Monday, May 21, 2007

The Color Purple....and Other Stuff

Since you all know my favorite color is purple, I couldn't resist this little quiz thingie....

What Your Favorite Color Purple Says About You:

Intuitive --- Seeking --- Creative
Kind --- Self-Sacrificing --- Growth Oriented
Strong --- Very Wise --- Rare


I have been so bad about my email recently and I want to publicly apologize to everyone. Over Mother's Day weekend I received several ecards and messages and I didn't get to answer them so this is my way of saying "Thank You."

It isn't because I don't care....far from it! I have just been so overwhelmed with this house crap (yes, I said crap!!) and my energy level has been very low. It has also been difficult for me to maintain my "sunny disposition" (HA!) so rather than boring you to tears with all that junk, I just haven't been online much.

We have tweaked this house to within an inch of its life so someone better love it and want it!! I'm seriously considering moving into a cave next time! No decorating involved, I could just hose it down when it got dirty, plenty of room for making art all sounds good to me! I could become "The Old Woman Who Lived in a Cave" instead of a shoe!!


Art has definitely been absent from my life for way too long. I try to draw and create little things but my heart just isn't in it. For some reason my imagination and my creativity are MIA right now. Was my art just a flash in the pan or will I get it back? It feels as if all my goals for this year have been pushed aside and the house has taken center stage. There have been so many personal changes in my life recently that I sometimes wonder if I accidentally stepped into someone else's life! This was planned to be my year to break through and create something every day expand my art horizons and learn new things. That didn't last too long! I've had lots of suggestions on things to try and they're all good suggestions but I just cannot seem to act on them. Have any of you ever gone through periods like this? Is there hope for me to come back?


When I have any time at all, I try to pop in for quick little visits to your blogs. I miss everyone, and miss seeing all your creations every day. That was part of my inspiration for my own art. This is what I've been reduced to doing....

I didn't draw this. It's from one of those doodle coloring books. I just filled it in with Sharpies. I did this while watching "mindless drivel" on TV!! Do you think I'm going bonkers??!!


  1. My dear, dear Janet when life throws a few curves, when routines are upset, things in a topsy turvy mentally and/or physically it truly stands to reason it affects other aspects in your life. I am still not out of my art slump and I had plans to have things in an etsy shop by now. I might do one or two things and then days go by. You are not going bonkers and you most certainly WILL get your art mojo back. You've been working hard on readying your home at the same time the stress to find a new location....couple that with anything else that comes down the pike....well everything you're feeling is very understandable.
    Don't compound yourself worrying about answering emails or not blogging etc....we love you and want you to be happy...and you WILL be. Then look out world Janet will be cranking out that art!
    Love and hugs,

  2. Well, I can totally relate to wanting to live in a cave! Since I've been packing boxes, and the stack keeps growing but the place never looks any more empty, I just have to wonder, why do I have all this STUFF? And I think I have FAR LESS than the average person's accumulation for 50 years.

    But don't worry about your creativity. I think it is hard to create out of chaos no matter what those demented artists said in the past! Peace and Harmony are what make the juices flow and you'll get yours back once things are more settled!

  3. Selling and buying and moving are all really stressful events. I look back and wonder how I did it so much and not lose my mind. You'll come back to art and when you have the time, Oh! Baby! Watch out!

  4. Just hang in there Janet -all good things come to those who wait-

  5. Anonymous4:09 PM

    Ya know what I suggest Janet, I suggest ya take Violette's Self-care Challenge. I'm doing that and then I'm taking a week off. Lot's of tea and meditation for me! :)
    Anyhoo, wonderful post! My favorite colors turquoise. They used to crush it up and take it as meds a long long time ago. I think that's kewl. Plus I just love it! What does that color mean though, does that mean it shows anything about me? What's it show about me if it does? :) I'm in one of my hyper moods...time for tea...and relaxation. Wonderful post Janet!

  6. Dont forget the mindless drivel of Heroes and LOST season
    I like the colours, they remind me of Christmas Janet, all red and green.

    Peace, Kai.

  7. Still plenty of year left to get with it on your creativity...just try to go with the flow of things...teehee...this is the me giving advice...oh my!!

  8. This is just one of the many seasons of your life, and this to shall pass. While you are in this valley, take time to seek small things that might otherwise be overlooked in our "busy" lives. Remember to enjoy the trip on your way to where you are going!!! The artist is not dead only resting.

  9. Maybe you could rent a Motel room once a week to just go do art, make a huge mess and not even have to clean it up. Leave it for room service. LOL

    Hi Janet
    That silly house just needs to sell.

  10. Don't worry about going bonkers. Selling a house is a BONKERS situation and hopefully will be resolved soon. I'm still checking in and you'll be back eventually. The part that would drive me nuts is not being creative. I'm in the throws of the BIRTHDAY Month, graduation and such so I'm not finding too much blogging time either. It will smooth out at some point(JULY???)Life just gets in the way. Doodling is fun-it may lead to some great idea for the future artwork...relax...breathe....

  11. I repeat what Lisa O said above! ha! ..Have you received your surpize yet? NO , because ..have I mailed it yet? NO! Geeze I am B A D...

  12. Try putting the bouquet of sunny (real) yellow flowers in a outstanding location in your living area. It will cheer you up and may make domeone fall in love with your house...
    Just being the "bossy one" here!
    It is cool and rainy today..i could use some yellow flowers myself!

  13. Don't worry about art, blogs, emails... it will all wait for the calmer time in your life. You can't just stop being creative (coloring with sharpies proves it)... when the time is right you'll continue your art journey.

  14. I know the feeling very well Sweet Janet...I have been quiet...but lurking lately...very busy with too much stuff! It will all get "back to normal" before you know it...thinking of you!

  15. Did you just kind of burn out for a while, Janet??? Art is like that for me... sometimes I'm hot, sometimes not. And when I'm cold, nothing gets done for weeks or months. If I just let go of it for a while, all of a sudden it seems to pop back into my life. Yah! Thanks for sticking with your blog. Hugs, Robin

  16. Hello Janet while your stress levels are up now I am sure the joy will come when you’re lovely home sells, and you find yourself settled in the “new cave”lol lol lol.

    I have a little suggestion while I know you cannot craft or do any art for fear of untidying your home, but if your weather is lovely why not take a deck chair way up the back of your back garden carry with you an iced tea and a drawing pad and pencil and sit facing your home and draw what you see. ((Smiles)) you never know it may help your stress levels as well as your artistic YOU!
    Have a lovely day my friend

  17. Oh Janet I feel for you so much, house selling is a major depression setter, please think of all your dear friends here.
    I love those coloring books - don't laugh I bought one fore myself last Friday I find them so much fun, I never do as good as job as you have, I am going to cut mine up and use as ATC's so colour away I think its great fun.
    Chin up and lots of love

  18. Dear Janet,
    I am sure that when everything is settled, you will be back on the swing...Do you have a rocking chair? Sit on it, close your eyes, imagine that you are on a big boat on an ocean. The water is gently swinging the boat. You are in a dream land letting your mind travel with gleaming waters, sparkling tips of waves and letting sun rays delivering warmth to your being from your friends in this blog world.

    Pirk, the green one


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