Friday, June 22, 2007

A Card, Some Inchies, and Miss Potter

Thanks to everyone for all the comments about my latest doodle....and a couple of you asked to see the new hair cut. I still have the same hair style as before. It was just time for a trim. My hair is kept very short....I like it to stand straight up....and hassle-free! I will try to update my current profile photo sometime in the next week or so.

Not much art to show you today. I managed to make another card....

It's ok but it seems to lack oomph! Maybe I'll add something else later. I also made a couple of little paper inchies....

They're a little crooked in the picture. I had to scan them and they kept moving around! Also, as usual the colors aren't true but you can get the idea of what I did.

Last night I watched "Miss Potter" starring Renee Zellwegger (I think that's how to spell it!) and I absolutely LOVED it. The drawings were adorable, the scenery was gorgeous, and the whole thing just had such a wonderful feel. The whole time I was watching it, I thought of Daisy....who also wrote lovely stories, lived in the English countryside, and was so creative. I would give this movie a thumbs up! If you're looking for action, blood and guts, bad language, or graphic sex scenes you will be disappointed!!....but if you just want a good story I think you'll like it.

I was going to show you an adorable little boxed set of Beatrix Potter books that I have but they're some of the books I packed away from the studio.


  1. Tell me about inchies. Never heard of htem. Ooo and now that I'm using abetter computer I can finally see the bee.

  2. I wanted to comment on the inchies as well. I've not made any yet, so any suggestions or things to watch out for once I get started?

  3. I hate it when those inchies crawl around like that on the scanner bed, don't you! They are so unmmanerly! Honestly!

  4. Anonymous6:41 PM

    Ohhh the inchies are wonderful! Don't you worry if they are not straight. They are adorable! Thank you for sharing them with us! Anyhoo great post!
    :) *HUGS*

  5. I feel very ignorant. Please tell us about inchies! Can't wait to see your new profile pic!

  6. I'm glad you are doing art again Janet. You are producing some good stuff too. The inchies are great.
    I'm glad you liked Miss Potter, I'm hoping to rent it soon.

  7. i,m also keen to see miss potter, peter rabbit and benjamin bunny are great favourites in our family

  8. Miss Potter is a lovely film isn't it? The Lake District really is that beautiful too.
    I love the paper doll you made the other day, her dress is beautiful - all my favourite autumn colours, I'd love a real one just like it.

  9. Hi, I came to you via Lila at Indigo Pears. I really like your Japanese card.

    "Miss Potter" will be winging its way to me as soon as I send one Netflix movie back. Thank you for the review. I'm sure now that I will love it. I'm also sure I will think of Daisy too.

  10. I am a BIG FAN of B. Potter, I have a few of the cat figurines.
    I really like the colors you used in the atc, I'm with the rest of the group, I've not tried making inchies yet, give us some guide lines.....

  11. I saw Miss Potter at the theater and dearly loved it! Such a charming, innocent story...I actually came home smiling. As I write some children's stories and poetry (no way comparing myself to Beatrix Potter!) I also found it very inspiring.

  12. My hubby just brought home Miss. Potter for us to watch. Now I can't wait!
    I love Beatrix Potter and all her adorable creations. Have quite a few of her books and some little collectibles of her animal characters.
    I sure would love to watch a movie without violence for a change!

  13. Yes, "Miss Potter" is a treasure!
    Your inchies look great!
    (I think the Oriental card might use a bit of green, a leaf or?? You, the artist, will figure it out!)

  14. I saw Miss Potter last week, and I also liked it very much. Sometimes the animation was a little bit too "cute" -- I think what I love about the books is that for all that Beatrix Potter dressed up her animals, they still retained their animal essence, and the Disneyfication detracted from that a little I thought. But having said that, I really enjoyed the story, I LOVED the scenery and the fact that land conservation was such a big part of her life. Lovely. BTW, I'd recommend seeing it on a big screen in the theater if you can. Too pretty for a tv screen.


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