From Mary....

A couple of days ago Mary issued a challenge for us to tell a story about how we met our husbands or someone who is important in our lives.

I've told this story before but this time I'll add a couple of photos. So here goes. I was living in Glendale, CA in 1990 having just been divorced from my second husband. My landlady was an 80 year young (!) Cajun woman from Louisiana and she liked to have a good time. She was always inviting me to go across the street to a local Mexican restaurant to have a drink with her but I usually made some excuse. Finally I decided I would accept her invitation and we agreed that on the following Sunday evening I would meet her for a drink.

Molly and I spent the day together and we were having fun but I had to cut it short so I could keep my promise. I hurried home, showered and put on a short black skirt and a tee shirt and walked across the street to meet Inez. The date was June 24, 1990.

Everyone knew Inez so I spent several minutes being introduced to all her friends. We sat at the bar because that was her usual place and I had a glass of wine. I thought that I'd have the one drink then make some excuse and go home.

About halfway through my wine I got up to go to the bathroom and when I returned there was a guy sitting on the stool on the other side of me. I sat down and turned slightly towards Inez but then she got up and went to the bathroom leaving me alone with the guy next to me.

He said something and we began chitty chatting and I didn't even notice when Inez returned! By now you know the guy was HB. We sat and talked for quite awhile. He seemed like a nice guy and he was interesting.

We exchanged phone numbers and he told me not to worry if a woman answered his phone because he had a female roommate!! Alarm bells started going off in my head....I thought he was married and just making up a story. Apparently he knew what I was thinking because he explained that he really did have a roommate and he only rented a room from her. (HB was here in the LA area for a job and he had just rented a place to stay for a few weeks.) She was not interested in him or vice versa.

Long story short, he called me the following Thursday and we met for a drink, then we went for dinner the next night (he freaked out when he learned I was a vegetarian!) It just so happened that my boss had given me free tickets to a Dodger game with very good seats and valet parking so I invited HB to go with me on Saturday. We had a great time.

The next day he took me to Disneyland and from then on it was the two of us together most of the time.

This is a photo of my "bad boy" when I first met him....

Sorry about all the spots on this's ink from another photo.

And here's a couple of me at the same time....

I had just had my hair colored and it was actually kind of a burgundy color. For years it had been blonde but my gal had convinced me to try something new!

I'm sitting on HB's lap but you can just see the edge of him on the right.

When HB left LA to go up to Seattle for his job, I went with him. A couple of years later we bought an RV and began traveling for his job and continued that until 2001. We moved to Colorado in 1993, bought property near Cripple Creek, and on Dec 24, 1994 HB and I were there on our property when he proposed to me....exactly 4 1/2 years to the day from when we met.

On June 24, 1995 we were married in a meadow on that property....this is one of the only photos from that day!!

I wore....what else....purple!! I even had on purple suede boots!! The woman on the left was the minister who married us. We had a ceremony that we designed and it included a touch of Native American poetry.

For almost three years, every 24th of each month HB gave me a card to mark the day we met. So there you have most of the story of how I met my honey. I don't usually go around meeting guys in bars (!!) but he was such a gentleman (must be that Southern upbringing!) that I made an exception. And I'm so glad I did.


  1. What a lovely story Janet, can't think why you don't like being photographed. Those two of you are really good. And how romantic to have been married in a meadow - your purple outfit is great.

  2. Janet I just love this story! You were getting married just about the time I was thinking about ending mine! I loved purple and have had many dresses that color over the years....! Isn't it funny how one turn of events and you wouldn't have met him! This is a very soulful story! I guess there might be hope for me one day!

    Love the photos too...really fun to get a peek into people are a beauty that's for sure!

    Hugs Sherrie

  3. Ahhhh, so romantic! wow, I seldom see pictures of you without glasses
    and look at you so skinny in the purple dress, how did your hair grow so fast....I loved this and have associated this date with my mothers birthday, June 23, so I will always remember it.

  4. That is the sweetest story I've heard in a while. Lovely. People used to tell me how sorry they were that my first marriage ddn't work out-now I know that all of that led me to all of this...who ever knows what the universe has planned for our journey?

  5. What a great story Janet and I just love the photos! Isn't it something when you just KNOW with someone? How sweet that he would always commemorate the day with a card each month. The Universe wanted you to go with Inez that wasn't to have a drink with was so you could meet HB!
    I've been to Cripple Creek, it's SO beautiful up there, what a perfect place to marry. And you wore purple of COURSE!
    I may take this challenge too.

  6. Great love story! Your wedding in the meadow must have been so romantic!
    Is your hair long in that picture???

  7. What a great way to fall in love and what a fantastic outfit!

    Lovely meadow wedding, so natural and symbolic.
    Thanks for sharing your memories.
    I need to get the scanner fixed and dig out some of my wedding. Our anniversary is June 3rd so I will see if it can be sorted by then!


