Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Winning, Helping....and a Little Bit of Dancing!!

I got up very early this morning so I could use the computer!! And what a surprise I had in my email. It seems I am the winner of some beautiful jewelry from Kara!! If you don't know about her blog be sure to stop by. She does fantastic work....and she is making a line of jewelry for the Multiple Sclerosis Society using the colors of their ads.

I am happy and excited to know that I will soon be wearing some of Kara's beautiful jewelry.

Then I took a quick peek at a few other blogs....still playing catch up!....and came across something else of interest. I'm sure many of you have already seen this but I'm going to pass it on just in case. AfricanKelli is asking for some help over on her blog. If you can put a few things in a Ziplock bag she will definitely be able to help some children in need. Check it out if you have time.

On another subject, are any of you watching "Dancing With the Stars"....who are your favorites? I was so glad that Clyde was finally eliminated. He seems like a very nice man but he is NOT a dancer! He may glide on the basketball court but he sure didn't glide on the dance floor. It was almost painful for me to watch him. I think they could have paired him with someone a little bit taller, too. That might have helped. Maybe Edyta....she seems to be all legs! I think Apollo and Julianne are perfectly matched and they did a sizzling dance! They're both so cute.

No photos today. HB is up and needing to get busy so I'm off for now.


  1. Thank you for pointing out Kara and Africankelli, I will surely visit both blogs.

    As for DWTS - I was glad Clyde was eliminated as well. VERY nice man but his dancing could be classified more as standing. Love Appolo and Joey Fatone - those are the ones I hope go the distance.

    p.s. are you frustrated sharing one computer yet?

  2. Yayyyyyy! Apollo and Julianne!!!10-10-10!!!= 3O!! They were SIZZLING!!! MOve It! Move it!!! LOL and I LOVE your tea set!!!!Let's get together and have some tea and then DANCE JANET!!! i loved ALL YOUR photos from the past! Now, if I could find some! Happy Wednesday!!! xoCinda

  3. Thanks Janet..I visited Africankelli...and I am so into doing this. I have been watching "Dancing"...and I agree 100% with you....I think Heather is amazing...I also really like Appolo and Joey....

  4. I like Apollo and Joey or whomever. I also like the guy who was a singer and the one dancing with the woman who had the winning ones last time.

    I'm off to look at the Africankelli as soon as I've finished this.

  5. Anonymous3:31 PM

    Wooo Congradulations! That's wonderful! It feels sooo great to win something from someone who is supporting something like that. ALOT just overlook those with handicaps. It is because of people's support that doctors have the money to learn what they need to in order to help those with handicaps of ALL KINDS. TRUST ME, This I have learned. :)
    Anyhoo, Congradulations! I know that must have put a smile on your face. :)

  6. What a lovely cause..zippy bags full of goddies to Kelli on my REAL to do list :)
    PEace, Kai.

  7. I love watching "Dancing With the Stars"! Appolo and Julianne are such a wonderful match that I can't imagine that they are not romantically involved. Joey Fatone makes me laugh; fascinated by Heather Mills, surprised by Layla Ali... You can tell that I LOVE that show!

  8. Lucky you, winning some more goodies!
    I watched Dance w/the Stars last year, but for some reason, keep forgetting about watching it this season - I can't even remember what night it's on...actually I'm down to only two shows that I watch per week (well, 3 if I can remember to turn the TV on in time, which usually I end up forgetting till the last 5 minutes). But somehow I am able to remember that Lost comes on Wed.'s - Which reminds me - if it's Wednesday, it should be Lost night!!

  9. Can't wait to see what you won. I'll go check out Kara's blog now. Hope all is well Janet

  10. Just had a quick look at the jewellery you have won and it's lovely - I can just see you in it. Hope the house search is progressing a bit better and that you find somewhere great very soon.

  11. I am a HUGE Dancing fan! I was glad that Clyde left this week - he didn't seem to want to be there anymore!

    I am a fan of John - even though he's not the best, he just puts so much into it! I think it will probably come down to Apolo and Joey though - they are both great! :) Fun!!

  12. Hi, what a lovely surprise to get back to earth for a few minutes (I sound like an astronaut!!)and find you nominated me, thanks. Am giving some thought to my 5 nominees and will then post it.
    Your neighbours sound like real treasures!

  13. I loved the dance Apollo did this week. Hope he wins, although I never fail to be amazed at what Heather can achieve!!

  14. Dancing with the Star's is a really good show...I see you Dancing Janet..Hugs
    I watch American Idol too.

  15. I to am glad that all that big hair left forever....I hope! Yes, matchy machy was really the thing to do then. Like we might not be able to find each other...Tee Hee!
    I will visit's always fun to take a peek, hugs

  16. I will have to check out her jewelry. I Love jewelry. I have been watching Dancing with the Stars, glad Clyde has departed too. I Love Apollo too.

  17. Hi Janet

    Thanks so much for the link I have had a sale today of a piece supporting MS so thanks, I really want to make them as much money as I can as I said before this is very close to my heart.
    I can't wait to send you the jewellery I know you will love the colour.
    Thanks to all for your comments on Janets blog, and heads up, I will be running these giveaways once a month on my blog for all bloging pals as your support has been immense.


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