Monday, May 14, 2007

I've Been Tagged....

I've been tagged by several people to do a list of seven things about myself. Please forgive me for not linking to the people who tagged me....but since it's about 4:00 AM right now while I'm writing this, I hope you'll cut me some slack!!

Since I do so many memes I'm not sure there are many things you don't already know about me but I'll give it a try.

#1. I'm very tolerant up to a certain point and then that's it. I'll be kind, keep my cool, and anything else required to keep things fair....until I reach that point (unknown even to me) when I just won't go any farther. And once that point is reached and the door is slammed it usually doesn't open again.

#2. I can be mind-bogglingly routine and obsessive about stupid things! For instance, if I have a pen that I like writing with, I don't want to use any other matter what. I once had a boss who would open my desk drawer and take my pens. It irritated me so much that I left the following note inside my desk: "Opening this drawer and helping yourself is the same as opening my purse and doing the same. If you don't think it's right to open my purse then don't open my drawer." He never said a word to me about the note (if he mentioned it, he would have been admitting to being in my desk!) and he stopped taking my pens!!

#3. I've never been comfortable with children....even my own! Maybe it's because as a child I never spent a lot of time with other kids....I was around adults most of the time. Even though I'm a grandma and love my grandchildren with all my heart, I'm really not close to them. That makes me sad.

#4. I'm technologically challenged! It took forever for me to get comfortable with having a cell phone and even now I usually forget to turn it on. Mostly I find technology frustrating. On the one hand we have such knowledge and ability to do so much but on the other hand most of that stuff is absolutely useless to me! And the simple things I really think should be available, aren't!

#5. I love paper! Anything made from paper....anything printed on paper. I save scraps of paper, even printer paper! I will save up half sheets of printer paper (like when something prints just a few lines and the rest of the page is left blank) until I have a good stack and then I cut them into smaller sizes and make scrap paper notepads.

#6. I have a very difficult time making up my mind because I can always see both sides of situations. And don't ask me to pick a place to eat, someplace to visit, or anything like that....I'll never be able to choose!!

#7. Even though I can talk your ear off, I'm basically a shy person. I'm never comfortable in a large group of people....I do much better on a one-to-one basis and idle chit-chat is just not my thing.

Ok, this has taken me most of the morning to complete!! But remember I'm doing it in between time when HB is online. I hope I didn't bore you to death with this! I'm running out of things you don't know about me!!

And just bee-cause I love to do these, here's another little quiz thingie:

You Are Impressionism

You think the world is quite beautiful, especially if you look at it in new and interesting ways.
You tend to focus on color and movement in art.
For you, seeing the big picture is much more important than recording every little detail.
You can find inspiration anywhere... especially from nature.


  1. These were enjoyable! I am just like your number one very tolerant and slow to anger, but I have a breaking point. Two, three and five we are opposite. I just hate paper it annoys me, especially bills, which I sort every few months because I despise it so much! Number six that would be me, I wait until everyone orders a meal then I decide what to get. I need that much time. Number seven is me too, can talk a blue streak, but I don’t like crowds much anymore! Fun post! Hope you are well!

  2. We could hang out together and get along marvelously.

  3. I love the note you left in your desk! Guess that put him in his place :)

  4. Hello Janet! I know we are a lot alike...and as usual...I took the test and I am impressionism too!

  5. Nice to see you Janet..!
    You really are Queen of the Memes, but still I learn something about you each time you do one.
    I identify with #'s 2, 4, and 7.
    BTW..I'm pop art, which amazes me..!

  6. What a fun meme.. Im like you, Im patient to a point, then it's instant death to anything in my
    Im off to see what ART I am..
    Peace, Kai xxooxx

  7. I am SO happy to see you! I love when you do memes - yet more insight! I could relate on a couple of things on your list. I was tagged and yet still can't do one of these, I always draw blanks when I start to do it.
    I did the test, I'm an Impressionism too.
    I've really missed you and hope all is going well. I think we may need to have a phone convo soon!

  8. Janet Sweetie...I mean Janet...THE QUEEN of ALL MEME' are such a sweet thing! :-)

  9. Anonymous4:20 PM

    Wow! Great answers! Now I know that you love paper, that even your own children are hard to handle at times...hehheehehe and that you talk people's ear's off but are still shy. LOLOLOLOL Wonderful answers! :)

  10. So good to see you here and out visiting blogs again.....Love that PAPER too...

  11. So nice to get to know you better through this meme!

  12. Oh my goodness... Janet we have SO much in common! I hate ballpoint pens and will only write with the finest uniball pens... the others make me crazy and make my writing look horrible.

    I love seeing how all of you are so honest with these 7 things... it's so fun getting to know you better. Hope you had a lovely Mother's Day.


  13. I love your tags and these little things about what type of a person you are.

    I got this:

    You Are Surrealism

    Dreamy and idealistic, you've created a world that is all your own.
    It's very likely that you've either dabbled in drugs or are naturally trippy.
    You are always trying to push beyond the boundaries of your culture and society.
    You believe that art, love, and freedom can change the world.


    I didn't do drugs (cigarettes don't count? I don't even smoke any more) so that leaves me naturally trippy!!! heheh

    I need to read your tags again.

  14. Hi Janet: I left you a comment somewhere and then lost it. I lived in Flamborough (Flambro, Flamboro) Uk when I was younger. The photo you have of Chapel Street is taken just down the road from our house.The Village Mere is a very old photo - as all the pictures I have seen of the mere (pond) show it to be much smaller. If you would like to see some photos, especially of Chapel Street and Flamborough today, I'd be happy to e-mail you some if you send me an e-mail address. I am going to Flamborough at the end of May -- the first time in 55 years! I live in Canada, but Flamboro has never left my heart or my mind -- I love it there! Thanks for posting the photos -- made my day! I found them when I was googling Flamborough Head. If you are ever interested in selling the photos, I know a couple of people who are keeping a photo history of Flamboro and would love to have them!

  15. Hi janet,
    I might steal your meme for future use, it is an interestinly different one. How's the house hunting going, you must be getting stressed by now.

  16. We'd get along just smashing!

  17. More interesting insights! I'm with you on 4,5 and 7 but with me it's brand new blank notepads that I love. I came out as Romanticism - probably about right though on a couple of the questions I chose the best answer of a bad lot:) Hope all the house stuff is going well.

  18. Just a quick hello Janet. Trying to squeeze in some visits!! Have a great weekend.

  19. I love reading more about you Janet. And found a lot of your answers resonated with me.

    I love No.2! I don't like people using stuff from my desk at work. It's an invasion of privacy I think.

    Good on you for leaving the note!


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