Wednesday, April 04, 2007

The Truth About My Housekeeping....

You know how I love a good meme!! I haven't done one for quite awhile but I saw one over at Dee's blog and couldn't resist!

aprons - y/n? I wore them when I was younger but not anymore.

baking - y/n? I like to bake but since HB and I are both watching what we eat I haven't been doing any lately. He didn't even want a cake on his birthday!! I usually make him a pineapple upside down cake on his birthday.

clothesline - y/n? I wish! I love sheets dried on a clothesline. Hopefully when we move I'll be able to have one.

donuts - ever made them?- Way back when my kids were little I used to make "donuts" using canned biscuits! I just poked a hole in the middle, kind of spread it out a little, then deep-fried them and rolled them in sugar and cinnamon. They were very yummy but would "kill" me now!

everyday - one homemaking thing you do everyday? Dishes

freezer - do you have a separate deep freezer? - We have a small freezer in the garage.

garbage disposal - y/n- Yes but I don't use it much.

handbook - y/n?- I have several old homemaking books that I have collected but I don't follow one. I'm definitely not Martha!!

ironing - love it or hate it?- I don't mind ironing if I don't have to do it.

junk drawer - where is it? In a cabinet in the garage.

Isn't this exciting?? You get to see my junk drawer!!

kitchen - design and decorating? Right now it's boring because we're un-personalizing the house but I usually like homey, comfortable things. I like things stored in big jars, and I love cast iron cookware, so I guess more of a country feeling. I don't like ulta-modern, sleek, shiny.

love - what is your favorite part of homemaking?- Are you kidding me?? I don't think there's any part of homemaking that I love! I'm just not a very domestic person. I do it because I have to but I sure don't love it!

mop - y/n? Do you mean do I own one?? Yes. Do I like to use it....No!!

nylons - wash them by hand or in the washer? I don't wear nylons. I will wear pantyhose if it's a special occasion and I wash them by hand.

oven - do you use the window or open it to check? Both.

pizza - what do you put on yours? I don't eat pizza anymore but I used to like a good veggie pizza.

quiet - what do you do during the day when you get a quiet moment? Read, make art, visit blogs, daydream!

recipe card box - I have my mom's handwritten recipe book and one I started many years ago. I also have a recipe box full of recipes that I bought at a yard sale.

style of house- I'm not sure....I've heard it called a "snout" house I think because the garage is out in front. It's two stories, stucco, has a tile I guess it might be Mediterranean but not really!

What would you call it?

tablecloths and napkins - y/n? - You must be joking! I use paper towels most of the time and tell people they're family heirlooms.

under the kitchen sink - The trash can, dishwasher soap and other cleaning supplies.

vacuum - how many times a week? HB usually does the vacuuming.

wash - how many loads do you do a week? I guess about 3 loads a week.

x’es - do you keep a list of things to do and cross them off? Sometimes but not always. You had me scared at first....I thought you wanted me to list all my x-husbands!!

yard - who does what? We have a gardener who does most of it. I sometimes pull some weeds or snip off dead blossoms but since I don't have much luck growing anything here, there isn't much for me to do in the yard.

zzz’s - what is your last homemaking task for the day? Start the dishwasher, make sure all the doors and windows are closed and locked, turn out the lights. Nightie night!


  1. I enjoy doing memes too. I haven't done this one yet..
    Lucky you to have a gardener. I could use one to stay a step ahead of the weeds!

  2. Your "junk drawer" looks neater than mine!
    I think I'll try this meme!!

  3. Meme's are fun. They give you a look into the memer. Yours is telling me that housework ain't your bag, baby!!!

  4. It is nice to know everyone has a junk drawer, but to know that your's is so neat it is almost intimidating! I'd definitely say that housework is not your thing! You are so funny when you answer memes!

  5. I have missed your memes,,you just make me laugh and laugh with your funny answers!! I would say that your house is Beautiful!! Wish I was your gardner!!

  6. Loved reading this meme Janet! Your sense of humour flows through your words and makes me laugh.

    I am so with you about the housework. Plenty more important things to do!

    Your house is lovely Janet.

  7. That is a GREAT photo of your house
    but that drawer is not a "junk drawer" it is toooo neat! I always get a chuckle out of your meme answers.

  8. This is very informative. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who owns a mop and dosen't like to use it. I actually own 2 types, and that dosen't help at all. The art you got in the post below is wonderful.

  9. Your meme's always have such great humor mixed in. I'm so with you about the housework thing!! My junk drawer really does look junky...yours is SO neat and organized!
    G hooked up one of those retractable clothes lines for me. He put a hook across the yard so in summer I can pull it across and hang sheets and towels. For some reason it's almost zenlike to hang clothes outside.
    Nice house!

  10. No kidding...your junk drawer looks way too organized. Mine has bits of wire,measuring tape,duct tape, screw driver,pliers,nails and tacks,dismantled electical outlet parts,and tons of loose odds and ends.

  11. Anonymous8:04 AM

    Junk drawer huh...lolol I have many of those! You are not alone my friend. :) *HUGS* I only live in an apartment too..... so I don't have as much to clean up and not as many reason's to not clean up. hehehehehehe Such is life.... Anyhoo, I just wanted to stop by and say Hey! *WAVES* Wonderful post!What a beautiful house!

  12. Loved the humor in your answers!I love ironing pillow cases sprayed with linen water.Lavender of course!
    Flying by to wish you a Happy Easter! we got {{snow}}}realy we did!
    hugs NG

  13. Hi Janet, that's the cleanest junk drawer I've ever seen! did you tidy it up before the photo? I used to dry clothes on the line (I lived in an old neighborhood)- it was actually satisfying and reminded me of my childhood. Now the new neighborhoods don't let you even hang one shirt out there. Happy Easter!

  14. Fun meme - though your junk drawer is waay neater than mine - and it occurs to me, you only have ONE junk drawer! I need to pare down the junk...

  15. Your meme answers always make me laugh. Lady, call that a junk drawer...I don't think

  16. I loved reading your answers and getting to know you at always seem to poo poo housekeeping, but I have always have a feeling that you are super neat! I know you like to save up things, but I think you prob. keep them pretty organized!! am I right? your junk drawer is neat! Oh, it would be so nice to meet at each others homes! I need to do this meme so you can "come visit" mine. xoxo Lia

  17. What a tidy junk drawer you have, everything in baskets and containers. Don't worry you'll get really creative again, looking for property doesn't exactly help creativeness, all your resources are focused on moving.

  18. Janet, Janet, you are so cute! I loved your meme. I don't know how to get one to do????? My junk drawer is a free for just dig in and hope what you are looking for is some where in the mix. Without it we would be lost because if in dought, throw it in the drawer. Your House is so cute...why are you moving?
    I bought Brush pack with pimary colors and the other pack with metallic...6 colors in each, made by PRANG. The tips are wonderful. You are right, often the colors are not what you see on the lids.
    I got these knowing really nothing. I always buy the Grandkids markers by Crayola and never think of useing them myself. So this was a adventure for me.
    Have a wonderful weekend, Hugs Mary.
    Thank you for looking at the egg I laid! Tee Heee!

  19. So you are a domestic diva of housework brilliance just like me? LAFF.. I dont have time for housework and guess which one I
    Excellent meme Janet!!
    Peace, Kai.xx


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