Monday, June 18, 2007

A Dozen Hearts

I've been bad again! I bought another book the other day! This time I bought this one....

The book about paper dolls by Lynne Perrella was the one I was looking for but my B&N didn't have it so I decided to try this one. So far I'm happy with it....there are lots of contributors including Michael deMeng.

In the back they include a couple of templates....nothing too exciting and actually ones I've seen online anyway but I did use one of them to make my first paper doll in a long time.

Here she is at the beginning in what appears to be a tutu....I forgot to take a scan of her without clothes but you can see she's just a basic doll. I used tiny brads to put her together.

And I continued....the second row on her skirt is actually blue but it doesn't show on the scan.

Her skirt gets even longer....

And finally she needs a hat....

I may do something more with her but for now that's it. Once again I used "trash" to make her! Her body, arms and legs are all from little scraps of paper. Her dress and hat are made by using a heart stamp on magazine pages then embossing them with gold.

Paper dolls were one of my favorite things to play with when I was a kid. I had tons of them plus I made my own. This may be the very thing that will get me jump-started into creating again. I've heard that what you enjoyed as a kid is what will also make you happy as an adult. So paper dolls must be in my future!


  1. How sweet that is Janet and what a great way you have dressed her.
    Very clever.

  2. Good for you, Janet! It looks like you really enjoyed this - she looks great! :) Now, if I could just remember what made me happy as a child... ! So many things, it's hard to narrow them down and concentrate on one! ;)
    Have a lovely day..
    Suze xXx

  3. I know you love paper dolls..!
    This is lovely, I like the dress are too clever..!!

  4. When I saw this dolly..I thought of Sandy who love hearts. It's such a simple, but incredibly beautiful artful dolly Janet.
    What a lovely idea, to sit and make paper dolls. I love her dress and all the colours..
    Inspiring indeed.. :)
    Peace, Kai xx

  5. She is amazing and the progress of making her, it was like watching a movie. Divine.

  6. Oh I love her! She is great! If you turned those hearts upside down and put them in a row, you'd have a mermaid paper doll!

  7. Anonymous1:14 PM

    Ohhh how fun! How is buying a book bad Janet!?! LOLOLOL These look like they are lots of fun to make! Wonderful post!

  8. Such gorgeous work. Your doll is divine! Thanks for sharing the technique/process. I'm almost tempted to make one myself.


  9. You amaze me at every turn, Janet. You are falling in love with your potential accomplishments every day. Such a blessing!

  10. I love your paper doll - she has personality and oh her dress - amazing and I like how you did the embossing!!
    Sheila sent me a paper doll set last year but I have never taken it out of it's package. It's all so cute I don't want the parts to get ruined. I know, I'm silly. I want to make one of these now though, after seeing yours. OH NO, I see another book in my future!
    It helps to sit and do something artistic doesn't it?
    Sending love and hugs,

  11. JANETTtt! She is fabuloso!!! Oh my! I love the way you kept adding and we got t osee her getting rufflier and rufflier! Okay..I am gonna have to get a nembossing kit! You inspired me!

  12. she is gorgeous!! Love her ruffled, heart skirt...

  13. You are one accomplished artist(!), to dig right in after buying a book and make a lovely creation!
    I'll have to look at the book next time I venture to Barnes and Noble!

  14. I can tell that you really enjoyed making this beautiful doll Janet.
    She is lovely!

  15. She is wonderful, Janet! Thanks for sharing the way you put her together. YOu know, until this housing slump is over, you may as well unpack your art boxes and dig in again! I can tell you miss it all. Love the paper doll!

  16. Janet-the dolls are lovely and they look like such fun. So sorry to hear about Daisy. Hope you have a peaceful day..

  17. Thanks for stopping by to see my newest doll!
    Have a good solstice...we're having rain here now but maybe tomorrow the sun will come out...(have I heard that somewhere before?)

  18. I love it when you're bad, hehe
    Sounds like a great book - just look at what it's already inspired!I've always loved paper dolls, too.
    Very cool, Janet!

  19. Really pretty Janet! I also like the dress :)
    It`s still so hard to believe that Daisy is gone..........she will be so missed... Beautiful post about her....


  20. wow what great creations, looks like a great book.

  21. Janet , Love the way your doll came together , she's a cutie.
    Sometimes its good to be BAD !

    hAppy dAY tO YoU !!

  22. I also loved paper dolls as a child. I cut out the Betsy McCall dolls from my mom's magazines. I also had some old dolls (forties or fifties)that I found junk picking ... wish I still had them.

  23. This doll is amazing...I can even envision a real dress made out of hearts or upside down hearts or if you will, spades. Terrific, love the metallic look too! Very beautiful work, I could see her standing in the middle of one of those pop up cards or on a princess card!
    I really do enjoy your art Janet!

    Hugs Sherrie

  24. omg, janet. i'm officially in love. what a fabulous paperdoll. so simple but so original. love it.


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