  8. I love these Janet....You look so happy...and being married in the meadow...well...I just love the story and photos.

  9. How neat, Janet!

    You were even married in a place my grandmother lived in as a child! Cripple Creek was a gold mine town in the old days and she was born in Twin Lakes, CO, but she lived in CC too. HB does look like a 'bad boy,' but you look happy so he also has a romantic streak. Good story! Thanks for accepting the challenge!

  10. Nothing ventured, nothing gained- I love stories like this.

  11. Oh, I LOVE these photos - you look so happy, Janet - and that last photo is SO romantic. (I wore a dress that was printed with purple violets on it when K. and I got married - with purple ballet-like slippers! The outfit sounds corny - and it was a little, but I liked it at the time :)

    Thanks for sharing your & HB's story - he sounds like such a sweet, romantic guy!

  12. Love it!!! It's the perfect love story. :)

  13. What a great story! Your "bad guy" turned out to be a great guy!
    I like that burgundy hair...something I have considered...though I think the blond is really you..and the purple for the wedding...just tons of great memories and insights into your romantic side!

  14. What a lovely post - and such happy photos. I too like the purple outfit - a favourite clothing colour of mine.

  15. you have the most contagious smile Janet, I know what *the look of love is* and you have it when you look at HB.. It's a lovely tribute to both of you and I wish you love and peace in your meadow of life!! Grow!!
    Peace, Kai xxoxx

  16. that is the best wedding photo ever! Great love story

  17. What a great story...!
    You look like so much fun Janet...!
    Why you don't like your photo taken is beyond're gorgeous..!
    I think your wedding looks so romantic, and HB sounds like a romantic guy..bad boy or not..!

  18. That is the most wonderful story Janet, I love your wedding ceremony I wanted to be married out of doors, but it was illegal at that time in England to be married anywhere but a church or a registry office Boo! Loved the purple outfit though.

  19. What a wonderful story. You were both wonder you fell for each other!

  20. Anonymous7:05 PM

    Awwwww! What a great story! You look sooo happy in the pictures too with a huge smile! Thank you for sharing that story with us! That wedding look's like it would be just right toooo! It looks soooo freakin' romantic! I'm glad that you found someone who makes ya happy! Makes me envy you alot. :)

  21. Hi Janet, I have really enjoyed your love story.It was so sweet and cute. I havent been able to get into all of the blogs yet as I just now changed over to Google. I couldnt get into my blog or any of the other blogs until I changed over to Google. So I hope now that I can start posting and visiting other friends blogs. You have such an interesting blog I love to read yours. Take care.
    Goldengranny Lottie

  22. Brilliant post, Janet! Well done Mary for a wonderful challenge :) Your photo's are great, Janet - you look great, and the purple wedding outfit & the venue are fantastic! Such a lovely story, thanks so much for sharing it all with us :)

  23. Janet...Really enjoyed your love story and these old pix are awesome. Your wedding in a meadow sounds so romantic!!!

  24. I loved your "love story"!! So romantical!!

  25. How wonderful! I love that purple! What a wonderful wedding. The minister seems elated, hehe. I love hearing love stories. So sweet. xoxo

  26. Thank you for sharing this wonderfully sweet story of love. Those 2 pictures of you are so great.

  27. Oh I just absolutely LOVE that story!!! So lucky you took Inez up on that offer that night. It had to be Fate!!! And the wedding looked so cool,,and your purple dress was smashing!!! I am so Happy you posted that story!! I will have to post mine.
    Hugs to you Janet!!!

  28. Oh Janet, what a lovely story! I am so glad you met HB and fell in love. He looks (and sounds like) a good man. Solid and loving.

    And I love the photo's of you laughing. You are very photogenic you know.

    Thankyou for sharing another piece of your life. Your blog is always so refreshing and interesting.

    A big yay for you my friend!

  29. So romantic, sounds like he is a keeper!

  30. Great pictures! Thank you for sharing the story.

    Hey! How did you get the little bee to show up as a cursor?

  31. Yes! A great LOVE story! I met my honey in June, June 1st, 1973 and 6 months later in December we wed!!! I LOVE it that you wed outdoors, the third time must be a charm!!! Yayyyyyy! You look sweet together!!!he is a handsome bad boy!LOL Your hair was soooo long and pretty!and the dress so sweet! What a GORGEOUS post Janet and yes, how did you get that cute lil bee on your comments???!!! xoCinda (weird! my word verification is "jfnhwed" which I think means "Janet Found H and wed!!!" LOL)

  32. What a wonderful story! I loved every minute of it! Mine is romantic, too and we love to talk about it!

  33. That is a beautiful love story. Thanks for sharing. :)


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