Saturday, May 05, 2007

The Power of Mother Nature....

My father's family settled in the southwest part of Kansas after they came here from England. Many of my summers and Christmas vacations were spent in that part of the country. My parents began their married life in Dodge City, KS and had very close friends who lived in Greensburg. We used to go there to visit them. They had a beautiful home....the kind that wraps its arms around you when you enter. Since my parents died many years ago, I lost track of their friends. After seeing the devastation caused by the tornado that hit Greensburg I can only hope they no longer lived there.

I have a cousin living in a small town west of Greensburg but I have been unable to contact her to see if she and her family are ok. Seeing the pictures of what's left of the town is so sad. In one interview they showed a large piece of a wall mural from a restaurant....HB and I had lunch in that restaurant with several of my cousins a few years back! We both recognized the picture....or what was left of it.

There are several of my family members buried in the cemetary at Greensburg....they include my grandparents, an aunt and uncle and a cousin.

One of the things I always remembered about Greensburg was that it was the home of the world's largest hand-dug well. That was its claim to fame. I guess now Greensburg will be remembered for something else....a powerful force of nature that ripped it apart and left its citizens homeless.

Please keep them in your thoughts.


And something on the lighter side....

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  1. According to the quiz, my aura is violet.

    Such a scary, sad situation.
    I hope your cousins and family friends are all okay, Janet. Keeping them in my thoughts and prayers. ((Hugs))

  2. Anonymous12:38 AM

    i saw the devastation on TV in Kasas also. Our hearts go out to those left in the path of that storm and to those who passed on.

  3. Oh Janet ! I hadn't heard about this storm until I read your blog.
    Will say a prayer for your family and friends.
    Love & Hugs , JoyceAnn

  4. I hope your cousin is oaky Janet. It's always so sad to see the devastation brought about by these storms.
    I'm blue too...

  5. This dreadful tragedy was on the UK news last night, I'm so sorry to hear that you have connections with Greensburg,it's devastating enough when you don't know the area and the people. I hope your cousin is safe and well and also that all is well with your parents' friends.

  6. The devastation of that town was just horrible. We couldn't believe the pictures..
    My heart goes out to the victims..

  7. I read the news with fear too. Very dear friends live in the area. Thankfully, they are among the lucky ones. I hope your cousins are too.

  8. I was just reading about Greensburg...I'll keep those people in my prayers. My sister lives in the Oklahoma Panhandle...not too far from there.

  9. Oh, I had to take the aura is blue too!

  10. I'm so sorry to hear you may have relatives in Greensburg, KA I think it is. Wow! I've never been near a powerful tornado like that one. Just small ones and with not that much damage. I'm praying for them.

  11. I hope you find out soon about your cousin. Keeping all of those in Greenburg and you in my thoughts.
    Blue aura heh? Way to go!!! Best colour! LOL

  12. I grew up in Greensburg, and even looking at the videos and pictures availible several times, I recognize almost nothing. The grade school I went to gone, the high school I went to gone, place I worked first (dillons) gone, my fav cafe for biscuits and gravy on a Sunday morning (Kansan Inn) gone, my fathers house gone. So many memories still in my mind and heart, source of them gone. It's absolutely amazing that with that much damage from a 1.7 mile wide ef-5 (first one ever), that only 9 people (as of last count) lost their lives.

    The news I heard today of 4 soldiers from Ft riley, a reserve deputy sheriff, and 2 fake red cross people looting, and fake "donations" takers popping up disgusts me, but that is more than balanced out by the good, honest, caring people who are helping those in need.

  13. So sad how things turn out sometimes...I've never seen a tornado but I've see the damage they've caused while passing through a town in Tennessee once...devastating is too tame a word!
    Well, what do you know...I've a blue aura too!!

  14. Anonymous12:14 PM

    Ohhh myyyy! That looks horrible! I would be hoping that nobody that I knew where there myself.
    I'll keep them all in my thoughts and prayers. :)

  15. I think devastation on that scale is horrific Janet. I was discussing the tornado this morning at coffee with my Friend Cathi, who survived the 1974 one that hit Xenia about 5 mils from here.
    She said she cried for them when she saw the pictures coming in from Kansas..
    I held her hand..
    Now, I'm holding yours..
    Peace, Kai

  16. Oh, Janet, I have said a prayer. So much destruction. It was devastating. I hope your family is ok.

  17. I will keep your family in my thoughts Janet. How scary for any one who lives in that area.

    My aura is blue too!

  18. What dreadful storm. So much devastation.

    I am red in color (tried twice, in two different times) I laughed when I saw "boxer" in my caree choises....I hate boxing.

    "You have a high level of emotion. This can mean passion, but it can also mean rage.
    Usually, you don't take these emotions out on others. You just use them as motivation - and it works!

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  19. Janet...hope you have found your cousins alive and well! The people there are a testament to the human spirit. I saw how they are all determined to rebuild.

  20. Oh, Janet. I came here giggling from your 'don't faint' introduction to your comment (loved it, I do miss you!) and found this sad news. I do so hope all your family are safe & sound. And You. Hope something makes you smile every day :)

    hugs, Suze xXx

  21. Last year my husbands hometown (SE Missouri) was about 60% wiped out. It is unbelievable how much can be lost in a matter of moments and with next to no warning.

  22. Hope YOU have heard from your cousin by now Janet! Love and prayers, xoCinda

  23. And where is the equipment and the National Guard which should be helping with search and rescue, as well as clean-up? In Iraq fighting Bush's war. It's a travesty.

  24. I still cannot wrap my brain around that poor town and all its inhabitants. To see the pictures on TV I am sure does not do the actual scene justice to the true devastation. I hope you were able to contact your cousins.

    I did the quiz, my aura is blue as well.
    Love and hugs - I miss you!

  25. I have seen whole communities in Alabama wiped out like Greensburg. So scary,,hate tornadoes,,no one knows until they have been in one what they are like. I am so happy to finally get a chance to visit,,I have dearly missed you!!! Hope your cousin and friends are ok!!

  26. I should be able to go to Greensburg this coming weekend, and I can check the cemetery for you. My mom passed away in Jan, and I'm worried about it too. The good news is that my dad and sister went Monday and found the lockbox with his important papers, and his dog. :)

  27. Hi Janet: I was googling Flamboro (Flamborough) and found your site with the old photos of Flamboro -- very interesting! The one of Chapel Street is taken just down the street from where I lived with my family when I was around five years old. This was in the village of Flamboro. Then we moved to Flamborough Head and lived right on top of the cliff overlooking the North Sea. In the days when the photos were taken,it was still legal to climb the cliffs and take the birds eggs, and many people made a fair living from it. It's illegal now - probably because many of the birds were becoming extinct. I live in Canada, but I am travelling to Flamboro Head in two weeks -- the first time back in 55 years! It is a wonderful place and I am really excited. I am so interested in the photo of the 'mere'. It looks like the village pond, but in all the photos I've seen, it is much smaller than in this photo. So this must be a REALLY old photo. If you would ever like to sell these photos, I know a couple of people who would be interested. Thanks for posting them -- made my day!

  28. Anonymous12:53 AM

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