Saturday, June 02, 2007

Fishing and Other Stuff

As many of you know, my son lives in Alaska and has a very rugged, simple life style. Once a year he does something that I just hate....and he's doing it again this year over the next week or two. He goes out on a commercial halibut fishing boat....just him and the captain! So if you have any spare time please send him good thoughts or a little prayer. It will be much appreciated.

If you would like to know about halibut fishing you can read about it here and here.


I actually messed around with a drawing last night!! Don't get too isn't finished but here's what I have so far....

We're having a quiet Saturday morning so far. Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend.

HB doesn't like the eyes, and they are off and don't line up very good but overall I kinda like her. I haven't decided what to do with the background but at least I made a start!! That's really something for me right now. I just used colored pencils and a little bit of marker. I'm thinking it might be nice to collage around her but I don't know for sure.


  1. I hate to be contrary, but I do like her eyes...she is gazing off into the distance...what can she see...?
    Collage would be great, show us when you are done.
    Enjoy the weekend Janet.


  2. She is great. She has character. Colourful and bright! NO fear!!! LOL
    As for your son, you must be worried. I will say a prayer for him.
    But he is brave you have to admit, talk about living life to the fullest!!! Good for him.

  3. Yikes, Janet,

    I have friends who spent about 7 or 8 years running a boat out of Alaska and fishing for stuff. It's a tough life.

    So good to see you drawing again! Yippee! Good, good, good!

  4. Janet is BACK!!!!!!! I love her and her eyes just as they are! Imagine having the pressure to draw the eyes aligned... scary thought.
    You must be worried sick when your son goes on his yearly fishing trips. I'll be thinking about him and sending good energy =)

  5. Well I am so glad your back,,I have been patiently waiting for your,,lol. Love the new drawing. And I will be thinking of your son, but it sounds neat, but I can understand the aniexty..
    Missed you Janet!!!

  6. What a lovely drawing Janet and her eyes --well what the heck she has character.I like the idea of a collage background.

  7. I actually like her as is. I could see cutting her out and collaging her on to a painted background or something like that. I always love your drawings!

    G went Halibut fishing in Alaska once (we had a freezer full of those and salmon), he will be envious of your son's adventure. I will keep safe thoughts for him of course!

    I miss you!

  8. I checked out the sites,WOW those are some BIG ugly fish....M. will be fine, he has a good head.
    I like the girl, turn her into clay
    and put it on a pot or collage would be nice. Girls arriving tomorrow, no more blogging for me untill they leave, 2weeks.
    BE BLESSED :-)

  9. May was a long painful month, but I am getting stronger. I still have some medical problems to deal with. I have to do the Tredmill thing sometime next week. My EKG alittle off...we will see.
    I love your girl, she is different and sometimes that is what makes something special. I am so glad you are finding some time for your talents...I haven't done thats not true...I did some stitching on my...never going to finish sofa quilt.
    I missed so much in May...I hope that June has brought me back to the land of the living.
    Hugs, Mary

  10. Yay! You're drawing again! I like her eyes - they look very soulful to me. I like the leaves and the whole nature theme.

    Sending good thoughts your son's way...

  11. Good for YOU! At least you made some art! I like her! I don't worry about making eyes line up anymore...I go with the crookedness\\\ heehee! Otherwise I drive myself crazy!..I will send good vibes to your son....halibut that! Haa heee heh !

  12. Janet I see myself here in your drawing!
    If there were more ivy and leaves interwined with me in the middle overwhelmed with so much to do in the garden! With such a late spring and the warmer weather upon us everything in the garden is FAST forward it seems and I cannot keep up!! So you can see why this image makes me feel that I am in the centre of all the flowers and blossoms and leaves and.. and ..and!Boy did I get connect with this image!! hugs NG

  13. Anonymous1:04 PM

    I think she is just beautiful Janet! Wonderful wonderful work! I love her!I personally would leave the eyes and everything else alone. :) GREAT GREAT WORK!

  14. Hi Janet!!
    Happy to see you! :))
    I love this lady!!! I see her growing and emerging from something...very nice. I love your painting/drawings!

  15. Safety prayers coming Alaska's way. I love her! I think she is just utterly perfect!

  16. I can see why you'd be worried about your son. I'll say a prayer for him.
    So glad to see you blogging and drawing again..

  17. Hi Janet,
    I just wanted to stop by and see how things were going.
    Love that you are doing art in any small space you can find! Very funny that you convinced yourself the clay would not make any messes.
    I'm keeping all good thoughts for you to get the house sold so you can move on to what you want.

  18. I like her eyes are a bit like that! Hard to get them focused! She is beautiful and I like the leaves!
    I will say a prayer for your son! We take so much forgranted...seafood for example!

  19. I kinda like the eyes, i love the oversize of them, great piccy and my thoughts go to your son.

  20. Great drawing. Glad to see you back in blogland. Prayers to your son for a safe and successful fishing expedition.

  21. Beautiful drawing. I love that she's a "garden angel". Great that you found a way to play - and not much space required.
    Thanks for your visits to my blog - always greatly appreciated.

  22. I love her eyes, I think the imperfection makes her more perfect :)
    PEace n love, Kai xx

  23. Janet...Glad you back Love....!!!!

  24. You've made a good start and I will be interested to see the finished art. She looks good to me.

  25. At least your son doesn't fish for king crabs...And, my aunt lives in Anchorage=:)

  26. Your drawing looks just like something you would see on one of the fairy web sites...very pretty!

  27. Maybe your HB needs to take a look at some of Pablo Picasso's famous paintings... and take special note of the eyes.

    Janet, it's so wonderful to have you back! I will keep your son's welfare in my prayers.

  28. So glad to see you back drawing...not everything in life is perfect....the eyes are is this piece! Wonderful kick start for more wonderment!

    Boys will be boys, prayers for your son!

    Hugs Sherrie


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