Friday, April 06, 2007

More Mail and Another Offer....

I had more exciting mail yesterday! This time it was a package from Gemma!! I love her artwork and had commented on a 4 X 4 she did....and she sent it to me!

This is called "Midnight Confessions of a Comeback Diva"

Plus Gemma also made a 6 X 6 for me....

This one has fabric and paper....and glitter!! I love the picture on this one. Thanks Gemma!

There were several comments about how neat my junk drawer looked! I have to confess it's mostly HB's junk. I mostly have things in stacks all over the house!! My studio is crammed full so now I'm putting things in discreet corners! Mostly books. I can't resist them. There should be a "BA" organization for Book-aholics Anonymous! I'd be one of their star members.

The house search goes on. We made another offer but since it's Easter weekend it might not be presented until next week. I'll keep you posted. Right now I feel as if I'm in limbo.

I hope you all have a fantastic Easter weekend!!


  1. I'd be another fully paid up member of BA! Just can't resist a bookstore - new or secondhand:) Hope your offer gets accepted this time - meanwhile enjoy the Easter break.

  2. Good luck with the house hunting- and the BA club is filling up fast because I'd be a fully paid up member also.

  3. Anonymous2:48 PM

    LOLOL Books anonymous! I have loads of books.I used to LOVE to read! I like pictures more now though. I can say that I love Barnes and Noble Book Store. I go in there and can't stop looking at the art books. Anyhoo, I hope that you have a wonderful Easter! :)

  4. isn't Gemma's work just delicious!
    as to the house offers - just relax sweet Janet - you have put it out there. Let it go and let the faeries and angels do their work. They are busy getting everything into order and your perfect house is in the wings,waiting for the perfect time. It won't be long and you will be unpacking and settling into your new home
    have a fun easter - I have some colouring pages on my blog for the inner child :)

  5. My family and I would be charter members of BA. We all think books are as necessary as food. Good luck on the offer!

  6. I bet we'd all have memberships in BA, except for one thing. I don't want to be cured! That is probably a crass thing to say, but there it is! Good wishes on the house. Gemma's work is wonderful! I love those pages she sent you! How wonderful!

  7. Hey Janet..why don't ya just move to Charleston! I love the art Gemma sent ! She is a great glitter sister! Wheeee!

  8. Try not to stress over the house offer Janet, if it's meant to be ~ it will be.
    I know about your book habit as I seem to share it, though I have been good lately..!
    Have a good Easter...hugs

  9. Happy Easter! I hope you have a nice weekend and know that your house will be waiting for you soon! I love that Gemma sent you those 4x4's! (thanks for posting them!)

  10. Gemma out did herself, WOW, I really like the first one and the picture in the second one is great. That was so generous and
    thoughtful of her.I'm so excited for you, you would think it was me moving. LOL Have a great Easter week-end. :-)

  11. Loved the ART! Lucky You!!! Wheres the house you made a offer on? Please tell me its in Tennessee. Of course if it is you might change your mind after you read my post and see how cold it is here right now.

  12. Happy Easter!
    Hope the offer on the house works out...

  13. My kids call it the sleeping house...It is a very warm house. But when we bought the farm my young adult kids were shocked. They couldn't see it's future. We had always lived in modern houses. Soon they loved it, after knocking out walls, moving doors and windows, and so on. I just kept telling them you will will be nice. My Daughter was living at home, but my boys had homes of their own. So my Jenny helped make it a home also after she stopped crying.
    Happy Easter Janet,
    Hgs, Mary
    Oh yes, you will find the right house at the right time...that's how it works.

  14. Keeping my fingers crossed for you Janet.

    Hope you are having a happy Easter.
    Much love from me and the kitties xoxo

  15. Happy Easter Ms Janet!!
    Peace, Kai.

  16. Hope you get good news on the house front! Waiting is the hardest part!! Happy Easter!

  17. Happy Easter to you!!

  18. I, too, have a great love for books and being surrounded by them is as necessary as furniture. It is for this reason I don't read from the library because I'd have to give them back. Sometimes the stack, as it is now, to be read is tall...but I know they are there waiting for me when i am ready.
    That Gemma, so generous of heart and oh so talented.


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