Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Just Call Me Biker Gal!!

Many times when I read someone's blog it will trigger some memory or some idea for a post I can do here. Such was the case when I read Daisy's blog recently. She was remembering things from her childhood and I began skipping down Memory Lane. Her post and mine have nothing in common except we were both reminiscing.

I got out my box of photos and began sorting through some of them. Originally I was searching for photos that showed me at play. Apparently there are none!! Most of my photos are "posed" shots, which I absolutely hate. But while looking through them I did see a theme that surprised me. Wheels! Bike wheels to be exact.

I never thought of myself as a biker gal but here's the proof. You can see I started off with a small easy to handle model....

I then moved up to a slightly bigger model....

This next one must have been a luxury model since I'm all dressed up!

And then back to a sporty model....ain't I sexy!!? (Yes, I know it isn't a word but it fits here!) The hair in all these photos is just too much! My mom liked curls!!

Now all these bikes were ok but they only went as fast as my skinny (then) legs would move. When I got my first job I bought a set of wheels that went just a little bit faster.

This is a photo from the internet because unfortunately I have none of the actual motor scooter I bought! I fell in love with them after watching a movie with Troy Donahue and Suzanne Pleshette....I think it was Rome Adventure. He rode a cute little Vespa motor scooter and I was hooked! My mom thought I would kill myself as did my grandma....the darn thing would get up to maybe 45 MPH but they were sure it would be the end of me. I perservered and bought the scooter, then had to learn to ride it. I wiped out a few times but soon I was putt-putting all around town. I loved that scooter and kept it for several years. My first husband used it to get to work while I kept the car....he liked it, too.

So there you have it....my life as a biker gal!


  1. You are indeed quite the biker gal. I always enjoy these posts that trip back in time. Did you spend your time in pincurls, or are your curls natural?
    Fun post!!

  2. Hiya biker girl! Good to hear from you :)
    Great pictures.


  3. What was it with our moms and pin curls? I love your Vespa. I've always wanted one, too. I still want one.

  4. Those photos are wonderful! You did grow with your wheels!
    Maybe I should get Rome Adventure from netflix...very retro.
    (I would not be "game" enough to ride one but they are cute!)

  5. Love the photos of you as a little girl. My DH had one of those Vespa scooters - before I knew him I'm glad to say. Riding pillion has never been quite my thing:)

  6. And who'd have thought? Like your Mom would have let you ride where you're all dressed up. Sweet curls ;)

  7. I see where you always had the need for speed! She said as zoomed through the blog....

  8. Love the bikes and the curls.
    You were a cutie pie..! I have a picture of me, curled locks and all somewhere. I ust find it..LOL

  9. Love the biker girl photos! I always have to admit to myself that I just have to face up to the fact that if I enter a bookstore, I will be purchasing, I don'at seem to be able to just browse a bookstore.

  10. Oh Janet, we have something in common..lol..Vespa's!! Mine was adark green one and I loved it to death.
    I got it in 1984 and rode it for 3 years to work and back. wow, thanks for the memory!!
    Peace, Kai

  11. What an adorable post! I love the biker history photos, you are so adorable! You know Daisy's post got my brain working on childhood memories as well. I need to scan some photos.
    I just adore that Vespa...I've always thought they were VERY cool! If I lived in a small beach town I'd definitely have one!

  12. O! Janet this is such a lovely post and the photos of you on your trike and then bikes is so lovely and a great tripo down memory lane.

    I sadly never had a bike when I was a little girl and always wished I did, but just this last christmas our children bought myslef and hubby two beautiful bikes and you can find me rushing around the paddock to my hearts content.

    see your doodles! on the other post just lovely.

  13. I loved being a biker gal myself! Wish I still enjoyed riding like I used too...now all I worry about is falling or a dog getting after me, falling and being eaten alive...sigh!
    You are a cutie with your bikes!

  14. LOL,,Biker Babe Janet!!! And I thought the curls were precious!!! Wonderful post!


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