Monday, July 23, 2007

Toothless in the Antelope Valley....

You know how stressed I've been about the house....well, now I have even more stuff to deal with. Over the weekend I broke a tooth. Many of you may not know that I have upper dentures. I've had dentures since I was about 14 years of age!!!! And one of the front teeth broke out. Naturally it would have to be right in front! So this morning, bright and early, I had to take them to the dentist to be repaired. I'm so glad we don't have "insta-view" on the blogs because you would be able to see me sitting here typing this without my teeth!

Honest....this is not a photo of me!!! But it's still not a pretty sight. I have to leave them at the dentist until at least 4:30 this afternoon and maybe until tomorrow! So pardon me while I
hide out today and hope no one wants to see the house.

Other things actually did happen over the weekend. HB picked a boxful of almonds from our trees and we sat on the patio and shelled them.

Aren't they pretty? And they taste so good....but today I won't be enjoying them until I get my teeth back. So with that in mind I think I'll read today and take my mind off my teeth. See you all soon....

PS - A couple of people have tagged me and challenged me to do things on my blog so I'm working on it. I just haven't had much time but it's all on my "to do" list.


  1. omgosh! You're right, why do these things have to happen in FRONT? One of my SILs has dentures, got them years ago, and when they didn't fit right she had to be without them while they redid them...she walked around wearing one of those hospital masks. It was torture for her.
    I did have to laugh at that picture you chose!(although I know YOU aren't laughing). Don't worry, we can't see you, and even if we could you'd still be beautiful!
    Enjoy your reading - hope all is remedied soon and you're back!

  2. Fingers crossed you got your teeth back today! I agree with Lisa though, you are beautiful with or without them!

  3. TOO FUNNY Jan! I had to laugh at that reminded me of my grandmom when she would take her dentures out.
    I hope yours gets fixed soon...those almonds are so good for you! Gosh, how neat you grow them right there in your backyard!

  4. Oh Janet - that is priceless!! I laughed out loud when I saw the photo - hope you have your teeth back soon:):)

  5. Anonymous2:11 PM

    That picture reminded me of my greatgrandmother. She used to take her teeth out and make that face to make us laugh. Although it made us laugh, I'm sure that it's not fun to not have your teeth. I certainly understand Janet. Know this though, I personally think that you are a beautiful person all around. :)*HUGS*

  6. Had a good chuckle from the picture you included.
    I hope your "tooth" is repaired soon so you feel like eating those yummy looking almonds.

  7. Oh poor thing! I hate when anything happens to "teeth".....hang in there girl! Thanks for the birthday wishes! :-)

  8. Bless your heart, but you crack me up. I just love your humor. So sorry about your dentures. My mom has upper dentures and has a time with them.
    I Love Almonds,,yummy!

  9. Dear Gummy Bear! I know it is not funny.
    I have a nerve to tease you so. I have a cap on my front tooth and it is horrible when it has come off ! I tease you but feel for you ! That must have been such a crushing blow when it happened ! Lisa is right...You are Still BEEautiful.

    Once in high school swimming at a friend's house, I came up out of the pool and the cap was off. I was laughing and everyone was just staring ! find it...we all had to get out of the pool and let the water get still to see it on the bottom. The boy that retrieved it made me show him my toothless-ness. Sniff sniff. My girlfriend brings this moment of humiliation up to me every now and then to make me laugh. I usually do laugh...until I am crying !!!

    Glad you are getting your teeth back soon !

    The almonds are lovely !


  10. Thank heavens it is a false tooth! I hope they hurry. Are fresh almonds as good as they sound?

  11. Oh man! That really bites. hehe I'm sure you have your teeth back by the time I'm reading this.

    There are days I'm tempted to get dentures. My teeth have always been challenging.

  12. Oh Janet, I couldn't help smile reading your post - you poor thing!! But with, or without your teeth - I'll still keep coming back to visit!!!

  13. OMG..I can imagine how that must be. I have all the teeth down my left side missing after getting smacked in the face by my board. I still have my originals, my sis doesnt but says they are easier to take care of..
    I had to giggle at the pic Janet..

    I hope you're ok and smiling soon..
    PEace, Kai xx

  14. I hope you have your lovely smile restored, or soon will! At least your sense of humor keeps us smiling!

  15. I hope you're smiling widely today! And enjoying those delicious almonds...

  16. Oh Janet how frustrating. I hope by now, Tuesday evening, that normal chewing has been resumed.
    Especially since those almonds look so good...xx

  17. Teeth are so overrated anyways Janet. Chewing, enunciating words, keeping spittle in your mouth. Big deal. I bet you still look gorgeous!!! Those almonds look delicious!
    (You know, chocolate pudding requires not a thing but a straw!)

  18. funny pic.
    not funny about the dental work.
    i just recently had a root canal...ouch!
    be well.


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