Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Finally....A Little Bit of Mojo

Sometimes something just resonates with me and it will spark a little light in my brain. Such has been the case with the SoulCollage cards that Lisa has been making. A few years ago Molly gave me a package of blank SoulCollage cards as part of my Christmas. I knew what they were but just didn't feel any pull to create something with them at that time. So I put them in a drawer and there they stayed until today. After seeing what Lisa was doing I was inspired to get them out and give them a try.

Here's my very first attempt....

And here is my second one....

I'm not fooling myself that these are anything special but they are the first things I've done in quite awhile so I'm happy with them.

Thanks for all your encouragement regarding the house hunt. I am sure the "right" house is out there....it's just very difficult to find it from 2000 miles away!


I wrote the above post yesterday afternoon (when I had a chance to get on the computer!) and then the mail came and it had more goodies! I am beginning to get embarrassed to show you all the wonderful gifts I've been receiving! Mainly because I have nothing to show that's going out to any of these wonderful people!

This time it was a package from Robyn....

In case it doesn't show up on the photo, the doll is made from fabric covered in BEES!! She is just so cute. I love her, Robyn. And the little card has sweet yarn flowers on it....the sea shell is so unique. HB and I both had to thoroughly inspect it because it has such a different look and feel to it from shells we've found here in the US. Now I have a little piece of Australia in our home! Thank you, Robyn!!


  1. Janet, your first SoulCollage cards are BEAUTIFUL! You say you don't believe they are anything special, but they are, they are, they are! Each SoulCollage card we make reflects a different facet of our souls... how much more special can that be?? Thanks for putting these up on your wonderful blog for all the world to catch a glimpse of your inner world. Peace, joy, Anne Marie (SoulCollage Facilitator) Please visit www.KaleidoSoul.com if you want more info about the process of SoulCollage!

  2. Janet those are beautiful..I'd say the mojo is there and just humming quietly!
    Did you see Daisy's post tagging you for a Thinking Blogger Award? I concur!!

  3. Janet, you are of to a great start with your soul cards...and you heard from Anne Marie who is the authority (if there is such a thing!). We would love to have you in Arkansas if your move to those other states doesn't work out!

  4. I'm loving the SoulCollage cards, too. I love the concept behind them, too.
    Wonderful goodies in the mail. I have one of those shells, too and still can't get over how you can just tell, it came from such a far away ocean...
    Glad you've got your MoJo risin' again, Janet!

  5. Robyn's little doll is a sweetie. I am glad to see you back at "work" in creating world too.

  6. Love your cards Janet. I have some made but its been a while since I have worked on them. I have the book and its excellent. Anne Marie is a wonderful moderater. Your gifts from Robyn are awesome too, so talented she is.

  7. Wow! I think they are gorgeous! I have the SoulCollage book, but I haven't made any for myself yet. You may inspire me to try it!! :)

  8. Love your soul collage cards, I keep meaning to start doing them, but haven't found the time yet. Love the cute little bee baby that Robyn sent you.

  9. That bee baby dolly is too too cute!
    Hope the househunting is coming along OK?

  10. O! That seashell is so special! It's in a spiral!!! You see that on a lot of art!!! Sweet Dreams! xoCinda

  11. I love your SoulCollages...I think it means you are looing into your own world. I am a newbee...haven't seen this before, help.
    What a treat it is to come see you,
    have a great day, Mary

  12. Hello Janet, came to visit, what a treat. I hadn't seen a SoulCollage, so this newbee is just guess that it is about your inner feelings...They are beautiful just like you...come see me when you get s minute.
    I am smiling, Hugs

  13. I'm glad to see that artistic inspiration has come to you again, it was just a matter of time. It's a pity about the house but better to find out about the flooding now than after you'd bought it! The perfect house will turn up eventually and then you'll be glad you didn't get any of these others.
    The mailman seems to visit your house a lot - every day holds the possibility of another exciting surprise for you:) Bet he wishes he could see what is in all the packages you keep getting!

  14. These are beautiful creations, Janet! I'm so glad to see you getting back into the swing again :) And I saw and totally agree with Daisy's award for you. Love the little doll that Robyn sent you too - gorgeous touch, the bees! Hugs, Suze xXx

  15. Oh they are soo nice, great job, very talented.
    Love the package you recieved that fabric is so cute.

  16. Anonymous11:17 AM

    Ohhh they are sooo pretty girl! Wonderful works! :)

  17. oh, I love your cards! I'm excited for you that you like doing this (you make amazing atc's so this must make it easier for you!) talk soon, xo Lia

  18. Wonderful SoulCollage cards , I made one last week and I'm planning to make more when time allows.
    I love the dolly that Robyn made you , she's so cute.

  19. What is this Mojo up to now? Hey I noticed I'm no longer on your side bar. I'm gonna start pouting. LOL Hope all is well and TN is looking better by the moment as is my cottage.

  20. Janet ...Love...please go to my blog and take the photo challenge! :-)
    I agree with anne marie...your soul collage cards are great! I love doing these!

  21. I love yoru soul cards. They are wonderful! Oh, that Robyn! xoxo

  22. I really love both of your cards. I'm so glad you were inspired to get those matboards back out of the drawer.

    The doll Robyn made you is so sweet!! I love it. The card is great too.

  23. Well Janet you are wrong. For once.
    These soul collage cards are beautiful!!! So stop kidding yourself that they are not.
    I love soul collage, I have yet to start mine. Everytime I visit Lisa I think, I should start mine!!!

  24. Really interesting SoulCollage cards.
    I especially like the second one.
    I want to take this opportunity to thank you again for the wonderful ATCs which you sent that I was picked for in your giveaway. I absolutely love them. I've been inspired to jump back on the ATC wagon. Might take me a day or two. We'll see. I have to make something soon for someone special's birthday.
    My best wishes in your house hunt.



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