Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Golden Neighbors....

HB and I moved into this house just after 9/11. The first (and only) neighbors to introduce themselves are the neighbors to the north side of us...."A" and "T" and their six children. "A" is from Lebanon and "T" is from right here in the USA.

Any time we need help with anything they are always there. Recently "T" and their oldest son made a trip to Lebanon. They returned yesterday and invited HB and I over to the house. "T" had bought me a gift in Lebanon, and to say I was speechless when I saw it is stating it mildly.

This is what she brought back for me.....

....a tea service for 12!!!!....including 12 small spoons.

This is just the most gorgeous set I've ever owned! And "T" was afraid I wouldn't like it!!

She also brought back all kinds of goodies and we sampled several different sweets including my favorite from way back - baklava....plus "A" sent us home with a plateful of sweets.

I can honestly say we have never had better neighbors and will most definitely hate to leave them. "A" is trying, in every way he can, to convince us to stay.


  1. Well, Duh! Janet,

    And why wouldn't she? That tea set is beyond beautiful isn't it? What a lovely thoughtful gift. And you wonder if you are worth it! Silly person, why, to know you is to love you.

  2. Neighbours like yours are hard to find.
    It will be hard to leave them.

  3. Well I can't blame "A" for wanting you to stay, I bet you and HB make great neighbors. I Love that tea set,,you will treasure that forever!!!

  4. Beautiful tea set. Since we've lost three of our best neighbors lately, I can understand that they would want you to stay. Good neighbors are getting so hard to find!

  5. Ever heard the saying..
    'To have a good neighbor, be a good neighbor'...
    obviously uyou are, and that is why she gave you this gift. AND why they want you to reconsider.
    I wish you were my neighbour..!

  6. You have been golden neighbors to them and that is why they are so good to you. Beautiful Lebanese Tea set....mmmmm baklava.

  7. A wonderful gift, a treasure for sure because it came from your friends....what would we do without good neighbors? We have Veldon and Pat, they are so special. I can't think of them not there...even if it's just good-morning, or good-evening.
    Have a great day, Mary

  8. Oh wow - that's way better than a T-shirt! They sound like wonderful neighbors that would be hard to leave behind. Maybe you can convince them to move with you!

  9. Such a beautiful gift, Janet! What a wonderful tea set :) Precious things, good neighbours - and you are obviously one of them. It must be difficult to think of leaving your lovely neighbours/friends behind, but surely you will always be friends. What a blessing :)

  10. O! Janet it is such a beautiful set they must be such wonderful neighbours who think very highly of their neighbours too.

    Having such friends for neighbours is so nice and I miss those that I have had over the years now I have read your post it has brought back some lovely memories such a shame the young couple behind us have a little baby girl and she is almost a year old and I have never seen her they just do not want to be in our lives....O! WELL.

    Such a lovely feeling being back in your blog a little like you are one of my dear neighbours too.


  11. Hi Janet
    Just wanted to let you know you are the winner of my jewellery set on my Blog, if you can email me your addy will post out to you.
    Thanks for your comments

  12. sorry if I didn't pay close enough attention but why are you moving? Your daughter is fairly close by and you seem to be happy there...just wondering. If we leave here it will be the taxes, cost of living, and the fact that our house and land are worth so much we almost can't afford not to sell. We could live comfortably elsewhere forever on the sale of this place. It's sad but a fact.

  13. Janet , The teasest is stunning , I bet you were speechless. Your neighbors see your beautiful soul and appreciate you.
    Hope your week is wonderful !

  14. That's a very pretty tea set!And very nice neighbors.


  15. OMG that tea set is AMAZING to say the very least - what a loving and kind gesture to bring that for you. Neighbors who speak regularly, neighbors who even know each other these days is a rarity. I can so understand them not wanting you to move....as obviously you and HB have been great neighbors to them as well.

  16. wow, that is a wonderful gift. I am sure you are the kind of neighbor who deserves just such a thing ;)

  17. What a beautiful set Janet! And well deserved too. I am sure you are a wonderful neighbour. And I can understand why 'A' and 'T' don't want you to move.
    Good neighbours are very rare to find. Am glad you have had such lovely neighbours while you have lived in this house.

  18. wow Janet... this is just awesome! What a great gift and neighbor! All my neighbor ever gave me was a plate of cookies! But oh they were good!


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