Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Smorgasbord....Are You Hungry?

Today is gonna be a smorgasbord....a little of this and a little of that. There was a great smorgasbord at the golf course near where I grew up. I loved to go there to eat. My mom and I would go there sometimes but my dad always took us out for dinner on Friday night. I'm not talking fast food either! I mean we got dressed up and went out to a restaurant and had a nice meal....steaks usually. That was back in the day when I ate meat!!....and when people actually got dressed up to go out for dinner!!!!

As far back as I can remember we went out for dinner on Fridays. And believe me, I did not get up and run around the restaurant! I used my "party manners" and learned to behave myself. When I got older I was encouraged to ask a friend along and many times Gail went with us. One of my dad's favorite places was in Springfield, IL (they lost out for the Simpon's movie!!) This place had a little band and a singer and a dance floor....maybe more of a nightclub but nothing rowdy. My favorite part was getting dressed up! And feeling all grown up!

Ok, enough nostalgia!! But I'm staying on the subject of food. HB likes to grill in the summer and since I don't eat meat about the only thing I can fix for me is veggies. I once tried Smart Dogs, which I love, but they don't do good on the grill. Over the weekend for the 4th I discovered two new (to me) products that I really, really like! And I can put them on the grill!! The first one is....

I was a little concerned about the tomato but my tummy did just fine with these. I also tried these....

And they're delish!! So now when we grill I can participate. Isn't it interesting how many customs and traditions are centered around specific food. And if for some reason you don't or can't eat those foods then you feel left out.

Now on to something else....I told you it would be a smorgasbord! Here's my doll after several more days of beading....

She's coming along but I still have a lot of beading to do!! I can only work on it for so long and then I have to take a break. It isn't my eyes so much as my neck and shoulders that begin to bother me. I start out sitting properly but the longer I bead the more I find myself hunching over the work space. Bad habits!! I can still hear my mom saying "sit up straight"....

On that note I'll leave you with....dessert, I guess. You know how I love memes and little quiz thingies!!

You Are a Normal Girl

You are 40% Good and 60% Bad
Sure you've pulled some bad girl stunts in your past.
But these days, you're (mostly) a good girl.

Are they kidding!!!! I've never been considered "normal"....but I did have my "bad girl" days. But that's another story!


  1. I took the test and came out normal "You are 50% Good and 50% Bad
    Sure you've pulled some bad girl stunts in your past.
    But these days, you're (mostly) a good girl."
    I'm going to keep those meatless products in mind for our son and his wife. They sound like they are something they'd enjoy.

  2. Oh, oh I've tried that Janet.. It's great stuff!!
    Peace, Kai

  3. ...Kai moment....
    and because I got excited I forgot to say it was the tomato sausage you featured
    Ok, loss of cool points for me today.. lol..
    PEace n fun, Kai.

  4. Janet, Weren't those days great! I can remember that my grandmother, mother, sister & I would get dressed up and go out to was fun...and different from what it is now. I know what you mean about party manners - I always taught my daughter to behave in public...Now, you sort of have to wonder when you see kids running around like wild in a restaurant.

    BTW - I'm a bad girl!!!!

  5. OK I bit, the test said I'm 80% good. Hmmm - does that make me boring or what? LOL!
    Thanks for the heads up on those products, although I am not a vegetarian I do try to eat alternatives as much as possible. I love veggie burgers!
    Your beaded doll is coming along GREAT - I cannot wait to see it when it's done!
    I know what you mean about eventually hunching - I do the same thing and have to remind myself to sit up straight!

  6. Anonymous3:07 PM

    When I took the test it said I was 50% good and 50% bad.
    Thanks for sharing with us Janet! :)

  7. I'm just gonna have to take this personal here mz janet. I was on your other blogs list for so long, now I'm not. Can you tell I'm pouting! You are on mine! Yes I just stuck my tongue out at you. LOL

  8. Ah Janet, you aren't the “baddest girl in the whole damn town”....but neither am I at 50/50 which I think is pretty darn accurate! I so understand the beading thing, anytime I sit and do work my hands fall asleep....residual from my meat wrapping days. Still not a vegetarian, but we sort of sway that way a bit. More people today are not eating meat. At the live earth concert they ask that we give up meat at least once or twice a week because the energy it costs to raise the animals is horrendous! We used to get dressed up and go out for dinner too…. That was the way back then!

    Hugs Sherrie

  9. Whew! That was a close one, but I came out normal (little do they know, lol) :-)

    Those sausages look delish! Where oh where did you find them??? I haven't seen them at TJ's here...but I didn't know to look for them either - they might have them at Clark's though - oh, sorry I'm thinking out loud on your blog! You made me hungry though, lol.
    I love smorgasbords - but they closed the one here, years ago. Thinking about them makes me want to go up to Solvang again, I haven't been there in years. I really am hungry now, can you tell?

    I love, Love, LOVE that doll! She's beautiful, Janet - I can't wait to see her finished. Gorgeous!

  10. Normal too! Now I have been called some things in my time, but NEVER normal!


  11. Glad you can be part of the grilling again,,I admire your "no meat" stance, so healthy!!!
    I absolutely LOVE that doll,,,its turning out so cool! Can't wait to see it when its finished!!
    And who wants to be "normal",,not me,,but I am kind of scared to take that test,,lol.

  12. Great post Janet - those veggie options look very interesting, especially the Tofurkey! I love the beaded doll, it's certainly coming along nicely (must take ages to do just a little). Come on Janet, tell us about the 'bad girl' days!!! x

  13. Just did the quiz Janet - I came out same as you!

  14. Oh yes! Those Tofurkey items are GREAT! ..Take it from a Veteran Veg head! ..Also if you ever see QUORN products..they are the BEST non meat products! THe beaded doll is phenomenal! ..i already know I am a very bad girl..ha!

  15. The food looks good, the bead work wonderful! You are doing a great job.

    And I'll take the 'test' tomorrow or the next day. Have a class tonight and DH is tired so I'll put the house to bed, I'm sure, when I get home. He's worked hard all day.
    Sit up straight, Janet!

  16. Hi Janet

    I so appreciate you post about eating out. My Dad was the same, took us out as often as we could afford it,and we knew how to behave,and how to use the cutlery. I am babysitting a five year old tonight and have decided to take him out for dinner - probably Chinese, but I know it will be a new experience.
    Your doll is gorgeous, I am going to be checking 'her' progress. As tothe muscles - my excuse for having a knitting, a patchwork and several paper arts projects on the go, they all take different positions.
    I feel like we have just 'caught up' - thank you for the mixed post.

  17. Normal? Did you cheat on your test Janet? LOL
    YOuze bad! Bad!!!!!
    Love the doll, she is gorgeous.
    Tofurky? I was a vegetarian before, and at Morningstar Farms Prime Grillers all the time. Delicious!

  18. Your beaded doll is looking lovely - I know what you mean about getting into bad positions when you're doing stuff like that, I ended up at the osteopath recently after a cross-stitching session.
    As for the vegetarian stuff - well, I'mn afraid I can never get into things made of soya and tofu, just the words put me off. I'm still a fully paid up carnivore I'm afraid:)

  19. If I took the test, it would say I am sooooooooooooooooooo good....
    And I don't lie either????????
    The Beaded Doll is so pretty, I can hardly wait to see it finished.
    I have never beaded anything and here we go, Not another project.
    Thank you for the Birthday my heart...Mary


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