Monday, July 30, 2007

A Quiet Sunday Drive....

HB and I got out for a bit yesterday afternoon and just took a drive. Now doesn't that make us sound old!! Goin' for a Sunday drive! It made me think back to when my parents and I did that when I was a kid. How many of you remember Sunday drives?

We would just get in the car and head off to look around. Sometimes my dad would show us something he had worked on or he would take us for a leisurely drive in the country. At Christmas we would drive around and look at all the decorations....of course we had to do that at night. But it was pleasant and relaxing. There wasn't a lot of traffic, no one "saluted" you if you drove a little slower, and it was just a way to spend time together.

Yesterday we drove out toward Elizabeth Lake. Along the way there's a buffalo ranch and some of them were up close enough to the road for me to get this photo....

Can you tell how dry it is around here?? Everything is brown and crispy!

We went on to the lake....

and HB got out his binoculars to see if anyone was fishing....

He saw a few guys way down at the other end but when we drove down that way it was all fenced off and said "Private Property" so they were either trespassing or they knew the owner or maybe they were the owners! In any event, HB did not get to do any it was late enough in the day that the fish wouldn't be biting anyway.

We drove on a little farther so I could get this next photo....

This is a bar where there are always tons of bikes out front. I love the way they're all lined up and showing off their pretty colors....and I love the stone building. There's another section off to the right but I couldn't get it in the shot. This place is right on the road at a stop sign and there aren't many places to park or pull over so it wasn't easy to get a photo.

After that we came home, cooked out on the grill because it was too hot to cook inside, and then we just zoned out in front of the computer and the tv! I bet you're all jealous of the exciting life we lead, aren't you?!

I'm almost finished with all my beaded doll except for the head portion. Now I have to make a face either with polymer clay or paper clay and get it attached so I can bead around it and finish it off. It's taking me a lot longer than I thought to do this doll. I knew it would take some time....and patience....but I can only work on it for so long and then I have to stop and rest my back, neck, and shoulders. In the process my mind has been racing and I've come up with several other things I want to start on so possibly there will be more creating happening at Chez Bee-cause.

Today I have lots of errands to run so I won't get much done on the doll but I'm hoping I can get at least the face made. Wish me luck!!


  1. what a lovely journey you took. I agree about the bikes and their colours Janet, they are very pretty next to the bricks on the building.
    LOVE the lake..and all the pretties you've shared. Thank you!!!!
    PEace, KAi xx

  2. Sunday drives was my mothers favorite thing to do. We have neighbors that have about eight buffalo, I was real surprised to see them here, that looked like a neat place to live in the right background of the first pic. I to like the stone building, cool pics.

  3. Yes, I grew up riding in the back seat of the car as we went out for Sunday drives. Fond memories.

    I looked back a few posts at your beaded doll. I can't wait to see her finished. I've tried any number of creative things but have yet to take up beading.


  4. Sounds like a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon Janet -I wonder if they were big beefy bikies in the pub or those nice grey headed oldies who form groups and go off riding together at weekends.

  5. Love those Sunday afternoon drives, have done since I was a kid. Sounds like you had a good time. Too bad HB didn't get to fish, you'll have to go again next Sunday and find a different lake. Don't forget to take us with you..!

  6. My dad used to take us on Sunday drives....miles and miles of Kansas farmland. I was always stuck in the backseat, dying to get back home!
    I spent my Sunday sleeping this we were doing the night shift for inventory where I I am free again!!!
    Good to hear about your exciting day!!

  7. Sunday afternoon drives are just the best...I so enjoy seeing where others live and other parts of the United States or other countries.

    When we lived in Tennessee - there was a farm that had zebra, buffalo, and some ostrich and it was always fun to ride by and see who was at the fence.

    How's the sale of the house going???

  8. I LOVE Sunday drives Janet! and that water sure makes me want to jump right in! I've been so behind in reading all my fav blogs! Looks like another HOT week ahead. XO

  9. I absolutely remember those Sunday drives. We always ended up at Dairy Queen!

    And our family did the Christmas lights drive too.

  10. We always went for Sunday rides when I was a kid, some I liked and others would be "to we HAVE to?" All in all they are good memories for me.
    G and I would sometimes take my mom out for a Sunday ride. I enjoy them actually, G and I sometimes will say "hmm, what's up this road?" That's how you discover things!
    I enjoyed your Sunday ride and that lake is beautiful. Where is that? And buffalo too!
    I always enjoy piccies of other areas!
    Can't wait to see the doll when you finish!!

  11. I used to love taking Sunday drives - we still do every now and then when we get the chance, but we haven't had one lately - so yes, I am jealous! lol

    That stone building looks very cool - and so does the lake - I want to jump in it right now!
    Oo - oooh! Buffalo!! Now THAT's a really cool sight to find on a Sunday drive! Thanks for taking us on the drive with you, Janet!

  12. We used to often take Sunday drives. In those days we couldn't go shopping, because most every store was closed on Sunday.
    Great pictures :)

  13. Too ironic!! Natureboy and I went for a Sunday drive also and I took photos of the country side along the way...dry & crisp by the way as we have had LITTLE rain this summer...and we ended up at the beach where we also saw Bikers/Harleys all lined up outside the local cafe..and we ended up having dinner at a lovely scenic spot! hugs NG

  14. Hi Janet: Just spent a while catching up on your blog. Love the drawing by Vanessa, your drive looks like it was quite pleasant, that doll is truly taking forever, and I can relate to having to do it in baby steps, what with my hands and right shoulder (and to top it off a week ago I smashed the bone in the tip of my middle finger on my left hand with a hammer). The dental fiasco was unfortunate but the picture hilarious. Why dentures at 14? Yikes. There were other posts I read too but of couse if it is 5 minutes in my brain it is forgotten. LOL

    I didn't see any thing about someone buying your house. This is taking too long. Maybe the doll has to be finished before the house will sell. Ya think?

  15. Sounds like a lovely day! :-)
    I like just taking meandering drives sometimes...especially to little towns, or places I've never been...hoping to find a little antique shop and maybe a great little dive-diner to hang out in for a bit.

    Sounds like a lovely relaxing day...we do much of the same here, if we're not working on the house.

    Love the photo of the stone building and the bikes. Great colors and textures!

  16. Anonymous4:44 PM

    What a wonderful post! I love the pictures! I can't wait to see your finished bead doll.Great post!

  17. I love the bikers hang out! It is well know here that the best Buffalo Wings are at a biker bar here and it isn't nearly as picturesque as yours, but is right on the road too. Maybe that is why they are biker places?! Parking is a preium!

  18. Love your bee curser! How cute!! Drives are for all ages, I'll have you know! What a wonderful drive it was!! Thanks for sharing your pics. Love the ranch, wow!

  19. Sunday drives rock. Love em. And your shots of the buffalo tug at my heart. Buffalo remind me of the old west, and cowboys and then I am left thinking about cowboys. It's all good Janet, it's all good.
    Thanks for that.

  20. O! I LOVE Sunday drives and drives on any day really! It seems I haven't been getting out that often though! Everyone's too tired on the week-end here lately! sooOOOOoo I was GLAD to go to that festival and our renuion! That's too bad your hubby didn't get to go fishing!


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