Sunday, April 15, 2007

Old Photos Challenge!

A few days ago Vicci challenged us to show photos of ourselves from 20 years ago.

If you knew me, you would know what a real challenge that is!! I am very adept at avoiding cameras....I always have been. I hate having my photo taken and seldom ever like any of them. There are tons of photos of me as a small child but not so many of me as an adult.

In fact, there are entire decades when there are no photos of me....or at the most, one or two. So finding photos from 20 years ago was definitely a challenge!

This afternoon I began digging around and I finally came up with some photos to share. The first one is way more than 20 years ago! This was taken in 1972.

That's me and my kids coming out of The Long Branch Saloon in Dodge City, KS!! Honest, we weren't drinking anything stronger than sasparilla! This is a western town re-created for tourists. I can't imagine why I'm carrying that huge purse with shorts but I am!!

I think the next photo is from 1976....

I was visiting Aunt Dotti in Palm Springs. It was my first trip to California. We were having lunch and when we came out this Rolls Royce was parked out front. She made me stand in front of it for a photo for my friends back home! I told everyone it was Aunt Dotti's car....then I 'fessed up.

I'm not sure what that pose is supposed to be! I look like I'm leaning backwards for some dumb reason....and get a load of the "designer" jeans!! I'm sporting the Dorothy Hamill haircut that was so popular at the time.

These next three photos are from 1988 when I was on a trip to Victoria BC....

Me on a tour bus. It's a little dark but I think you can see me!!

Same day....

Same trip, different day. Don't you love the leggings! And the black shirt looks like a maternity top....believe me, I was NOT pregnant!

This was probably a few years earlier, in of my favorite places on earth! I must be thinking about something very important.

The one thing that's fairly consistent is my hair. The top photo is deceiving because I'm in the shadows but my hair was blond (with a little help) from the time I was 18 years old until about 1990! And in most of the later photos it's short and cut much like it is today.