Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Moving, Mail and The Moon....

As usual, things piled up on me and I didn't get to do much on the computer over the past few days. Thank you for all your emails and concern. I sure hope we're able to find a place soon so some of this whirlwind around us will settle down!

We actually thought (once again) that we had found a place but then when we received the disclosure information, the house sits on a flood plain and flooded in 1994!! So that one is out. I don't want to "find water" that way!! So the search continues. Many of you have asked....we are trying to find a place in TN or possibly KY. HB likes TN better because of taxes so that's where he's been concentrating lately. He would like something over towards the eastern 1/3 of the state but has looked in other parts, too.

Each time we find something, we either get beat out by someone who lives right there and can drive out to see the house, or we have our offer rejected....most likely because we have to put a contingency in the contract that we have a personal inspection of the house. That means we have to give ourselves time to actually get there and many people don't want to wait for that. It's frustrating!! If anyone has any advice on making a long-distance move like this please let me know. I can take all the advice I can get at this time!

Now on to a different subject. Mail!! I am getting completely overwhelmed by the generosity of each and every one of you out there in Blogland! I'm continually surprised when I go to the mailbox. The past few days are no exception.

Several days ago I got a package from Dotee with lots of collage goodies and this ATC....

Thank you, Dotee....I love it. You always send such fun things that always put a smile on my face.

Then yesterday HB brought in the mail and I was stunned. This is what I received from Lila!!

I opened the package and sat there with my mouth hanging open. HB finally had to tell me there was something else in the package!! She also sent me an ATC and a 4 X 4 card....

I love the watercolor backgrounds she uses. And words cannot come close to describing this Moon Goddess doll. The time it took to make the handknit sweater with all the beads....I love her hair!!....and the deep blue sparkly fabric for her cloak....it's all just gorgeous. I actually sat on the couch for about an hour just holding her in my hands. Thank you sooooo much, Lila!

And here I sit like a bump on a log, not doing anything creative! I keep piddling in the studio....gessoing pages in my journal and doing backgrounds but nothing of any seriousness. I think my mind is just too jumbled up with all the moving stuff and I can't settle down to anything.

On a last note, I posted some new photos on my other blog....nothing spectacular....just some pics of the apple trees in blossom. Everything is so pretty right now.

I almost forgot to tell you!! This site is giving away free posters if you pay shipping and handling only. They have many to choose from and they're inspirational in theme. Check it out.


  1. I think moving house is probably a time when creative expressions go underground...for a while! Good luck with all the search and change.
    You are so dear to all of us in blogland!

  2. Beautiful gifts Janet...I am so busy...and yet nothing gets done....I feel sorta lousy...but I'm lovin Spring...hang in there!

  3. It's always a rough road when trying to do something from a distance. I just know the right house, in the right location, at the right price will present itself at exactly the right time!
    It stands to reason your mind is focused elsewhere...go with that flow right now. Just know love is all around you!

  4. The way I look at it when things keep slipping by, is that the right one probably hasn't come along yet - I think when it does, everything will flow smoothly. Goes easy on yourself - the art will flow when the time's right, too. Gorgeous goodies you got in the mail!

  5. I'd like to know more about the blue doll, please.

    If you move to KY you will be pretty close to me. TN is a little further.

    I love your pictures!

  6. When the mind is jumbled it is hard to create. Now, is a time to store, mould and incubate! This is also a filling time, not a giving time. I've moved a lot, but not the way you guys are trying it, so I don't have any wise words. Sorry about that!

    Beautiful things in the mail! What a blessing!

  7. I haven't moved house for 30 years so no advice from me - just hope that you find (and get)what you want. I don't think that moving house and creating art really go together - the creative inspiration will come back once your mind is settled again.

  8. Good luck house hunting Jan! That is fun too! Hope you find a house with a huge room to create all your wonderful things.
    Love your Moon doll...such a generous gift.
    Take care!

  9. It must be tough trying to buy a home out of state. It is mind over matter Janet! Manifest a smooth buy for the home of your dreams with JB.
    Focus on how EASY it is to buy a home, with cooperative, loving, helpful sellers.

  10. Yeah Janet....I have the sister to your moon goddess doll....Lila made 2...isn't she the bomb!!!
    Wow she told me she made another one for her friend Janet....and it was YOU!!! Yippee!

  11. Tenn. huh? wow you could end up within 8 to 10 hours from me....I am one of the strange ones that likes to move, just be sure you pace yourself and try to enjoy the whole thing. I like the posters, but have no place for any, no kids left at home.

  12. Oh my goodness,,you get such wonderful art! My creativity has only been in my yard lately. I actually posted on the blog today though!!! I sure am hoping a house comes open soon in Tennessee,,actually I am praying that one comes open soon!!

  13. I can understand why you may have temporarily lost your creative mojo Janet. With your focus being on moving and selling your home.
    It can be a stressful time and even more so long distance.
    I agree with our friend Ms Ocean dreamer, the right house will turn up and very soon.

    Lila's art doll is amazing!! i can understand why your mouth fell open when you saw her. So much detail and love in this work of art. Shs is very talented (and very generous).

    I will send lots of positive thoughts for your new home. And that it all comes together soon.


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