Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Links, Love, and Thank You

I haven't done any links for a long time so I thought I would give you a few today. First of all I went to visit Lia this morning and she led me to two new places. The first one is for all you French loving people out there....you know who you are!! Check out the fabulous fifi if you love shabby chic decorating, gardening, and just pretty things in general. She's brand new to blogland so say hello. Then pop over to visit this blog for some fun and inspiration.

While I was browsing through my bloglines I noticed a new post at Journaling & short stories...So Many Hat's so I popped over to see it and SURPRISE!!....it was for ME! Check it out. Plus she gave the perfect description for what's "ailing" me with my art....I have art ADD!! I jump around from one thing to the next just as someone who has ADD! So that's my new label....I have art ADD.

And lastly let me thank everyone who commented and gave me such good advice on yesterday's post and most especially a huge thank you to Lisa who phoned me!! It was just the boost I needed.


  1. Thanks for the links JB. The FRench are just je ne sais quoi. Lovely.

  2. I found Fifi's post through another blogger yesterday and I ADORE her blog - AND she's really sweet!
    I will check out the other links.

    I LOVED talking to you yesterday, I hung up thinking it seemed we'd talked many times before! Sometimes a real voice is nice to hear!

    ADD eh? I think we all suffer that same malady from time to time. I am trying to stick with one project to completion right now but it's hard. lol!


  3. I just checked your links and smiled, it was through Calamity Kim I knew of Fifi. Kim makes the most phenomanal collaged aprons! Check them out!

  4. Anonymous12:15 PM

    If you have Art ADD, then I do too. LOLOL I start one thing and start another. Jumping from one project to the next. I'm soooooo sorry that I have not been able to blog lately. I missed your last post. I will read it next. I hope that you are ok. *Worried*

  5. What a perfect definition! I'm joining the club... I definitely have Art ADD lately. I feel better knowing that I'm not alone. xo

  6. Neat links Janet, thanks, a whole bunch! I like the art ADD!

  7. Art ADD. What a great diagnosis. I must hop over to that site right now. Oh wait, I'm catching up on blogs and comments. I need to give it a minute. 1 and 2 and 3 and . . . oh heck. I'm going now.

  8. It is surely contagious, and I've got it too...Art ADD.
    I could relate to everything you wrote yesterday Janet. I wish I'd found a friend like your K though. What a treasure. I hope her surgery is successful. I wish her well.
    We'll all just keep exploring and playing with our stuff. Lately I haven't had much time for blogging though...take care!


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