Monday, June 18, 2007

Saying Goodbye

As many of you know Friday through Sunday it's not so easy for me to be on the computer. But Sunday morning I got up early and decided to check out a few blogs while I had the chance. I clicked on one of my favorites and the rest of my day was changed.

Many times in this blogging world we "meet" people and we just seem to connect with them. I met Daisy not too long after she started her blog. She just blew me away with her writing skills. Each time I visited her blog I learned something else about her and from her. She seemed to put so much into each post. I don't think I ever read anything on her blog that wasn't accompanied by the most incredible pictures. She spent a lot of time making sure we all got enjoyment from her writings....and I know I always did.

The past several months I have had so many things going on in my life and I didn't always get around to visit everyone as often as I did in the past....but I knew that it was only temporary and one of these days I'd have more time and get to visit again. We all go through life thinking that we can always do something tomorrow and then tomorrow comes and sometimes it isn't anything like we thought. I can't ever go visit Daisy again....she's gone. And she will never know how big an impact she had on me. She'll never know how much I admired her. She'll never know that I cried and cried when I read that she was gone. She'll never know that I spent all Sunday morning sitting on the patio telling HB about her. And most of all she'll never know that I felt a real connection with her.

I don't think I'll ever look at a flower or a cat or a fairy or an oak tree or a bottle of wine ever again without thinking of Daisy. Farewell to a beautiful person. Farewell to a wonderful story teller. Farewell to a friend.

PS - This was the last comment she left for me on the 8th:

Daisy Lupin said...
You have been having fun. I must start having some fun as well, I seem to have a time shortage at the moment, and never seem to have enough time to just play about in my workroom. Things will have to change.


We always think we have another day to make those changes but sometimes we don't. Stop and think about that and think about what you would like to say to the people in your life, and go out and do the things that make you happy. There may not be another tomorrow.


  1. Bless you, Janet, and God Bless Daisy Lupin. I can't believe that she's gone. I learned so much from reading her blog, and loved the illustrations that she chose, too. It's unbelievable how quickly she passed, and at so relatively young an age. I'm so sorry.

    Huge Hugs for you, dear Janet. The connections you made will always be there, in some form or another. Take comfort, and take care.
    Much Love, Suze xXx

  2. Oh, Janet!

    This is so very sad.

    I never knew your blog friend , Daisy! From what you have written and what I see from briefly going to her blog site just now -I feel I missed a lot in not having come across her blog!

    You are so right- we should all openly express our feelings to each other!



  3. I didn't "know" Daisy well, but she sent me socks in a sock swap last year. I will think of her each time I wear my fun socks. It is interesting how much impact a person you've never met in "real life" can have with their words!

  4. Knowing she'd been ill and the fact I was up VERY early on Saturday morning I went to her blog to see if she posted she was better. I saw a new post and thought ok, she's posting. Then I read it and I read it again and I read it again and again until the words were shouting at me to pay attention. I was gutted. G was still in bed and got up to ask what was wrong, what happened because he heard me say NO!! loud!
    She impacted so many and she was such a good friend. this is a loss that cannot be comprehended yet. Is is it just a bad dream? are we all having the same bad dream?
    It truly is important to make time for things and most importantly to make sure you tell others how you feel about them. I cannot stress that enough.
    YOU matter Janet, I carry your heart in my heart. I call you friend, I send you love!

  5. This was a wonderful tribute to ~dearest Daisy~ I think of the ~last time~ I visited and commented on her
    site.I found out about this sad news this morning Mon.18...tears I cry many tears for Daisy Lupin~ She touched many of our hearts.
    extremely sad NG

  6. Time to get busy livin.
    Nice tribute Janet. She was a neat lady and her absence will be felt for a long time to come.

  7. It is so poignant now to re-read how each month of the last year passed in the cycle of nature and Daisy made observations and shared her delight with us, now we know it was the last time she would see her shasta daisies in bloom,or plan for a leisurely summer with wonderful are right. Celebrate each day and let people know they are important to you. You are a dear blogging friend to me!

  8. I am so sorry Janet! YOU are dear to me!!! I wish I had known Daisy! xoCinda

  9. It seems Daisy has left a wonderful legacy of friends who are taking the time to say how much shared friendships matter. I didn't follow her blog, but I can see she was well loved and will be missed.

  10. Bless you for your big heart Janet.I did not visit Daisy's blog very often but when I did I was always struck by her love of life and gentle spirit.

    I am sure you brought love and connection to her life too.

    It is very sad that she died so unexpectedly.

    Am sending a gentle hug to you and lots of love

    Dotee xoxo

    P.S How's your friend Kathy doing?

  11. hi Janet, it is very sad and hard to deal with sudden death, no time for goodbyes.... but the conclusions you have drawn from it and the challenge you have issued are very valuable.... we can't take for granted that there will be a tomorrow, so we need to take more care of what we fill today with... and make sure the stuff we need to say, like "I appreciate you... you make a positive contribution to my life" get said! So this is for you, you are appreciated!

  12. Janet,

    What a lovely tribute to Daisy. She was such a wonderful soul, I am missing her terribly.


  13. Janet, I met your friend Daisy for the first time today after I learned of her untimely death and decided to go to her blog. What a lovely woman!

    The note from her daughter was so sad. How sad that Daisy, who gave so much and had so much more to give, had to die prematurely. It could happen to any of us here.

    You have my sympathy.

  14. Tomorrow never does come does it???
    Daisy certainly will leave a void in the old world.
    PS I love your heart art doll. You know how i adore hearts, nothing can ever be wrong with a heart on it.

  15. I miss her so much too, and wish so many things now - like joining in on her summer poetry blog - kept meaning to and kept putting it off...

    Let me tell you right now - I love reading your words, seeing what you make - in short: I care so much about you, Janet - even though we've never met in "real" life - you're more
    "real" to me than many people I've met in the "real" world - your open and honest and creative and generous -and that means the world to me. Thanks for being you! ((hugs))

  16. What a beautiful post Janet. This is so sad and it was so very shocking to hear. She was still so young. It`s just so hard to grasp someone being here one minute and then gone the next... I loved her blog and her wonderful writing too.



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