Sunday, August 12, 2007

And the Decision Is....

Your Blogging Type is Logical and Principled

You like to voice your well thought out opinions on your blog.
And if someone doesn't like what you write, you really don't care!
Serious and blunt, sometimes people take your blog the wrong way.
But you're a true and loyal friend to those who truly get you.

I took this test a few days ago and was surprised by the result. Especially the part about if people don't like it, I don't care. How very far from the truth that is!! Although in some instances I guess it would hold true. I've heard about some people removing posts because someone didn't like what they said and I don't think I would ever do that. But I do care what people think of my blog. The part about being serious and blunt is also true. I can be both those things....but then that's just me.

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There has been a lot of soul-searching and contemplation of my navel over the past week or so and I've decided to keep the blog but only write when I actually have something to say or something to show you....which means it could not be very often! I'm still trying to find my niche and to find something that I want my blog to be about. It has almost become a whine-fest and I don't want that.

So if you don't see anything here for several days it just means my "exciting" life hasn't given me anything to write about. I'm hoping that when the weather starts to get cooler I will have more of an inclination to spend time in the studio....and finally either selling the house or taking it off the market should give me a little more energy, too.

I deeply appreciate all the comments you left and all the emails I received concerning the blog. The friends I've made through this blog are reason enough for me to keep it going. You don't know how much it means to me that you still come here to visit even when I'm whining and feeling crappy about everything! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You are all such good friends.


  1. thanks for all the times you came and cheered me up when I was whining and told me how good my stuff was when I thought it was crap! Works both at peace, Love Dee

  2. You are the center of attention on my blog. Tee hee!

  3. Hi Janet

    I am very glad you have decided to keep up blogging. And also very happy that you voiced how you have been feeling in previous posts. I think a lot of people have been experiencing blog burnout (me included). It can be difficult to keep up with everyone's blog and have time to create and just live your life.

    So I do understand where you are coming from. Blogging needs to be fun and something that adds to your life, not takes away from it.

    I too, got caught up in visiting many blogs and feeling I needed to leave long comments. And was spending way too much time online. It is good to have found the balance.As you will too.

    I have never thought you were whiney or negative. I think you are refreshing and real and a breath of fresh air. You will always be on my list of blogs to visit!

    And I ADORE the beaded doll you have made. It is a work of art. Anyone who can create such color and beauty has a lovely and colorful spirit.

    Lots of love


  4. Janet,

    I'm happy you're staying!!


  5. I'm so glad you are staying. There is something on my last post for you..!

  6. Dear Janet,

    I know for a fact that when you have something to say then we love to know about it, because we know it will be interesting and of worth always.

    I love your art, I love your friendship given to all and I truly love seeing you with words of confidence on my blog, so I am pleased you have decided to stay awhile.

    But.....(there is always a but isn't there) Should it not suit you, should it not be right right now for you then you must do what is truly right for you. my dear friend.

    Should you ever need a little hug from this very simple Aussie country girl Janet I am here.

    Love Lee-ann

  7. Janet, I am so glad you will still blog - and I totally understand what you mean about whining (not that I think you do!) - I could whine for Scotland! xxxxxxx

  8. Janet I always say stay true to yourself in what ever you choose to do or say and your authentic self does come through your individual blog.I try to remember this when I blog as it is my place of respite a place to take a deep breath and say
    this is my time to share to care to ponder and yes to bring JoY in making a comment on a blog I have enjoying viewing reading or was moved by.hugs NG

  9. Oh Sweet Janet,,you don't whine near as loud or as much as I do. Besides,,whats better than a good whinefest every so often,,lol. We are all friends and can whine together!!!

  10. Hi Jan,
    I feel like I'm online too much too, and sometimes it just is a huge distraction, let alone addiction. I wonder why I'm blogging..not many people visit mine...not complaining, just a fact. I don't have the time to spend on it nor the time to visit other's blogs...Can't make it a priority though.
    I do know though I LOVE when you visit and leave your kind comments. It always makes me feel good and I enjoy our connection.
    Hope you stick around and whine all you want too!!! :))

  11. Well Janet, as you can tell, we are all so happy that you will still be here. You are a delight and I would be lost without you. Thats not to say I don't understand, I certainly do. I finished the album for my Auntie, so I am doing nothing right now and it's will find the path that gives you Joy and I will
    be waiting.... Big Hugs, Mary

  12. Who needs just a fair weather friend??? hehe I whine too!, get gloomy and I'm GLAD YOU are sticking around!!! BZZZZZZ! xooxoxo


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