Monday, August 13, 2007

1-2-3-4 Awards!!!!

What a wonderful surprise I received over the week-end!!

I got not one, not two, but three of this same award!!! Does that mean I'm four times as nice?? I didn't think so. But a gal can hope, can't she?!!

These are the people who gave this to me: Gemma, Maryellen, Sheila and Annie. Thank you!!

And now I'll pass it on to the following people:

Dee at thea quilts

Zorana at Zorana

Tinker at Tinker Art

Mary at Beadfluff

Gail at Rivers Living

Let's all be nice! I'd love to pass it on to everyone else on my list of blogs so consider yourself awarded, too. I'm just to lazy to write out all those links!!


  1. Congratulations on being nominated by Sheila. Greetings from Bonnie Scotland :)

  2. Well you decidedly deserve this girlfriend.

  3. Hi Janet it's me - dropping by your Blog. I am glad we've met as you appear to be a very nice lady!! I am sure you really do deserve all your Awards. Val

  4. Awhhh,,,I got one of those too. I needed it today,,in my office and it the air cond. is broke and its only 103 outside,,,I am melting.
    Oh well at least I can blog now,,thats terrific!!!

  5. Hello Janet! Thank you for stopping by my blog, and thank you for your lovely words, they mean so much to me, I must say I do agree with this award! you are very nice! but I disagree with your own description of yourself, you would like to call yourself an artist, but cant do so just yet? Tut tut Janet! I have been browsing your blog for the past hour and I think you are an exceptionally talented artist! I love that doll!

  6. Oh, My Goodness, Janet!
    This is my second one. Oh, my! How come I deserve this! Well, I'm just so glad to be thought nice enough to receive it. You and Catty Cat both are chosing me, and I'm very honored and feel very priviledged. Thank you so much! Yikes! I'll do my best to carry it with pride and joy.

  7. You are nice. Really nice. I like ya alot. Well deserved Janet!!! Enjoy...and revel knowing that the blog world adores you!
    I like your nominees, all are great!!!

  8. You ARE nice, you ARE loved, your blog is worth reading whether it's up, down or sideways. I like that it's real, however you're feeling on any given day. I'll look forward to your posts whenever they appear.
    p.s. we're due for another chat soon!

  9. and I ALWAYS look forward to your ART.....doodles to beading...ALL of it!!

  10. Thank you so much, Janet - What a nice surprise - I'm twice-blessed now, thanks to you and Gemma.

    Congratulations to you - you are so well-deserving of this award - many times over!

    (I'm also thankful I can finally comment here - some update must have happened, cause suddenly I couldn't view word verification letters - I figured out I had to go reset the cookie settings -thought I'd throw that out here, in case anyone else runs into this)

  11. thats fab Janet you definatley deserved every last one


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