Monday, April 09, 2007

Monday Morning Mumblings....

Thanks to everyone for the emails and ecards and all the other Easter messages. HB and I had a quiet day. He worked on some little outside projects and I puttered around in the house. Later I baked a ham for him, did scalloped potatoes, and fresh green beans with chayote, mushrooms, and ginger. I ate the green beans and some tofu!

I did manage to finally do something creative! I drew something in my sketchbook and used colored pencils to finish it. This is for a young girl I know.

I'm sure some of you are wondering about the house we made an offer's a no go again!! We made the offer, they countered, and we countered again. Then we withdrew the offer because finally, after asking numerous times for the disclosure statement, they faxed it to us. Now keep in mind we first asked for it before the offer was made! When we read it our enthusiasm for this house fell away quickly. It stated that the basement got water when it stormed. We were planning to use the basement for more than just a basement!

This is so frustrating because the realtor we were working with could have saved herself a lot of unnecessary time by simply sending us the disclosure statement when we initially requested it. But instead she drove 45 minutes one way to take photos and measurements for us, had her weekend interrupted several times, and ended up losing the deal. AACKKKK!!!

So we're back at square one.

I'll leave you with a little quiz thingie I got from DebR.

You Are 6: The Loyalist

You have strong relationships and are intensely loyal.

People find you easy to love and care for.

You like your world to be stable and secure, no surprises.

You're cautious. You prefer your inner circle to the outside world.


  1. Too bad about the deal not working out. THere is something better for you out there. Thank you for your Easter Card! I was touched!
    Hope your dinner went well...your Easter tofu! I make a wicked vegetarian chili with tastes divine.
    Happy Easter Monday!

  2. Janet-when you find your house it will be magic-I believe that things happen for a reason so just hang in there no matter how frustrating.
    I wish I was at your place for that wonderful meal

  3. Anonymous1:28 PM

    Sorry the deal fell through. Love the Girly Girl drawing.

  4. First let me thank you for the Easter ecard, so thoughtful!
    As to the house,I know this is getting frustrating for you both but I still maintain it's out there.
    I'm glad you had a nice relaxing Easter, you cooked!
    The art mojo waxes and wanes, soon you will be doing so much it will take many posts to show it all!
    In the meantime I am sending lots of love and light!

  5. Everything happens for a reason, your perfect house is out there somewehere. It's too bad they wasted your time on that one..
    Your Easter dinnr sounds good..!

  6. Love the girly drawing and aboutthe house offer things happen for a reason and trust that the universe thought it best that you NOT have this house. Your perfect house is waiting for you I know that for sure..keep looking it will speak to you when you find it! hugs NG

  7. Don't worry Janet, it wasn't meant to be. The house you will find is waiting for you and you'll love it. It will find you when it's time.

  8. DEAR Janet...First of all.. oh , i don't know what to tell you first...Okay...First, do not fret about that was not the one for you. The best home is coming! Just wait and see! This is a sign from the Universe for sure! The other 'thing' is....I made an ATC tonight! (which is BIG for me , since I have been kinda blocked...)BUT, the reason I am telling you this ..because you were the inspiration! I used part of a note you sent me a while back create it ! I will post a pic of it tomorrow !I am also in the midst of making another one on Charleston that Katespin inspired! THank YOU!

  9. Oh..I forgot! Good for you and tofu..I have a couple of guy friends who love to tease me unmercifully (sp) about tofu! Actually I am quite the expert in what is good and what is NOT when it comes to tofu and tofu products!

  10. I love the girly girl. She is so excellent. You are such a show off Janet. You just are so talented and the venues are endless. Have I told you that I truly, and honestly admire your level of talent.

  11. House hunting is so frustrating. There is always a better one out there though. Your drawing is so cute, I bet the lucky little lady will love it!

  12. I am sorry to hear that the house fell through Janet. But very glad you found out about the problem with the basement before making your decision.

    Love this piece of art. Your young friend will love the sketch!

    The meal you cooked for HB sounds delicous(I love scalloped potatoes).

  13. The Girly Girl is great!
    I'm sorry about the house deal. At least you weren't stuck with a leaky basement, though I'm sorry you had to go through so much rigamarole and waiting to find out. Your house is out there waiting till all of the elements are lined up just right for you to find it.
    Glad you had a nice Easter!

  14. Sometimes you have to be really, really careful dealing with a real estate agent. Some of them will do most anything for a sale. Our disclosure statement was filled out and signed by the agent herself. Said the seller was "too old" to do it. We found out too late there were undisclosed roof leaks, etc. Be careful. And when you get a home inspector, make sure he is certified (I forget the name of the certifying agency right now but you can find it) and dont use someone the RE Agent recommends. I speak from experience! Sigh..........

  15. Anonymous9:06 AM

    If that is just morning mumbing, then you are a very good mumbler. Great post! The Girly Girl piece that you did is wonderful! I hope that everything is working out. I hope that you had a wonderful Easter.

  16. Janet. to bad about the house, it is so fustrating sometimes! Oh I love your drawing of the face... you are so talented!!!

  17. Awhhh, so sorry about the house Janet. The perfect one will come along and it will be yours and it will be meant for you. I just know it. Love the Girly Girl sketch. Thats what I call my daughter alot,,Girly Girl.

  18. Like others Janet I am sure the perfect house is just waiting for you.

    It sounds like you managed to have a peaceful Easter otherwise - and that for me is what it is all about. And tofu - delish!

  19. I will say what you have already read, I am sorry about the house.
    But I do believe it is waiting for you. I love the Girly Girl, you must have had so much fun doing her. I am working on another ATC, but now I wonder if it is a SoulCollage????????take a peek!


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