Tuesday, May 01, 2007

And the Fun Begins....

May Day....or should I say mayday! Mostly I feel like sending out a distress signal rather than dancing around the Maypole. As of today, the house is officially on the market....a very unfriendly market, I might add. We interviewed several realtors and they all gave us a rather bleak outlook so if you have some extra moments could you please send good thoughts out into the cosmos that we sell our house quickly. I know when you all get together you can work magic and I think we need some.

Speaking of magic, my creativity has vanished into thin air. Several people have suggested that I might be able to work on an art journal during this time but so far nothing has happened in that direction. It seems as if the magician made it disappear and forgot to bring it back. I need to pull a rabbit out of a hat!

I'm feeling so cut off from everyone and seldom have a chance to read your blogs. It's as if I'm living in some kind of vacuum and I don't like it!

I'm thinking of everyone....


  1. Oh, Janet, I'm so sorry, about selling in today's market and about feeling cut off. It is hard enough just trying to be alive and to not be able to create and to feel cut off is triple awful. I'm good at praying, but houses just aren't moving well right now, so I'm hoping for the best for you. I know you have to be 'gone' from blogland for awhile, but I miss you and think of you often. I hope that helps.

  2. Hang in there Janet, your house will sell and then you can back into the groove.
    Sending positive vibes your way...

  3. Oh, Janet, I hate to see you feeling cut off...know that I enjoy reading your blog and knowing you.

    I will send good thoughts your way that your house sells soon and for what you want (at the least).

  4. Try to be patient and good to yourself. Forget about creating for a while... it will come back when you're settled and able to rest. Good wishes and positive energy going your way. :-)

  5. Hold tight. You will be on a roller coaster ride. Yes, your creativity will find it hard to function with all this going on around you. Just think towards the future when you will have time again to indulge.

  6. Sorry you feel cut off. You're missed too!!
    Sending prayers that your house will move. Many people start to think about moving as the school year draws to a close so that they can move over the summer.

  7. Sending loads of good thoughts your way, Janet - even though the realtors are all gloom & doom, don't believe them! People in LA can't afford the housing prices there, and they look out your way more and more, to try to find something.
    Hang in there - I know it's not easy, but try to relax and believe - someone else out there is hoping and praying they'll find the perfect house, too - yours!

    I bet the creativity will come when you're relaxed and least expecting it to be there, too.

    I hope it helps to know there are many of us out here sending good thoughts and prayers your way!

  8. We are still thinking of you (me, every time I put a link in a post...as you were kind enough to share how to go about that!)
    Good luck with the real estate sale! I just visited the famous "fly Lady"'s webpage to get inspired to clean around here...she has tips about moving too...There seem to be other aspects to life than just our "artsy" creativity...Like learning to make the environment pleasant in our homes. (this pep talk is really for me!)

  9. I'm so sorry that you're feeling down! The real estate market is tough right now so hang in there. I'll send my creative genie over to you for a visit (just send her back soon!)

  10. Anonymous3:39 PM

    Janet, I am soo sorry that you are feeling cut off from eveyone. I sure hope that things look up. I will certainly keep you in my prayers and thoughts. In hopes that you will sell your house.

  11. Hold tight, hang on, strap yourself in and just go with the ride right now. I know that's easier said than done but try to sit in the front car, put your hands in the air and just scream when the twists and turns happen. Eventually it will come down and finally stop....and things will be as they should be. And when the dust settles you'll be happily creating again.
    Sending you VERY positive vibes that the house sells quickly!! Please keep us posted when you can, you are missed!

  12. aloha Janet, I'll be sending you only good vibes in the hope that your house will sell super douper fast. :)

    Just think that when you are ready, we will all still be here ..meanwhile, take care of you... get some rest..
    Peace, Kai

  13. You are not cut off from our lives Janet. We think about you, check in to see if you've posted, and we all accept that life happens.

    As for the lack of artistic urge, that is another part of "life happens". We all go through it. I read it on blogs right and left, and of course have experienced it myself. You will come back and I bet improved. Although that is hard for me to imagine.

    Take it easy kiddo, the house will sell............

  14. Janet, I am still here and thinking of you so much. I am sending good vibes your way so you can sell that house and head my way.

  15. Janet, it is hard to think of you stressed, and I will pray for you.
    Your creativity will be waiting for you when you are ready. It is often hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel, but it is there.
    All your friends in Blogland will continue to share and also wait with you...you are not alone.
    While I am thinking of it...my parents lived in a very small town called Phelan. They did most of their shopping in Victorville. I have a feeling that you are somewhere close. Relax if you can..

  16. Janet, for some reason i am unable to post...nut I will try again.
    All your crativity will be waiting for you when you are ready and so will I. Everything will be fine...selling a house is very stressful. I will pray for my dear Janet...Hugs

  17. Dear Janet, I'm with you on the lack of creativity and it's distressing me, too! Not to worry, we'll get there...too much else going on, I think.
    It's good to hear from you, I know what you mean about feeling cut off, but you are never far from our thoughts. Sending you all the positive vibes I can muster, in the hope that things go very well for you. Keep Smiling, and know that we are all thinking about you and sending love your way xXx Big Hugs, Suze xXx

  18. Hi Janet,

    I do hope and pray this time goes quickly for you! You won't be forgotten in the little while you are struggling with time.

  19. This too will pass, Janet. You'll be back to your normal self after everything with your home is settled.
    I will keep you in my thoughts and beaming cyber vibes every day.

  20. We are here for you whenever you can visit....Much good luck to you in selling your house.

  21. missing you girl...I'm sending good thoughts your way and hopefully this will resolve itself soon. Selling a house is so stressful. While we were building ours the buyers for the old house backed out of the deal. It's an awful experience and my heart goes out to you. Hopefully, when all this is over you will have a new and better space to work in-then it will be worth all the angst. Hang in there

  22. Stress can just suck the creativity out. Lots of happy thoughts that your house sells quickly. We've been there, and its very frustrating.

  23. Janet,

    Sorry you're feeling down about things! Hope you have good luck with your house.


  24. Sending you some bright light in this troublesome time, take care

  25. I am sending out lots of ' sell your house quick ' vibes Janet. I can understand your frustration and do feel for you.
    Am sure your creative mojo will return when life is more settled for you.

    You are very loved you know and no one will forget you!

  26. Oh Janet, selling homes is a nightmare, I have moved 7 times in 5 years so know how ou feel when they seem to look down on your home.
    I imagine your home is gorgeous so don't let them dismay you as each house has a perfect buyer and I am sure yours is out there.
    P.s. Did you get the jewelery

  27. thinking of you lots, even though I have also been m.i.a. for a while. Time passes so fast, before you know it you will be settled and happy and back in touch, looking back on this time. Hang in there! Maybe your creativity battery needs recharging, don't feel like a quitter, just celebrate the circumstances as an opportunity to refresh yourself, take in instead of giving out....HUGS

  28. I'm thinking good thoughts for you Janet! don't give up!

  29. Thinking of YOU today Janet!!! ((((((Janet)))))) xoCinda (it's already May 5th!)

  30. Sending you love and wishes to sell fast and get on with life. So sorry everything is at a stand still right now....it's a horrible hard job, selling, packing and moving....very traumatic!

    Contentment is a wonderful place to nurture creativity that’s for sure! Soon my friend, soon, I pray contentment will beckon you again!

    Love and hugs Sherrie


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