Thursday, July 19, 2007

Still Here on Planet Earth....

Just wanted to let you all know I'm still here....I couldn't resist this photo of the earth with purple water!! I've just been extra busy and also a bit lazy if that's possible all at the same time!

My beaded doll is lazily reclining on the studio work table with only about 2/3 of her back left to do....but I haven't had time to finish her. And today isn't shaping up much better. I have lots of errands to run plus I have to make a trip to the library because I finished the book I was reading and need something for tonight. I read every night before I go to sleep....mostly just light, easy reading stuff. I save the heavier stuff for other times during the day.

Yesterday I received this adorable piece of art in the mail....

I ordered it from Vanessa at a Fanciful Twist. When I saw it on her etsy shop I knew it had to be mine....HB is always teasing me about "all my stuff"....I love the whimsical style of Vanessa's art. This piece will hang in my studio (once we get moved!)

My blog visiting has been rather spotty at best but I'll get around to everyone sooner or later!


  1. LOL..that's awesome Janet, the earth with personal purple water!!!
    and the little **All my Stuff** picture is simply adorable.. Post pictures when it's hanging..
    Peace n hugs xxx Kai

  2. I LOVE that piece of artwork - and the purple planet, too, of course!
    Good to hear from you - hope you find something good to read at the library. xox

  3. You just need a purple globe for your studio too Jan! I had an old black one once and I just gave it away to some neighbor's child. Bet it's worth thousands now. LOL
    Cute cute artwork! Will have to check out her shop too!

  4. Purple planet is wonderful - my favourite colour!! And, what a lovely piece of artwork....

  5. Hey, at least you posted---which is more than I can say. TWO more days of VBS and my life will return to what it was, (I don't dare say NORMAL)whatever that is! I'll keep checking, I'm waiting to see your bead doll finished. Have a few ???, I'll e-mail you later.

  6. Afraid I have been the same way as you on posting this past week. We have had such a fun and busy week with our visiting daughter. She leaves tomorrow so we are squeezing in a lot of memories!
    I hope you have a great week-end!

  7. Hi Janet
    Vanessa's art is great!!!
    Happy reading

  8. The art is so cute! Glad to hear you haven't been spirited away to another galaxy. ;-)

  9. That's a fabulous picture of the Earth. I always read when I go to bed as well, hope you found something good at the library.

  10. Ah, there you go, your own personal purple planet!!
    Isn't Vanessa's art amazing? I recently bought a print from her as well, I need to get it framed ASAP so I can hang it.
    Hope to see you around soon...maybe we need to chat again soon too!!

  11. Hey Miz Janet!
    I have to say I like the water on earth in that purple shade but I've always been partial to purple ;)
    Your doll is awesome...I don't know how you do that!!

  12. That one made me smile and I'm going to the site soon.
    I love the planet photo! Too great! Missing hearing from you, but I hope that is good news on selling your house!

  13. Oh, if Only all my
    stuff could fit inside
    a Little Red Wagon!
    I love her art and the
    Purple Planet.

    Have a Lovely Evening!

  14. Anonymous8:08 PM

    What a wonderful photo! Thanks for sharing it with us! I'm glad to know that you are ok. :)

  15. Love that new picture you acquired! How cool!

    The planet looks so serene that beautiful!

    Good luck with your move...we got thru ours and have been in the new place 3's a lot of work! :-)

  16. Your blog is beautiful! The design, the colors, the pictures and the graphics. It is very artistic and peaceful too.

    I am constructing a blog about my favorite China. I am trying to give my blog a nice design, but it is difficult to make. But next to this, your blog is very inspiring, and it is a pleasure, to visit your blog. Beautiful!

  17. A most beautifull pic of the earth! I thought so as soon as I saw it! ..Don't ya just lovr Vanessa and her work! I a mgoing to get SOMETHING from her..too cool! ..It is a lazy summer..enjoy it! I haven't arted at all lately!

  18. Thanks for letting us know you're still on the purple-water planet. :)

    I almost finished sewing a doll today and went to stuff her and, well, I have to start over. She kind of had a blow-out. :)

    Love that "all my stuff" piece.

  19. I'm glad you are still collecting whimsical stuff...sometimes I try to stop and clear it out...but I'm just no good at letting go. Some things just make me smile!


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