Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The Creative Bug Strikes Again!!

When we finally get to move I'll probably have several more boxes of art supplies rather than less. Most of my stuff is packed in boxes. Some are labeled as to their contents but others are not! Lately I've been getting the bug to create again and when I can't find what I need I run over to Michael's and buy it. I'm sure I'll have duplicates of some things and an over abundance of others.

Yesterday I was upstairs making the beds and doing my usual morning routine when I made the mistake of going into the studio. I sat down at the table, opened a small decorative box that holds bits and pieces of paper, and I just began making cards! I wasn't able to make anything too creative because I only used what was in the box but it was fun. Here's what I made....

This is my favorite.

Some of you may recognize some of the bits of paper....they are things you've sent to me. I had fun just cutting, tearing and gluing. Lucky for me I had picked up some glue sticks over the weekend. I needed them for my art journal so they came in handy for the cards, too.


  1. Anonymous8:44 AM

    OHHHHH MYYY! Although I don't often get things sent to me. I do add them to art like you do. That way it doesn't just sit there unused. It is all used! I thought that I was the only one who did that. That is sooo kewl! :) :) :) Great works!

  2. See... we all told you that you can't just stop being creative. I'm glad that your muse is back. Those cards are lovely!

  3. Doesn't look like you made a mistake going in there to me - some cool, fun cards came out of it.

  4. How wonderful. It is so good to see you back in blogland, Janet. You have been missed and I love that you're using what you have to make some interesting art and supplementing from Michael's. Don't we all do that! ;-)

  5. see that, art is so innately a part of you that you were able to sit....look in a box....voila....beauty in no time! Perhaps that's all you need to do now and then to sustain you during the upheaval! I know I sure like seeing what you create!

  6. Your muse has definitely returned from its little vacation - your favourite is my favourite too, lovely soft, earthy colours.

  7. Way to go girl--I was sorting out scrap papers yesterday and put a heap in a chocolate box because as one knows you can't throw any bits out.
    You have given me an idea to create some cards only out of what is in there and to use up the bits.
    Thanks Janet.

  8. Wow Janet I just love your style...you really know how to make something amazing out of nothing. Really wonderful work!!! Hope you can get back to full access of your supplies soon. I can imagine your frustration. I bet if we took a survey, artists would say they are less likely to create if they don't have easy access! I know I'm that way....but it gets messy at times too.

    Hugs Sherrie

  9. yes, the creative urge is strong. I cannot wait for school to be done this Friday. I'm going to clean up my art area next week and get started again!

  10. Oh Janet I think they are all so great.
    Wow you do such great work for just cutting and sticking, I love the last 2 but I love bold prints, well actully i really like them all but they are my fav's

  11. See what you can create with what you have..!
    Michaels must love you..! I hope they have one wherever you move to, make sure...!
    (I bought a blue and white planter on Monday, since you asked..hehe!)

  12. wow, those are cool colours Janet, I like the lemon and lime combo..very summery :)
    If I had a few, I'd plan a sneak trip to Michaels too..lol

    Peace n fun, Kai xx

  13. I am glad you got your inspiration back.
    You have just shown what a beautiful artist soul you have


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