Thursday, July 05, 2007

Reading, Beading, and Baking

Do you find it difficult to concentrate when it's hot? My brain seems to be more frazzled than usual....and that's saying something!! I feel as if I'm a baked potato!!

We got out about 7 PM last evening to venture next door to our neighbor's house for a cookout. Once the sun sets here it begins to cool off and so we were able to comfortably sit on the patio and enjoy a wonderful meal and good company.

Today I got out early to go to the library. At least it's good reading weather! And I've also been working on an art doll but she only gets my attention for a few minutes then I have to leave studio is the warmest room in the house both winter and summer! Lucky me....and I don't like heat!

Here's a photo of what she looks like....

Not a very good photo but I tried several and this was the best! I've just started on her so there isn't too much beading yet. This is a totally unplanned project. I'm just beading where I feel like it with whatever color strikes my fancy! She may turn out to be awful but it's more a learning experience for me.

For everyone who missed coming over yesterday don't worry you can still get in on all the fun!! I just took a couple of photos of the thermometer....

That was in the shade at 2 PM and this next one was in the sun just a few minutes later....

that's about 118ยบ and it had only been in the sun a minute or so....I couldn't stand it any longer! You may notice at the bottom it shows the humidity and luckily it's not very high....maybe 18%. That's one of the things that saves us from really suffering in this heat! I used to laugh when people said "it's a dry heat" but now I know what they mean.

I hope everyone is staying cool where ever you are. I'm being very thankful for central a/c while reading and beading and being a bit lazy while my frazzled brain tries to cope!


  1. I think you have a good start on the doll...let the beads tell you where they want to go! LOL!
    It's a waning moon, time to be reflective and less active (and itstoo hot besides!)

  2. Staying cool as possible here in humid Florida.

    Love what you're doing with the art doll. It will be exciting to see her when you're finished.

  3. It's 93 here and I feel like a rag. I spent a couple of hours at a friends today, sitting in her backyard under the patio cover...but I was melting. I find I cannot concentrate or think straight when it's hot. We don't have central AC but I thankful for the window ones nonetheless. ANYWAY....
    I can't wait to see how your art doll evolves, your work area looks so neat and organized. With art dolls it's best to let them evolve and basically tell YOU how they want to end up. lol!
    sorry, long comment.
    Stay cool!

  4. Frazzled brain or not, I think your doll looks great so far. I'm glad you can do some stuff anyway. I'm trying not to stress my eyes with beading until this weekend, and they are getting better so hopefully then.

    It has been hot, but at least you and I are required to wear Kelvar vests under our clothes! I get fried just the way I am. Hang in there! They're saying that it should break by this weekend! Please! Please!!

  5. Good lord Janet..I'd be a puddle of sweat on the floor, lol..
    I love the doll you are doing, she looks lovely and the colours of the beads, ocean and green.. :) Gorgeous.
    Peace, Kai xxxxx

  6. Your dollie looks divine! Stay cool Janet!!!

  7. Is it the heat that's making me lazy. Yeah, that must be it.

  8. Your dolly looks amazing, the colours are fantastic. Sorry it is so hot for you. It hasn't been that hot here, but with temps in the high 80's and a humidity of up to almost 40% it is hot enough.
    Good weather for reading is right..

  9. I think your doll is going to be gorgeous, especially beaded cuz you know how I love beads! Now you are making me want to go check out Robin's blog cuz I haven't been there in awhile to see her beaded creations! Lucky you have a/c. I know lots of people in CA and Nevada only have swamp coolers, and I don't think they do the job good enough! I read Baker, California was 125 yesterday! Ye gads! My twins are in Reno and Vegas, and you know what the temp is there! Holy cow, this is horrible. Stay cool girl. Can't wait to see the finished dolly. xoxoxo

  10. Whew,,now ya'll are really cooking out there. And thank goodness you don't have our 99% humidity or your days would really be unbearable. I can't wait to see your art doll,I bet she is going to be a beauty!!! Have a fun and cooler week-end!!

  11. I'm beading too! It must be a heat thang.

    Humidity and this heat? It would be unbearable!! Good news week it's only going to be in the 90's. Sweater time!? hahaha

  12. oooh I don't envy you one bit, I'm a winter girl! The more miserable the weather the more I love it! Heat has me feeling all limp and my brain feels like cotton wool!
    The colours on your doll are lovely, and the beads are great fun.

  13. Can't wait to see how your art doll turns out Janet. Love the color fabric you have chosen and the beads look luscious (and very organised too).

    I don't cope well with the heat either. It makes me grumpy and uncomfortable.


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