Tuesday, June 26, 2007

What's the Secret??

I've out-smarted myself again! Remember when I showed a photo of my journal and said I was painting lots of pages....well, I painted about 20 pages and they turned out great! I love them....but I can't write on them!! What is the secret to painting journal pages so that markers will work over the paint?? The only thing I can get to work on my pages is a couple of paint markers I have and I don't want to buy a bunch of those just to use in my journal when I have tons of Sharpies and Prismacolors.

Yesterday I played with my polymer clay. I saw a segment on one of the crafty shows recently and wanted to try something similar. I made a bunch of small tiles....the biggest ones are maybe 1.5" long....and then I scored basic geometric designs in them. They will be painted and adhered to the top of a box. Here they are in their unpainted state....

I think this photo is clickable if you want to see these bigger.

Hopefully these will turn out the way I envision them. That's about all I have for today. I'm working on a couple of things today so maybe later I'll have some photos.

Thanks to everyone who sent us anniversary messages....they were much appreciated by both of us.

Edited: I used regular acrylic paint on my journal pages.


  1. I would have expected Sharpies to work Janet - what a shame they don't :( Your tiles look good don't they - even before painting! I'm looking forward to seeing how they turn out.

  2. Hmmm... Janet, What kind of paint did you use?

  3. I would have thought Sharpies would have worked too. I Love the tiles you made. Makes me want to drag out my clay now. Did you use acrylic paint on the pages? I don't know what will work on them, thats ashame! And isn't it fustrating? HOpe you figure out something that will work!

  4. Yikes, if sharpies don't work on it, I don't know - did you use oil paints?

    How about a caliigraphy pen that has indelible type ink in it? They sell those at Aaron Bros. and Michaels, too I think. I used to use just like a black bic pen on watercolor - oh did you use sparkling H20's? Cause I've noticed they just come back up and ooat the pen again. Sorry for the dilemma...You know who would probably know, is Melba (who runs the create-a-connection site) - she paints on her journal pages all the time.

    Love the sculpey tiles - they look really cool even "raw" - can't wait to see them finished!

  5. Well I'm NO help...you know me I'de probably take them out and use them to scrapbook. I think the tiles will be a lot of fun, I have clay but I'm waiting till VBS is over so my mind will be free to be creative, well that's questionable!
    I'll be looking for the finished tile project.

  6. the signo white gel pen would work. black india ink.

  7. WOW Janet....LOVE the tiles! I must get round to doing something with that air drying clay!
    As for writing on the surface....if the surface is skidding and feels waterproof we as calligraphers use something called Pumice Powder to 'cut back' the surface. Sorry that's probably not much help. What paint did you use to paint the paper then perhaps I can come up with something a little more constructive! lol.
    Love sue xxx

  8. You are always doing something new Ms. Janet! I love to see what's next up your sleeve! I'm the same way though, I can't stand doing the same ol' same ol'!
    Let me know how your tiles turn out! I bought a neat large rubber stamp that has designs etched on them in INCH sizes! I was going to make something with those similar to what you are doing, but heaven knows what that was!?
    BTW, I saw another great movie!!! It was said but so beautiful...called THE PAINTED VEIL...have you seen it yet? I think you'd like it. :)

  9. those tiles are interesting. I'll be looking to see how this project turns out.


  10. How about a regular ball point pen? Just a thought. OR maybe that isn't cool? LOL

  11. argh! just wrote you the longest comment on pens and I lost it!! anyhoo, I mentioned Sharpie POSTER pens. I too had the same problem and never thought of using the poster one's until another artist mentioned it. I esp. love white. you can get a primary color starter set for fairly reasonable price and they go a long way (plus, they may come in handy for other stuff). regular sharpies don't work for me either. sometimes a ball point pen works, and then there is always ink! talk soon. xo Lia

  12. Awesome Janet, make some more tiles with holes in the top, thread them with leather, enhance the clay with color then sell them in your daughters store. That's just the kind of art that sells in those stores! Fantastic! You could even collage them too! You are an inspiration. I would think sharpies would have worked in the journal, ask Violette she would know. I think she uses micron pens; I bought some but haven't tried them yet!
    Hugs Sherrie

  13. You just have a bottomless pit for imagination. The tiles look great.


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