Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Some of This and Some of That....

I'm sure you're all tired of me saying how behind I am with everything....but the sad truth is....I AM BEHIND in everything!!! This is going to be a bit of a jumble as I try to incorporate several things into this one post.

First, the tooth has been mended and I'm happily chomping through those almonds! A few of you asked if they're as delicious as they look and YES, they are. I never had an almond tree in my yard until we moved here and now we have two. Fresh almonds are so yummy and they aren't hard like the ones in the store. They have an almost creamy texture. I wish I could scatter them all around the screen so you could all try some.

Next on my list of items is this, from Denise.....

Isn't that just the cutest! Who knew.....I'm a star!! Thank you, Denise. I'll add it to my sidebar later today. And I apologize for not getting it on here sooner.

And finally my last loose end is my beaded doll. No, she isn't finished....yet! But I have done some more work on her....mostly on the back. Here are a couple of photos so you can see I'm still working on her....



I'm almost liking the back more than the front!! Maybe that's because I'm getting a little more comfortable with the beading and it's going a little smoother than the first part. Up close that area on the upper right side of the front....where it's orange in a sort of circle....that's where I started and it's the worst part of the whole doll! But this is my very first beaded project so I'm giving myself a little slack!

OK, I'm off to tidy the house and run some errands and hopefully I'll squeeze in some blog-visiting time, too. I miss reading all your blogs and feel like I don't know what's going on anymore. Don't give up on me. And please don't think it's from lack of interest that I haven't been by to visit. That is definitely NOT the case. Love and hugs to each one of you.

And to Maryellen, I will do your challenge....I promise!! And Sherrie, I will do the meme you tagged me just won't be today!!


  1. I'm so glad you've gotten you teeth back. That was pretty fast! Thank heavens! I could almost taste the almonds when you described them. Yum-O! I've been gorging on Michigan blueberries. I'm paying for it, but they are so good this time of year! Another Yum-O!

    I love the ATC and you always do such a fun job on memes that I'll check back and be sure to read it.

  2. Hi Janet,

    The almonds do sound good!
    I have never even seen them grow so wouldn't even know the tree if I saw it!

    That beaded doll is very neat!! I have never worked with beads at all.


  3. That beaded doll is looking fantastic!! Great job.

  4. Hi Janet. The doll is looking better and better. Such detail. You have more patience that I could EVER bring to the table. Bravo. The toothless wonder was a hoot.

  5. Anonymous6:04 PM

    No I'm not tired of hearing that your behind on everything Janet. I am too! Your not alone! I love that beaded doll!

  6. So sorry to hear about your teeth Janet(I did laugh at the photo of the toothless lady you put on your blog though). Glad you have them back.
    Love what you have done on your art doll. It is looking lovely, and very colorful (gorgeous).
    Almonds are one of my favorite foods. Would love to taste ones that are garden fresh. And guarantee if you were able to sprinkle them on the screen I would eat HEAPS of them!

  7. Glad you have got your teeth fixed and can venture into the outside world again:) The behind with everything syndrome is pretty common in summer I think, there is so much more to do even when you aren't trying to move halfway across the country. The beaded doll is going to be lovely when she's finished - it's good to feel that you are getting more skilful at doing something isn't it?

  8. The doll is so pretty, I envy your patience at the small details and close work it involves. I don't have what it takes to make anything so intricate I'm afraid. Glad you are munching again, and fresh almonds have to be wonderful..!

  9. Janet the beaded doll is beautiful I so very much admire those like yourself who can do such wonderful crafting art.

    I have been weeks and weeks since I visited you and can I ask "has your house sold" or has something happened. I am sorry if I shouldn't ask but I looked at many of your posts and cannot see what happened.

    hope your day is filled with all you wish for.

  10. your doll is amazing Janet. I adore the flow of colours on her..WELL DONE for such a lovely piece of work!!
    PEace, Kai, xxx

    Oh, Heroes is back on Sept 24th, everyone is in present day except for HIRO, his story picks up in 16 century Japan.. :)

  11. Anonymous10:09 AM

    The almonds sound fantastic. They are my favorite nut. The beading lookis great to me. I don't think I have the patience for all that beading.

  12. We love almonds here! My great grandma had almond orchards on her farm near Corning, CA.
    Love your beaded doll.

  13. Yay! Teeth for chewing fresh almonds. Yum! Good Janet. I am glad you feel better.
    The doll is fantastico, she is so colourful and full of life. I adore her!

  14. What a treasure your beaded doll is!!!! Absolutely Stunning!!!

  15. yay for the new teeth! You seem to put yourself under so much pressure, take it easy do what you can and that's the best you can do! Sometimes you need to draw a line and not even TRY to catch up with a huge backlog, just put all the outstanding stuff behind the line, and start fresh today without all the self imposed pressure! hugs!

  16. mmMMMMM! Those creamy almonds sound soOOooo yummy! Glad YOU can enJOY them!!! That doll is GREAT! I don't think I would have the patience either!! I'm behind on Blogging too! I need my Blogging Breaks, well really computer breaks!!! Happy Week-end darling J!! ((((Janet))))

  17. So glad all is well with your teeth, and that it was in good time too!

    I am missing you!!!! We must chat again soon!

    Your bead doll is coming along so great!
    Don't worry, the light is always on for you and we're waiting at the door!!

  18. Your beaded doll is just awesome! I can't wait to see it when yo finish and am so proud of you for doing your first beaded doll... lots of fun aren't they! I know you will make many, many more!

  19. Now that doll is a lesson in patience Jan and I sure admire you for taking it on! She's looking great! Maybe you should give her a different face for each side since the back is also looking so good!
    Thanks as always for visiting my blog and your kind comments. :)

  20. Hi MZ. Janet! Just buzzing by to say hello! THe doll is gorgeous! THe colors! Wow!

  21. Hi, I'm from Uruguay.
    I hope you visit me.
    My blog has a button to translate spanish to english.
    I'll see you.

    Kiss to you.

  22. wow, that looks like such intricate work. very beautiful colors. can't wait to see it done.

  23. this behind! Hey, it's August 17th & I am just catching up!



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